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Ebb and Flow

November 20, 2017 in Recovery

Ebb & Flow

“She yearns to learn how his tide is turned; to understand each grain of sand he knows, to move in rhythm with his ebb and flow.” -Lang Leav

Sometimes I have the tendency of getting caught in my head. The thoughts in my brain have the ability to tangle me, the “should’s” leave me wondering if I am doing enough, and the comparisons result in questioning my own choices. I do not have a perfect mind, but I am human and therefore not perfect. I accept the times where I feel small and my mind feels a bit darker because I know that’s part of the ebb and flow. I know that is part of life. We must ebb and flow.

I used to have to beat myself up every time I didn’t feel completely put together. I set high expectations on myself to walk around this world completely unshaken. And for the times I did feel broken, I would shame myself for it. The times I felt slightly off, I would instantly release negativity towards myself.

But the thing is, we have emotions other than happiness. But isn’t that so beautiful? We have the ability to feel. Sometimes amazing feelings, sometimes feelings that leave you empty. And sometimes, we feel it all and we are caught in a hurricane of emotions. The thing is, it’s okay to feel. Feelings come and go, we must remember that. We will have bad moments, we will also have moments where everything seems to be aligning just right. Instead of running away from the bad moments, what if we learned to just flow with them?

“I relax, I let go, my life is perfect in flow.”

Ebb and flow through every season of your life. Through every emotion. Every moment: from the time you’re crying, to the time where anxiety clutters your heart, to the time where the universe delivers you every possible thing you need. All of these moments, all of these feelings- we must not get too attached to for they all flow in and flow out.

When we let go, we let go of expectations. Of how we think our life should be. We let go of comparisons, we let go of the idea that we aren’t enough and we aren’t doing enough… when we let go, we find peace. For there is peace in surrendering to what doesn’t serve us. When we soften, we stop forcing… and when we stop forcing, we find the true power in following the ebb and flow that is life. We see how our life is like ocean waters, how sometimes the ocean’s waves are big and the current is strong; yet the water always finds a way to return to peacefulness.. we realize that we can breathe in the stillness of these calm waters. We too, like the ocean, can flow.

~I challenge you this week to strive to follow the ebb and flow of your emotions and the ebb and flow of this life. I challenge you to accept your good feelings and your bad feelings for what they are. I challenge you to just flow with it all this week, and I challenge myself to all of these things as well. Let’s flow this week friends.~

happiest of monday’s to you all! sending love and light. xoxo

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Agree to Disagree

November 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

I found this on Tumblr this week, and it really got me thinking. It also felt super applicable to several situations I’ve been in within the past 2/3 weeks or so.


I find myself getting frustrated with the actions of others. I notice the way people treat each other, I hear the things people say about one another, I see the dynamic of some friendships and question how that can even fall under the category of a friendship, I log onto Instagram and I see “recovery accounts” who are promoting such a false idea of eating disorder recovery; and I am left with this feel of aggravation. For the actions and opinions of others don’t align with my own. Will I stand firm in my opinion on what characteristics a good human should embody, how people should treat one another, how friendships should work, what eating disorder recovery should entail, and the false portrayal of recovery on social media? 100%. But just because someone else does not see eye-to-eye with me does not mean that I cannot respect them. It simply means we can agree to disagree.


I do not have to agree with someone to like or respect them. Respect and kindness is something that should be given regardless. 66e55bccc684798d4c787dddd9517ed4.jpg

However, I am also finding power in speaking my mind. I have silenced myself in the past, and I am at a point in my life where I simply do not care how others perceive me. I have a lot of thoughts in my head that I want to share. I have the right to voice my opinion. I have the right to speak up at something if I do not agree with it or think it’s causing harm of some sort. There is nothing wrong in using my voice. It would be a shame if I didn’t, and it would be a shame if I did not speak up about the things that many people are afraid to (mental health, what’s wrong with social media, etc). We all have a mind with thoughts, opinions, different views… we all have the right to share these thoughts- with good intentions in mind, of course.

So yes, I am speaking my mind. Yes, I am expressing my opinions. But I am also recognizing that not everyone sees eye-to-eye with me. It is not fair to get angry with them or stop respecting them just because they hold a different opinion. What is fair is to agree to disagree, and move on with the understanding that you both think in a different way on a certain subject and recognizing that’s totally okay.

