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Self-Care This Week

January 5, 2018 in Recovery

“If your compassion doesn’t include yourself, then it is incomplete.” -Jack Kornfield 

Here are some of the ways I was compassionate with myself this week and took care of myself:

1. Drawing


-> Picking up a piece of paper and pencil is so therapeutic.

2. Yoga










-> I typically do my own flows at home or videos from Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube. This week, I went to a Hatha class at a studio nearby. This practice of going inward aids in my ability to keep peace in my mind and stay grounded.

3. Reading












I finished The Sun and her Flowers by Rupi Kaur this week.

4. Coffee, journaling, and music




























5. Netflix

-> Vampire Diaries has been my go-to show.

6. Lighting candles, burning incense, diffusing oils… all of this helps me to relax more and brings more light into my room which I love in the cold winter season.

7. Meditating. I meditated once so far this week for 10 min! tumblr_p0xgr43iNJ1tjgsm3o1_1280.jpg











8. Face masks

Those are some of the ways I took care of myself this week and fed my soul. All of this stuff makes me happy and feel so GOOD. Taking this time to do things we love goes a long way for our mental well-being. Take this time for you friends!

Tell me… what did you do to take care of yourself this week? How were you gentle with yourself? 

Have a happy Friday! xoxo

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Self-Love Christmas Gift Guide

December 11, 2017 in Recovery

I love reading these, so I thought I’d make my own. All of these are self-love / self-care themed gifts that I genuinely love and think you all will too!


Some of my favorites:

“The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brené Brown

“The Essential Rumi, New Expanded Edition” by Rumi

“The Princess Saves Herself in this One” by Amanda Lovelace

“Shifting Bone” by Alison Malee

“Yoga and the Quest for the True Self” by Stephen Cope

“Present over Perfect” by Shauna Niequist

“Milk and Honey” and “The Sun and her Flowers” by Rupi Kaur


Crystals are so healing and can definitely help in deepening your spiritual practice. Some of my favorites:

Amethyst: relaxing, helps with anxiety and day-to-day stressors

Lapis Lazuli: aids in living your truth, opening the throat chakra, tuning in with your intuition

Black Tourmaline: associated with protection and staying grounded

Turquoise: calming energy and emotional balance

Selenite: removes negative energy and anxiety

I get mine from Poshmark, Etsy, or local stores!

Essential Oil Diffuser 

They have these on Amazon and a bunch of different stores now. I got mine from GNC!

10 Reasons Every Home Should Have An Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oils 

Some of my favorites:




Skin Care 

Doing facials is one of my favorite forms of self-care. Some of my favorite (and inexpensive) facials:


 Image result for yes to tomatoes charcoal mask

Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Mud Mask


Related image

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Sheet Mask 


Fré Purify Me Facial Cleanser. This is on the more expensive side, but I love this company because for every skincare set you buy, an Argan tree will be planted to help replenish the Argan forest and support women who harvest Argan oil in Morocco. So cool. : )

Yoga Mat

You all know how healing I think yoga is… so obviously I had to include a yoga mat on this list. I got mine from Gaiam for a cheap price. I also got my yoga towel from this brand too!

Studio Select Dry-Grip Yoga Mat (5mm) black rolled


Journaling is such a soothing activity for me, and is something I always tell people to start doing.

Etsy has recycled journals and notebooks.





I love making time to sit down and have a cup of hot tea. My favorite kinds are peppermint, passion, chai, pumpkin, and green tea.


Lighting candles in the winter and bringing more light, as well as a good scent, helps me cope with the shorter days and the fact that the sun sets around 4:00 pm.

Himalayan Salt Lamp 

These do so many beneficial things. Not only do they look cool, but they also cleanse the air, improves the quality of sleep, enhance your mood, and lessen symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.









Hope this gift guide gives you all some good ideas for the Holiday Season. All of these things I truly do LOVE and have helped me a lot in my own life!

Have you read any of those books?

Any book recommendations? 

Do you use essential oils? 

Happiest of Monday’s friends! 

xoxo <3 

Ebb and Flow

November 20, 2017 in Recovery

Ebb & Flow

“She yearns to learn how his tide is turned; to understand each grain of sand he knows, to move in rhythm with his ebb and flow.” -Lang Leav

Sometimes I have the tendency of getting caught in my head. The thoughts in my brain have the ability to tangle me, the “should’s” leave me wondering if I am doing enough, and the comparisons result in questioning my own choices. I do not have a perfect mind, but I am human and therefore not perfect. I accept the times where I feel small and my mind feels a bit darker because I know that’s part of the ebb and flow. I know that is part of life. We must ebb and flow.