Speak up, the world needs the thoughts in your head released. Open up that throat chakra and remember to speak with love, gentleness, and good intention. Do not let anger and frustration get in the way of you and another’s relationship just because you have differing views. Remember to agree to disagree and to still spread good energy to this person regardless!! Use your voice and be authentic!!

&quot;Throat Chakra Affirmation&quot; by CarlyMarie | RedbubbleAny thoughts on this?! Drop them below!! Would love to hear them. Happy weekend beautiful souls. <3 xoxo 

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Apologize to Yourself

November 13, 2017 in Recovery

I think a lot. It’s who I am. I’m a thinker. Sometimes that’s great, sometimes that’s bad. But I embrace it regardless.

One thing I think a lot about is how we treat ourselves. The way I have treated myself is definitely a valid reason for why I reflect so much on this topic, but also I see many other people treating themselves so poorly. And it really does hurt my heart.

Whether it’s negative self-talk, falling victim to an eating disorder, letting the mirror dictate how you feel, comparing yourselves to others, self-harming, pushing yourself day-in and day-out with excessive exercise, or not accepting yourself for who you truly are; all of these actions are actions of cruelty against the self.

Think how many bad things you have said in regards to your body. Maybe you’re ashamed of it. Ashamed of how you look. Or maybe you just simply hate your body and can find no appreciation for it, because it is not “thin enough” or “toned enough.” And when you’re getting caught in this thought cycle, have you ever once just said, “I am sorry, body.” For your body is not something you should be ashamed of. How could you carry an abundance of hatred for something that has taken you through life thus far, allows you to breath, and pumps blood throughout your body? Your body, it is not bad nor has it ever been bad. And just because you have some belly rolls and stretch marks on your thighs does not qualify it to be bad. So please, apologize to your body. Your body is an unappreciated miracle.

Think of how many destructive things you have done to your body. Restricting. Purging. Self-harm. Laxative abuse. Overexercise. You have harmed yourself. You have hurt your body. You have hurt something that works relentlessly to keep you alive. Give your body an apology for that. For the destructive behaviors you have done against it. It never asked to be treated that way. Your body never deserved those acts of harm.

We are so hard- on ourselves, on our bodies. I see so many individuals go on in this life hating themselves. But hate is heavy, and we must let it go. 

“Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself.” -Rumi

We must wash ourselves of our own love, even if we feel like it’s impossible to find. We must stop treating our bodies with such cruelty. We must apologize to ourselves for the hate we projected onto ourselves. We never deserved that hate. Our bodies are the one piece of the universe we’ve been given- how amazing is that? We must be softer with ourselves friends. We are enough. Our bodies are crafted so wonderfully. We do not need to hurt them.

You are so whole and complete as you are. It’s time to just give yourself a hug, apologize to your body, soften, and let go. 

“You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light.”

Give yourself a hug today friends. Let your light shine. You are SO incredibly enough. Wishing you all a happy Monday. <3 xoxo

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Highlights from This Week

November 10, 2017 in About Me / College

Happy Friday guys!

This week was super chilly and the time change has been tough for me. Having it be dark at 4 pm is not something I enjoy. But regardless, there are some good things from the week of course. 🙂


I started my week off with a nice nature walk listening to my favorite music. Very peaceful and healing morning and I definitely needed that time to help ground myself before the upcoming week.


Went on a lunch date to Whole Foods with my gal pal Julie Monday. Enjoyed a salad and a really yummy smoothie. Loved catching up with her and getting off campus for a good meal!


Spent some time volunteering at the HOPE house Tuesday for the Best Buddies program. These gals are amazing. So kind hearted and full of love. Happy I got to spend an hour there on Tuesday with all those lovely humans.


Went to an awakening yoga class Wednesday morning and felt SO relaxed after. Perfect gentle movement to start my day and really felt so mindful throughout that whole practice. Love this studio and the owner!


Starbucks has HOLIDAY CUPS. Got myself a latte after yoga and the crisp morning + holiday cups + crisp air just made me feel all warm inside lol.


My best friend always makes me a happy bean. Love laughing with her and living with her. Very grateful. 🙂

Your turn! Share at least one highlight from your week with me. Have a lovely weekend!!

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Observation without judgment

November 6, 2017 in Uncategorized


                 “The ability to observe without evaluation is the highest form of intelligence.”                      -Krishinamurti

Observation without judgment. It’s something that is definitely not easy for me. Lately I have been observing areas of my life and judging them. I feel like quotes pop up right when I need them. I have read this quote several times before, but was reminded of it the other night. When I teach yoga, I tell the class at the beginning to just notice how they are feeling without judging themselves for whatever those feelings may be. Tired? Honor it. Energetic? Honor it. Sleepy? Honor it. Whatever they do for that hour is done with the intention of honoring those feelings without any sort of judgment. It’s so tough to remove judgment against certain feelings because society enforces these feelings as “bad” or out of the norm. For example, tiredness is sometimes misconstructed as laziness. Not having a bunch of energy all the time/ not wanting to do a bunch of movement is also seen as lazy. Crying can be viewed as being weak or overly emotional. Anger can be viewed as a lack of control or as being aggressive. So, think how easy it is to judge our feelings when society places the expectation that we should all be smiling and loving life 24/7. 

When looking at my week last week, I definitely noticed moments of judgment against myself. I have improved tremendously in this area, but am obviously still growing. I found myself saying I was being too dramatic for skipping a class when I didn’t feel well, I found myself saying that no one cared about my yoga classes because my turnout was so small, I found myself feeling less wholesome, I found that I was judging myself for feeling sad and crying… We all have these moments of judgment against ourselves. How we react to them is what’s most important.

I think if we all just took the time and energy to notice our feelings and check in on ourselves WITHOUT tossing in the negative self-evaluations and judgment, we would feel as if our mind, bodies, and souls were just sighing saying “thank you.” We put our minds, bodies, and souls through a lot when we are constantly judging and evaluating ourselves. If we could end the judgment that sometimes follows observing how we are doing, and if we could just simply OBSERVE without those judgments, think how peaceful we would be. 

By no means am I telling you to ignore your feelings. I ALWAYS promote feeling your feelings! But also feel your feelings without judging yourself or being so hard on yourself for what you’re feeling. That will only stunt your growth. Work on just noticing how you are doing. Check in with how you are feeling that day. Get in tune with yourself. Once you made those observations, don’t get angry or frustrated with yourself if you aren’t in the best mood and aren’t pleased with a feeling you’re having. Know that this mood or feeling will soon pass and you are simpy a human being that encompasses a variety of feelings. 

Thanks for reading. 🙂 

How can you be more gentle with how you are feeling today? 

How can you remove judgment against yourself in your life?

Happy Monday! Sending love and light. Xoxo- Lyss <3 

Be a Seeker of Everyday Magic 

November 3, 2017 in About Me / College

One week since I’ve blogged, and I apologize for that! This week was very busy and had some ups and downs. Being sick and a lot of stress were some of those downs, but I’ve grown accustomed to the business of college and the stress from assignments. And it’s Friday! 

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit stagnant. I feel like I’m at a stand-still. For the passionate, firey part of my soul; that is a tough feeling to deal with. I love creating content for this blog and Instagram, but I’ve honestly felt disconnected from it and a bit uninspired. I question if I’m still making an impact on others lives. I question if the content I am putting out is things that people enjoy reading or seeing. 

I’m the type of person that likes to work towards things. I like having something that I look forward to. I’ve been that way since a young age. But I’ve seen how that mindset has led me to dissatisfaction with myself too- I’ve seen how that mindset led me to the “you aren’t doing enough” thoughts or created the idea that the only way I can find happiness is through achieving my goals. 

It would be a shame to miss out on the beauty of now just because I’m working to create goals and plans for the future to give me something to work towards. Yes, I want to sit down soon and get all these thoughts in line so I’m feeling a bit more in tune with myself, but regardless of that- I need to continue finding peace in the present. 

I don’t talk about it a lot, and it’s something I do intent to talk about more, but the college scene is just not my favorite. I get frustrated being here and lately I’ve been upset with the actions of the world and others around me. I’m not like a lot of people at this college, and that’s okay! But instead of letting the desire to run away to the mountains and connect with likeminded souls consume me, I’m trying to really work on finding peace in the environment I’m in. This has been a goal of mine the past few weeks or so, and it’s something I struggle with- but one thing I’m consciously trying to improve.

Where do I go from here? First, beat this cold and catch up on some relaxation. I want to journal a bit more on this topic and also cultivate some ideas to add some spice into my life with the intention that adding these things won’t make me happy- nor will any adventure or crystal or essential oil… only I’m the one that can find happiness and inner peace in the moment. I want to better appreciate the everyday magic right before my eyes and find more gratitude for where I’m at now in my journey. 