I used to have to beat myself up every time I didn’t feel completely put together. I set high expectations on myself to walk around this world completely unshaken. And for the times I did feel broken, I would shame myself for it. The times I felt slightly off, I would instantly release negativity towards myself.

But the thing is, we have emotions other than happiness. But isn’t that so beautiful? We have the ability to feel. Sometimes amazing feelings, sometimes feelings that leave you empty. And sometimes, we feel it all and we are caught in a hurricane of emotions. The thing is, it’s okay to feel. Feelings come and go, we must remember that. We will have bad moments, we will also have moments where everything seems to be aligning just right. Instead of running away from the bad moments, what if we learned to just flow with them?

“I relax, I let go, my life is perfect in flow.”

Ebb and flow through every season of your life. Through every emotion. Every moment: from the time you’re crying, to the time where anxiety clutters your heart, to the time where the universe delivers you every possible thing you need. All of these moments, all of these feelings- we must not get too attached to for they all flow in and flow out.

When we let go, we let go of expectations. Of how we think our life should be. We let go of comparisons, we let go of the idea that we aren’t enough and we aren’t doing enough… when we let go, we find peace. For there is peace in surrendering to what doesn’t serve us. When we soften, we stop forcing… and when we stop forcing, we find the true power in following the ebb and flow that is life. We see how our life is like ocean waters, how sometimes the ocean’s waves are big and the current is strong; yet the water always finds a way to return to peacefulness.. we realize that we can breathe in the stillness of these calm waters. We too, like the ocean, can flow.

~I challenge you this week to strive to follow the ebb and flow of your emotions and the ebb and flow of this life. I challenge you to accept your good feelings and your bad feelings for what they are. I challenge you to just flow with it all this week, and I challenge myself to all of these things as well. Let’s flow this week friends.~

happiest of monday’s to you all! sending love and light. xoxo

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Observation without judgment

November 6, 2017 in Uncategorized


                 “The ability to observe without evaluation is the highest form of intelligence.”                      -Krishinamurti

Observation without judgment. It’s something that is definitely not easy for me. Lately I have been observing areas of my life and judging them. I feel like quotes pop up right when I need them. I have read this quote several times before, but was reminded of it the other night. When I teach yoga, I tell the class at the beginning to just notice how they are feeling without judging themselves for whatever those feelings may be. Tired? Honor it. Energetic? Honor it. Sleepy? Honor it. Whatever they do for that hour is done with the intention of honoring those feelings without any sort of judgment. It’s so tough to remove judgment against certain feelings because society enforces these feelings as “bad” or out of the norm. For example, tiredness is sometimes misconstructed as laziness. Not having a bunch of energy all the time/ not wanting to do a bunch of movement is also seen as lazy. Crying can be viewed as being weak or overly emotional. Anger can be viewed as a lack of control or as being aggressive. So, think how easy it is to judge our feelings when society places the expectation that we should all be smiling and loving life 24/7. 

When looking at my week last week, I definitely noticed moments of judgment against myself. I have improved tremendously in this area, but am obviously still growing. I found myself saying I was being too dramatic for skipping a class when I didn’t feel well, I found myself saying that no one cared about my yoga classes because my turnout was so small, I found myself feeling less wholesome, I found that I was judging myself for feeling sad and crying… We all have these moments of judgment against ourselves. How we react to them is what’s most important.

I think if we all just took the time and energy to notice our feelings and check in on ourselves WITHOUT tossing in the negative self-evaluations and judgment, we would feel as if our mind, bodies, and souls were just sighing saying “thank you.” We put our minds, bodies, and souls through a lot when we are constantly judging and evaluating ourselves. If we could end the judgment that sometimes follows observing how we are doing, and if we could just simply OBSERVE without those judgments, think how peaceful we would be. 

By no means am I telling you to ignore your feelings. I ALWAYS promote feeling your feelings! But also feel your feelings without judging yourself or being so hard on yourself for what you’re feeling. That will only stunt your growth. Work on just noticing how you are doing. Check in with how you are feeling that day. Get in tune with yourself. Once you made those observations, don’t get angry or frustrated with yourself if you aren’t in the best mood and aren’t pleased with a feeling you’re having. Know that this mood or feeling will soon pass and you are simpy a human being that encompasses a variety of feelings. 