Have you ever felt this way? 

Tips for when you feel at a stand-still? 

How do you life mindfully? 

Any tips to keep yourself grounded? 

Have a lovely weekend friends!! Sending you all love and light. 


Friday Thoughts 

October 27, 2017 in About Me

This week kinda just flew by. I started the week with a midterm paper due, and after that knee I’d be having a lighter work load until this coming week. I have an exam and some papers coming up, but every time I find myself getting stressed I remember the term “bless stress.” I’m blessed to be here receiving an education and worrying about schoolwork rather than where my next meal will come from or if I’ll have a place to sleep at night. Perspective is everything. 

I taught a yoga class at a real studio Wednesday morning. I subbed in for a class that started at 5:30 am. The 4:30 wake up call was tough but teaching was soooo worth it. Loved the space I was in and leading other women through a nice flow. 

I started feeling sick Monday night and now have a cold. Just lots of sniffling and coughing. It’ll pass! Just have to rest up and give myself some extra care and compassion. 

I don’t have a lot of time to read blogs throughout the week just because of other obligations, so I always look forward to Friday’s and the weekends when I do have that time. I love reading what some bloggers have to say, or getting the chance to listen to podcasts. The Food Psych podcasts have been on point lately. Love the topics they’re bringing onto that show and the diversity of guests she has. 

I had a dirty chai today and it was very good. If you’re looking to spice up your typical coffee order try this: iced chai tea latte with soy milk and 1 shot of espresso. Also I’ve really been digging matcha lattes with soy milk lately too. 10/10 reccommend. 

The new season of Stranger Things comes on Netflix today and I’m legit SO excited. I don’t keep up with a lot of Netflix shows but this one is definitely worth it. 

Going into Halloween Weekend mind blown in a way that October is coming to an end and November (my birthday month) is approaching. Excited to spend time with my friends and dress up in angsty rock star clothes tonight and go home Saturday! 

One last thing before you go into the weekend, and something I typically always say before I teach yoga. Bring your hands to pray, resting against your heart. Feel your heart beat? You’re alive, you have a purpose. Don’t let go of that. Move your hands toward your lips- remembering to think before you speak, and letting the words about yourself be kind ones, for you deserve respect and appreciate for every layer of your being. Move your hands toward your third eye center, letting this serve as a reminder to do things in life with good intentions and to trust your intuition. 

Thanks for reading my thoughts today. 

What are your weekend plans? Any Stranger Things fans? Favorite podcast lately? 

Sending love and light! Xoxo


Let Go

October 23, 2017 in Recovery

“There is peace in surrender.” 

On the 20 years I’ve been on this planet, I’ve learned that in creating more peace in my life, I’ve had to let go of what was hurting me. My eating disorder, toxic relationships, activities, sports, unhealthy coping mechanisms, etc. I get asked a lot how I overcame certain things, more specifically, my eating disorder and depression. Sometimes I struggle in formulating a great response, because there was no 4 step plan that I followed and felt automatically cured. A lot of my healing came in truly abandoning what was generating the most pain and suffering in my life.

A lot of us with eating disorders or mental illnesses don’t understand the concept of “softening.” Anorexia made me very hard, it made my edges sharp and left me with a constant itch to control every situation. Everything I ate, every workout I did… this is what I was always thinking about. I held on tightly to my love for restricting calories and purging my food through laxatives and overexercise, because it’s what felt easy for me. This is how I coped with the unknown of life, with the feelings that were not so pretty, with the anxieties that clouded my head. When we find a coping skill, we cling onto it: and this is what I did with my eating disorder- to the point that this disorder became who I was. What happened in my brain that ultimately led to a shift in how I was living my life? I realized what I was doing was not living. It was surviving. And from that point forward, I softened and let go. Was it a straight, easy path in letting go? Absolutely not. And I will never put that message out on the Internet or Instagram that my journey has’t been tough. Because it has been- it’s been messy and confusing, for losing the one thing that you thought was a part of you… losing your one coping skill… that’s challenging. But with inner strength, outside support, and just realizing it is so worth it to truly let go, you will find that peace in surrendering to this disorder.