Thanks for reading. 🙂 

How can you be more gentle with how you are feeling today? 

How can you remove judgment against yourself in your life?

Happy Monday! Sending love and light. Xoxo- Lyss <3 

Let Go

October 23, 2017 in Recovery

“There is peace in surrender.” 

On the 20 years I’ve been on this planet, I’ve learned that in creating more peace in my life, I’ve had to let go of what was hurting me. My eating disorder, toxic relationships, activities, sports, unhealthy coping mechanisms, etc. I get asked a lot how I overcame certain things, more specifically, my eating disorder and depression. Sometimes I struggle in formulating a great response, because there was no 4 step plan that I followed and felt automatically cured. A lot of my healing came in truly abandoning what was generating the most pain and suffering in my life.

A lot of us with eating disorders or mental illnesses don’t understand the concept of “softening.” Anorexia made me very hard, it made my edges sharp and left me with a constant itch to control every situation. Everything I ate, every workout I did… this is what I was always thinking about. I held on tightly to my love for restricting calories and purging my food through laxatives and overexercise, because it’s what felt easy for me. This is how I coped with the unknown of life, with the feelings that were not so pretty, with the anxieties that clouded my head. When we find a coping skill, we cling onto it: and this is what I did with my eating disorder- to the point that this disorder became who I was. What happened in my brain that ultimately led to a shift in how I was living my life? I realized what I was doing was not living. It was surviving. And from that point forward, I softened and let go. Was it a straight, easy path in letting go? Absolutely not. And I will never put that message out on the Internet or Instagram that my journey has’t been tough. Because it has been- it’s been messy and confusing, for losing the one thing that you thought was a part of you… losing your one coping skill… that’s challenging. But with inner strength, outside support, and just realizing it is so worth it to truly let go, you will find that peace in surrendering to this disorder.

Depression, on the other hand, made me numb. It left me with the inability to feel anything but sadness. I gripped onto the numb feeling, and felt guilt when any bit of happiness passed through me. I did not “deserve” that feeling like others did, and my mind left me convinced of that. With depression came unhealthy coping skills like sleeping too much, crying- a lot, isolating myself, and self-harming. These coping skills were what felt comfortable for me at the time. I let my depression harden me, make me weak, and leave me in a crippling state of sadness. It is what I knew, and it is how I thought my life was supposed to be. The same shift happened in my brain just as it did with my eating disorder. I realized what I was doing was not living. It was surviving. So again, I let go. I let go and in doing so realized other ways to cope with life’s difficulties that were far healthier than what depression gave me. I forgave myself for what this illness did to me, I did not rush my healing process, and I ultimately realized that strength did not come from holding onto my eating disorder or depression: what made me the strongest human came in letting go and surrendering. 


“Letting go: being courageous to let go of things that make you feel bad and no longer serve you. /letting go creates space for something better/.” 

What are you going to let go of today? How are you going to soften? 



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Women’s Retreat Talk

October 16, 2017 in Recovery

Hi guys! If you follow me on Instagram (blissful_lyss29) you’ll know I had the gift of leading a women’s interfaith spirituality retreat. I also had the gift of teaching yoga and sharing a speech I wrote on nurturing seasons in our life. I wanted to share it with you in hopes that some of you would connect with it as well!


After looking at the evaluations from last years retreat, there were a lot of requests to talk more about self-love, body acceptance, and confidence. After seeing this, I was like “yes this is the stuff I LOVE to talk about.” If you don’t know, I do a lot of work in all these areas through blogging and Instagram and talk a lot about self-love and embracing the body you are in. These topics hold a very special place in my heart.

So I am honestly thrilled to be giving this talk on nurturing seasons today. I think that in life we can find our dharma, or purpose, through what has hurt us the most. And I feel like that is very true in my own life.

The word nurture means to “care for and encourage the growth and development of.” The first thing that comes to mind for me is how we so lovingly nurture a young child. We feed it well, we make sure it gets enough rest, we never say any mean words to it, we are always so gentle with it. There are no actions of cruelty against this young child. We would never neglect it and leave it without care. But the thing is, we so easily do that to ourselves. We forget to treat ourselves with love and we are shy to appreciate who we are. We think we don’t have enough “time” to practice acts of self-love. We are caught in the trend of saying cruel things about ourselves and our bodies. We fight the natural shape we are supposed to be in and try to mold our bodies into what society deems is “beautiful.”