Depression, on the other hand, made me numb. It left me with the inability to feel anything but sadness. I gripped onto the numb feeling, and felt guilt when any bit of happiness passed through me. I did not “deserve” that feeling like others did, and my mind left me convinced of that. With depression came unhealthy coping skills like sleeping too much, crying- a lot, isolating myself, and self-harming. These coping skills were what felt comfortable for me at the time. I let my depression harden me, make me weak, and leave me in a crippling state of sadness. It is what I knew, and it is how I thought my life was supposed to be. The same shift happened in my brain just as it did with my eating disorder. I realized what I was doing was not living. It was surviving. So again, I let go. I let go and in doing so realized other ways to cope with life’s difficulties that were far healthier than what depression gave me. I forgave myself for what this illness did to me, I did not rush my healing process, and I ultimately realized that strength did not come from holding onto my eating disorder or depression: what made me the strongest human came in letting go and surrendering. 


“Letting go: being courageous to let go of things that make you feel bad and no longer serve you. /letting go creates space for something better/.” 

What are you going to let go of today? How are you going to soften? 



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Writing share 

October 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hi guys!! Happy Friday. Well to start, I met my favorite singer on planet earth Wednesday night before I went to his concert at a Thai restaurant… legit fan girles so hard. So that was def the highlight of my week! (Pic on my personal insta: alyssac1129!!) What was yours?! Share in the comments so I can read ’em. 

You guys know I love to write. I’m taking a poetry class this semester, and I’m honestly not very found of it. The heavy focus on meter/rhyme/taking quizzes is leaving me frustrated and to me takes away the whole purpose of poetry: to just appreciate it for all that it is. Not remember a certain rhyme scheme or if one poem is iambic pentameter or not. But that’s just my opinion, and I’m also going into this class as a psychology major with every other student being an English major, so that also plays a role! Anyways, I’m still writing, and I will continue to do so. I wanted to share some with you guys today! 

Thoughts on the gym… 

There’s nothing wrong with the gym, what’s wrong is when it becomes something of compulsion and something that creates anxiety if you don’t go. 

Half empty

I never understood how the glass could be half full. 

My eyes were drawn to the empty space. 

Gravitating towards what was missing.

These eyes have the ability to do the same with myself. 

Fixating on all the qualities I lacked. 

The parts of my body that were not good enough. 

I hope one day I can see myself just as that glass. 

I will never be half empty- there’s too much greatness in my bones for that.

It all comes in finding truth through those words- actually believing each and every one of them. 

The hurt 

Let yourself bleed. 

Let your tears wash over you like a rainstorm, feeling renewed the next day. 

You are allowed to feel. And hurt. And grieve. 

For this hurt will not last forever, and your tears will subside. 

Your pain does not define you. 

It is just part of your beautiful narrative.



you do not have to be smaller. you do not have to look liker her. you do not have to do crunches until you get rug burn on your neck and you do not have to rip yourself apart every time you look in the mirror. 

you do not need to be embarrassed if your hips are “big.” let those hips move freely my friend and take up as much damn space as needed. 


you do not have to set out the fire in your soul because he or she said so. don’t you realize they couldn’t take your heat? you- you are the sun and some people cannot handle that. that’s okay. do not change for them, for anyone. 


you are not just “ some body.” you are a SOMEBODY. you are important and strikingly beautiful. please apologize to yourself. you don’t deserve to drown in the depths of self-hatred. you don’t deserve it. you never did. take off your handcuffs, break from from the walls around you


i am proud to be one. i stand in solidarity with each and every one of you. we are so resilient: each and every one of us. so let’s dig deeper. love ourselves, spread love to others. look in the mirror and say, “i am the cradle of light. i am beautiful: every single piece of me- every scar and every single stretch mark. i am enough.” let yourself live in this truth, and when you forget- place your hands over your heart center, and come back to the place that has radiated love to you before- for it can do so again.

Thank you friends for reading!! 

If you aren’t following, check out my insta: blissful_lyss29, and like me over on Facebook: Blissful Lyss. 

Have a happy weekend!! Xoxoxo sending lots of love. 

Women’s Retreat Talk

October 16, 2017 in Recovery

Hi guys! If you follow me on Instagram (blissful_lyss29) you’ll know I had the gift of leading a women’s interfaith spirituality retreat. I also had the gift of teaching yoga and sharing a speech I wrote on nurturing seasons in our life. I wanted to share it with you in hopes that some of you would connect with it as well!


After looking at the evaluations from last years retreat, there were a lot of requests to talk more about self-love, body acceptance, and confidence. After seeing this, I was like “yes this is the stuff I LOVE to talk about.” If you don’t know, I do a lot of work in all these areas through blogging and Instagram and talk a lot about self-love and embracing the body you are in. These topics hold a very special place in my heart.