Women spend so much of their lives trying to take up less space, but why? We were given this space on the universe, we might as well own it and stand tall- feet grounded into the earth, our home and the place where we were meant to be. When we are trying to take up less space, we aren’t nurturing ourselves. We aren’t caring for ourselves, we aren’t loving ourselves. I spent years trapped in a terrible mental illness- anorexia nervosa- where I was constantly on a mission to take up less space, to be “less.” When I was 17 years old I realized this was not how I wanted to live my life anymore. Years beyond years of trying to be less, did I realize that less was not more. I deserved more than a less than life.

I live my life a lot differently now than I did in my high-school years. I have finally learned to love my body. And in loving our bodies doesn’t come days where we don’t feel the best about ourselves- I have those days. Those days just make us human. But in loving my body I have found greater appreciation for all it can do. It allows me to walk from class to class. It gives me the ability to climb mountains and teach yoga classes. It allows me to inhale all of the beauty of this world, it lets me dance with my friends and walk my dogs into trails surrounded by nothing but green. In loving my body I have grown so much gratitude for it. The years I spent abusing it, the years I did anything but nurture it… now I have learned to cherish it and treat myself with the utmost respect. For I deserve that, and so does my body.

In nurturing myself, I have grown to only plant kind words into my head, and to water the words that I know beautiful flowers will come from. I spent so many years planting toxic thoughts into my brain, watching flowers die day in and day out. Now I know better. When I plant positive thoughts about myself and body into my brain… even when I may not believe them,  I know that the most beautiful plants will sprout for positive thoughts carry enough power to grow an entire garden.

I value self-care, and it’s something I will always tell people to spend more time doing. We cannot pour from an empty cup. In doing acts of self love and care, we give ourselves the chance to refill our cups. For when our cups are full, we can pour to others. I never understood the topic of self care. It seemed selfish and like a waste of time. But when I realized that I am so worthy of devoting this time to myself during the time to replenish my soul, my life changed: my head became clearer, my soul felt at ease, and I felt a greater sense of peace. Self care for me is through journaling, writing- poetry, blogging, my thoughts; yoga- as a spiritual practice to connect me closer to my innermost self and transcend my ego, using crystals as a healing source or meditating, rejuvenating my soul in nature though walking, hiking, or spending time outside just in silence doing absolutely nothing but listening.

A few years back, I read this quote while on Pinterest. It struck a chord with me, and I will never forget it: “and I said to my body. softly. ‘I want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath and replied, ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.’” Nurture yourself. Your body needs your love and care. Your mind and soul are craving it, your body wants to be your best friend. Have the most beautiful love story be with yourself- in the way you treat yourself, in the way you live life wholeheartedly, in the way you love and accept every layer of your being.

And to end with two poems; one of my favorite poems by Rupi Kaur, an incredibly talented writer you probably all know, and a poem I wrote myself.

“the universe took its time on you

crafted you precisely

so you could offer the world

something distinct from everyone else

so when you doubt

how you were created

you doubt an energy greater than us both” -RK


I quieted the echoes of voices that told me I was a body of imperfections.

I began to realize these imperfections made me real-and I would not let these imperfections become insecurities.

The pain sculpted in my bones and heart was replaced with the utmost appreciation for myself

How wonderful it was to be overflowing with love for every fiber of my being

Thank you guys for reading this. Hoping one day in the future I could share these kinds of things with you all in person!!

Thinking of you all as you spring into a new week and sending you nothing but good vibes and love. Happy Monday!

xoxo. <3 

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Staying Rooted in Recovery

October 6, 2017 in Recovery

When looking at my recovery from my eating disorder, I’ve definitely gone through seasons where thing have been a bit easier on my brain, and thing have been a bit tougher. Do I consider myself fully recovered? Yes. Yes in the sense that I do not use behaviors anymore, and I haven’t for a LONG time. But there are things I am not perfect with, and I attribute that to simply being human. I still carry negative thoughts about myself from time to time, sometimes I don’t have all “high quality” thoughts around food and exercise, and there are days that I struggle getting  fully in touch with my intuition in aspects of food and exercise. Do I think full recovery is possible? It depends what you define full recovery as. I don’t think it’s possible to make all of these thoughts go away, and like I’ve said before, I do not think it is remotely possible to go back to the life before your eating disorder. If you define full recovery as a life free from all bad body image days& all worries about your body/food/exercise thrown out the window, then I don’t think that’s possible. But I DO think full recovery is possible in the sense that you can live a life where food, exercise, and body image does not control you!! I 10000% believe that is possible and that’s why I consider myself fully recovered from my eating disorder: these things don’t derail me in living my life!