So I am honestly thrilled to be giving this talk on nurturing seasons today. I think that in life we can find our dharma, or purpose, through what has hurt us the most. And I feel like that is very true in my own life.

The word nurture means to “care for and encourage the growth and development of.” The first thing that comes to mind for me is how we so lovingly nurture a young child. We feed it well, we make sure it gets enough rest, we never say any mean words to it, we are always so gentle with it. There are no actions of cruelty against this young child. We would never neglect it and leave it without care. But the thing is, we so easily do that to ourselves. We forget to treat ourselves with love and we are shy to appreciate who we are. We think we don’t have enough “time” to practice acts of self-love. We are caught in the trend of saying cruel things about ourselves and our bodies. We fight the natural shape we are supposed to be in and try to mold our bodies into what society deems is “beautiful.”

Women spend so much of their lives trying to take up less space, but why? We were given this space on the universe, we might as well own it and stand tall- feet grounded into the earth, our home and the place where we were meant to be. When we are trying to take up less space, we aren’t nurturing ourselves. We aren’t caring for ourselves, we aren’t loving ourselves. I spent years trapped in a terrible mental illness- anorexia nervosa- where I was constantly on a mission to take up less space, to be “less.” When I was 17 years old I realized this was not how I wanted to live my life anymore. Years beyond years of trying to be less, did I realize that less was not more. I deserved more than a less than life.

I live my life a lot differently now than I did in my high-school years. I have finally learned to love my body. And in loving our bodies doesn’t come days where we don’t feel the best about ourselves- I have those days. Those days just make us human. But in loving my body I have found greater appreciation for all it can do. It allows me to walk from class to class. It gives me the ability to climb mountains and teach yoga classes. It allows me to inhale all of the beauty of this world, it lets me dance with my friends and walk my dogs into trails surrounded by nothing but green. In loving my body I have grown so much gratitude for it. The years I spent abusing it, the years I did anything but nurture it… now I have learned to cherish it and treat myself with the utmost respect. For I deserve that, and so does my body.

In nurturing myself, I have grown to only plant kind words into my head, and to water the words that I know beautiful flowers will come from. I spent so many years planting toxic thoughts into my brain, watching flowers die day in and day out. Now I know better. When I plant positive thoughts about myself and body into my brain… even when I may not believe them,  I know that the most beautiful plants will sprout for positive thoughts carry enough power to grow an entire garden.

I value self-care, and it’s something I will always tell people to spend more time doing. We cannot pour from an empty cup. In doing acts of self love and care, we give ourselves the chance to refill our cups. For when our cups are full, we can pour to others. I never understood the topic of self care. It seemed selfish and like a waste of time. But when I realized that I am so worthy of devoting this time to myself during the time to replenish my soul, my life changed: my head became clearer, my soul felt at ease, and I felt a greater sense of peace. Self care for me is through journaling, writing- poetry, blogging, my thoughts; yoga- as a spiritual practice to connect me closer to my innermost self and transcend my ego, using crystals as a healing source or meditating, rejuvenating my soul in nature though walking, hiking, or spending time outside just in silence doing absolutely nothing but listening.

A few years back, I read this quote while on Pinterest. It struck a chord with me, and I will never forget it: “and I said to my body. softly. ‘I want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath and replied, ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.’” Nurture yourself. Your body needs your love and care. Your mind and soul are craving it, your body wants to be your best friend. Have the most beautiful love story be with yourself- in the way you treat yourself, in the way you live life wholeheartedly, in the way you love and accept every layer of your being.

And to end with two poems; one of my favorite poems by Rupi Kaur, an incredibly talented writer you probably all know, and a poem I wrote myself.

“the universe took its time on you

crafted you precisely

so you could offer the world

something distinct from everyone else

so when you doubt

how you were created

you doubt an energy greater than us both” -RK


I quieted the echoes of voices that told me I was a body of imperfections.

I began to realize these imperfections made me real-and I would not let these imperfections become insecurities.

The pain sculpted in my bones and heart was replaced with the utmost appreciation for myself

How wonderful it was to be overflowing with love for every fiber of my being

Thank you guys for reading this. Hoping one day in the future I could share these kinds of things with you all in person!!

Thinking of you all as you spring into a new week and sending you nothing but good vibes and love. Happy Monday!

xoxo. <3 

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