There are certain things I check in with to make sure I am rooted in my recovery.

  1. Who I am following on Instagram. This is HUGE! Unfollow people that will trigger you. Personally, I do not like following fitness accounts, health obsessed accounts, or the new blend of “fitness ED recovery” accounts. Don’t feel guilty to unfollow people who are holding you back on your journey.
  2. What is your intention? What is your intention behind a workout? Is your intention to go because you truly want to, or to go because you feel like you “should”? Is your intention to get that salad because your body truly wants vegetables or just because you’ll feel bad if you have that sandwich and potato chips? Keep your intention aligned with your values. 
  3. How are you talking about yourself? Keep the thoughts that you plant into your brain positive ones. Toxic thoughts do not bring about good behavior or good feelings. Sometimes lying to yourself on a bad day and repeating a mantra you may not fully believe at that time can make such a big difference.
  4. Are you fully listening to your body? Eating when hungry, sleeping that extra half hour instead of squeezing in a workout, choosing to do yoga over a more intense workout because that’s what your body is craving, spending time for self-care when your soul needs it instead of taking that time to go to the gym, etc.  Our bodies tell us cues: listen to them.
  5. Am I nourishing my soul? Doing the things that keep me truly happy: yoga, writing, reading, getting outside in nature, surrounding myself with the humans who bring me beautiful energy. Nourishing our bodies AND our souls is so essential for a happier life.

Stay grounded and rooted in your journey, friends. 


*believe, always.*

Have a lovely long weekend beautiful creatures!! 

xoxo. <3 

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may all beings live in happiness…

October 2, 2017 in Balance

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu means “”May all the beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom of all.”

How powerful is that, right?

This is something I have been diving deeper into lately. How can I be more happy and free, how can I contribute to the happiness and freedom of others? In being more happy and free in my own life, I have dug deeper into the concept of moving more mindfully, and have been doing movement that feels good for me that day… while also recognizing on the days I am low energy and don’t what to do movement, I don’t have to! In being happier in my own life, I have still been listening to the music that fills my soul… journaling, doing yoga, teaching yoga, writing, trying to get enough sleep, eating intuitively, living more mindfully: appreciating every bit of the present moment.

When we fill our cups, we can pour to others. I am constantly reminding myself of this. I notice the effects of not filling my cup… and I was in the boat just two weeks ago when I was stressed with school. Not enough time to fill my cup = nothing to give to others. It is crucial we give to ourselves, even just a little bit during the times we are super busy and crammed for time.

According to Gandi, happiness is when what we say, think, and do are all in harmony. So in order to be happier versions of ourselves, we have to keep these all aligned. This is another thing I’m working on to. Saying my intentions, but actually living them too.

In contributing to the happiness of others, I have and always will be working on being a better friend/daughter/sister. Remembering before I speak to keep my mouth shut if my words aren’t an improvement upon silence. Letting actions speak louder than words… leaving little notes for my roommate or small little gifts just as a token of appreciation of how much this girl means to me. (I love you Krista lol) Doing the little things like sending a text to a friend wishing them a good day, sending a positive quote when someone needs some inspiration, texting my family I love them. The universe responds to the attitude we are emitting out to it. So with that in mind, I want to radiate positivity from my bones in how I am towards myself, but also how I am to others. Obviously we all get cranky, tired, and grumpy… we are human!! And we are imperfect!!

But with all of this in mind… it is so important to remember this:


Enjoy where you are now! Live your truth and keep embracing your journey.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu friends. Happy Monday!

xoxo. <3 

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Monday Thoughts

September 25, 2017 in Balance / College

Some rambles today right from this little space called lyss’s brain… 

1. I’m working more on intuitive movement. What do I mean by that? Eliminating the shoulds… the I should be doing this talk or I should be doing something else… and instead tapping into my heart space to see what I TRULY want to do. I love movement, but I know I fall victim to these thoughts. So I’m pushing myself to a place of discomfort so I can grow. Time to plant seeds in uncomfortable areas and watch some lovely green trees grow. 

2. Going off the intuitive movement piece, this Saturday I followed that and went on a walk in my favorite nature trails by myself. Just an hour of me walking in the woods with animals and trees surrounding me and my favorite music in my ears. It was so beautiful. 

3. I was talking to my mom about how my Instagram and this blog space is changing a bit… I’m definitely not the same blogger or instagrammer as I was a year and a half ago. I don’t Instagram all my food, I don’t specifically talk about eating disorder recovery all the time. This platform is growing with me as I grow through life and tap into all layers of my being. I’m thankful for the humans that continue to read this blog and follow me on Instagram throughout it all. 

4. As I prepare for a pretty packed week, I’m reminding myself of a few things. Be kind to myself, be patient with myself… create time for just you to refill your cup. Take deep breaths, sleep > movement (always), keep following your intuition, school is not worth a toll on your mental health, go with the ebb and flow of life, know that you can do all things. 

5. I’m really loving tumblr. Definitely have become way more of a fan over the past year. I love posting my poetry, thoughts, and pictures over there that wouldn’t make it to Instagram. (Give it a follow: lysslickingthespoon) 

6. Some goals for this week: be more mindful, me more grateful, be more loving towards yourself and others, have enough confidence that it’s tangible. Don’t get caught up in the small stuff. 

7. I wasn’t eating meat really at all this summer besides fish. But I started eating chicken and turkey again. It became tough getting enough protein in at school and I really just missed chicken and turkey!! So I ate it. I am super passionate about the environment but I am also super passionate about living a life FREE from restriction and it came to the point where I was feeling restricted, so I got myself some friggin chicken noodle soup! 

8. I’m thankful to have had time to journal Sunday night. Definitely cleared my head space and an open crown chakra going to the week is key!! Also journaling is just fantastic. 

All done with what I have to say!! Your turn: 

How are you intuitively moving? 

Do you feel like you’ve changed since starting your blog or Instagram? 

Why are you smiling today? 

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Finding a Home within Myself

September 18, 2017 in Recovery

I spent Friday night and Saturday at home. I love college, but I also like having a change of pace and being with my family. Change has never been easy for me. Freshman year, I would get so excited to go home, but coming back to school would be tough. Transitions were painful for me. I would get so excited to go back to school, and coming back home would be a challenge. Once I found my comfortable place, I didn’t want to leave it. It took a while to find that space, so leaving it was even more challenging.

I didn’t start embracing my independence until this year. I felt like I always put so much of myself into others, but never into myself. I talked about this on my Instagram (@blissful_lyss29) and touched on the topic of being single. My inner peace and stability was thrown off so much in the past because I planted seeds into people who could not nurture them. Once someone treated me poorly, I was on the search for another human to make me feel better. Whether that was through friendships or guys, the search for validation from others was one that I was constantly on.

Once I started to do more work on myself, I found more inner peace than I thought was possible. With working on making myself whole, I created a home within myself that I spent time nurturing and caring for. I stopped throwing my worth into other people’s hands, embraced difficulties and discomfort, and realized that whatever destination this life brought me to, I would be okay- simply because I have this home within myself. I am connected to my mind, body, and soul, and I take care of myself.


When I created a home within my own heart, change became easier, my confidence grew, and I developed an intimate relationship with myself. One that consisted of self-love, self-care, spiritual practices, not putting my energy into people that don’t give it back to me, and living an authentic life.


When I returned home to myself, I realized how truly unique and beautiful I am. What an utter shame it is to put every layer of my being into someone else’s hands that is undeserving of it… when I could simply be trusting in my own intuition and power and cultivating more happiness by myself. Finding a home within myself has made this life better. I spent a month away with complete strangers and was able to care for myself and treat myself with love, come back home and transition nicely. I am able to adjust to change better and check in with myself if I’m feeling a bit anxious. I am able to throw myself into new situations, or simply just embrace the discomfort of life and always being kind with myself in doing so.

I challenge you this Monday to let yourself inLet yourself come back into your heart space and work on making yourself feel whole again.

and tell me… what is one self-care practice you’ve been loving lately?? 

xoxo. <3 

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