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Friday Thoughts 

October 27, 2017 in About Me

This week kinda just flew by. I started the week with a midterm paper due, and after that knee I’d be having a lighter work load until this coming week. I have an exam and some papers coming up, but every time I find myself getting stressed I remember the term “bless stress.” I’m blessed to be here receiving an education and worrying about schoolwork rather than where my next meal will come from or if I’ll have a place to sleep at night. Perspective is everything. 

I taught a yoga class at a real studio Wednesday morning. I subbed in for a class that started at 5:30 am. The 4:30 wake up call was tough but teaching was soooo worth it. Loved the space I was in and leading other women through a nice flow. 

I started feeling sick Monday night and now have a cold. Just lots of sniffling and coughing. It’ll pass! Just have to rest up and give myself some extra care and compassion. 

I don’t have a lot of time to read blogs throughout the week just because of other obligations, so I always look forward to Friday’s and the weekends when I do have that time. I love reading what some bloggers have to say, or getting the chance to listen to podcasts. The Food Psych podcasts have been on point lately. Love the topics they’re bringing onto that show and the diversity of guests she has. 

I had a dirty chai today and it was very good. If you’re looking to spice up your typical coffee order try this: iced chai tea latte with soy milk and 1 shot of espresso. Also I’ve really been digging matcha lattes with soy milk lately too. 10/10 reccommend. 

The new season of Stranger Things comes on Netflix today and I’m legit SO excited. I don’t keep up with a lot of Netflix shows but this one is definitely worth it. 

Going into Halloween Weekend mind blown in a way that October is coming to an end and November (my birthday month) is approaching. Excited to spend time with my friends and dress up in angsty rock star clothes tonight and go home Saturday! 

One last thing before you go into the weekend, and something I typically always say before I teach yoga. Bring your hands to pray, resting against your heart. Feel your heart beat? You’re alive, you have a purpose. Don’t let go of that. Move your hands toward your lips- remembering to think before you speak, and letting the words about yourself be kind ones, for you deserve respect and appreciate for every layer of your being. Move your hands toward your third eye center, letting this serve as a reminder to do things in life with good intentions and to trust your intuition. 

Thanks for reading my thoughts today. 

What are your weekend plans? Any Stranger Things fans? Favorite podcast lately? 

Sending love and light! Xoxo


Writing share 

October 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hi guys!! Happy Friday. Well to start, I met my favorite singer on planet earth Wednesday night before I went to his concert at a Thai restaurant… legit fan girles so hard. So that was def the highlight of my week! (Pic on my personal insta: alyssac1129!!) What was yours?! Share in the comments so I can read ’em. 

You guys know I love to write. I’m taking a poetry class this semester, and I’m honestly not very found of it. The heavy focus on meter/rhyme/taking quizzes is leaving me frustrated and to me takes away the whole purpose of poetry: to just appreciate it for all that it is. Not remember a certain rhyme scheme or if one poem is iambic pentameter or not. But that’s just my opinion, and I’m also going into this class as a psychology major with every other student being an English major, so that also plays a role! Anyways, I’m still writing, and I will continue to do so. I wanted to share some with you guys today! 

Thoughts on the gym… 

There’s nothing wrong with the gym, what’s wrong is when it becomes something of compulsion and something that creates anxiety if you don’t go. 

Half empty

I never understood how the glass could be half full. 

My eyes were drawn to the empty space. 

Gravitating towards what was missing.

These eyes have the ability to do the same with myself. 

Fixating on all the qualities I lacked. 

The parts of my body that were not good enough. 

I hope one day I can see myself just as that glass. 

I will never be half empty- there’s too much greatness in my bones for that.

It all comes in finding truth through those words- actually believing each and every one of them. 

The hurt 

Let yourself bleed. 

Let your tears wash over you like a rainstorm, feeling renewed the next day. 

You are allowed to feel. And hurt. And grieve. 

For this hurt will not last forever, and your tears will subside. 

Your pain does not define you. 

It is just part of your beautiful narrative.



you do not have to be smaller. you do not have to look liker her. you do not have to do crunches until you get rug burn on your neck and you do not have to rip yourself apart every time you look in the mirror. 

you do not need to be embarrassed if your hips are “big.” let those hips move freely my friend and take up as much damn space as needed. 


you do not have to set out the fire in your soul because he or she said so. don’t you realize they couldn’t take your heat? you- you are the sun and some people cannot handle that. that’s okay. do not change for them, for anyone. 


you are not just “ some body.” you are a SOMEBODY. you are important and strikingly beautiful. please apologize to yourself. you don’t deserve to drown in the depths of self-hatred. you don’t deserve it. you never did. take off your handcuffs, break from from the walls around you


i am proud to be one. i stand in solidarity with each and every one of you. we are so resilient: each and every one of us. so let’s dig deeper. love ourselves, spread love to others. look in the mirror and say, “i am the cradle of light. i am beautiful: every single piece of me- every scar and every single stretch mark. i am enough.” let yourself live in this truth, and when you forget- place your hands over your heart center, and come back to the place that has radiated love to you before- for it can do so again.

Thank you friends for reading!! 

If you aren’t following, check out my insta: blissful_lyss29, and like me over on Facebook: Blissful Lyss. 

Have a happy weekend!! Xoxoxo sending lots of love. 

Monday Thoughts

September 25, 2017 in Balance / College

Some rambles today right from this little space called lyss’s brain… 

1. I’m working more on intuitive movement. What do I mean by that? Eliminating the shoulds… the I should be doing this talk or I should be doing something else… and instead tapping into my heart space to see what I TRULY want to do. I love movement, but I know I fall victim to these thoughts. So I’m pushing myself to a place of discomfort so I can grow. Time to plant seeds in uncomfortable areas and watch some lovely green trees grow. 

2. Going off the intuitive movement piece, this Saturday I followed that and went on a walk in my favorite nature trails by myself. Just an hour of me walking in the woods with animals and trees surrounding me and my favorite music in my ears. It was so beautiful. 

3. I was talking to my mom about how my Instagram and this blog space is changing a bit… I’m definitely not the same blogger or instagrammer as I was a year and a half ago. I don’t Instagram all my food, I don’t specifically talk about eating disorder recovery all the time. This platform is growing with me as I grow through life and tap into all layers of my being. I’m thankful for the humans that continue to read this blog and follow me on Instagram throughout it all. 

4. As I prepare for a pretty packed week, I’m reminding myself of a few things. Be kind to myself, be patient with myself… create time for just you to refill your cup. Take deep breaths, sleep > movement (always), keep following your intuition, school is not worth a toll on your mental health, go with the ebb and flow of life, know that you can do all things. 

5. I’m really loving tumblr. Definitely have become way more of a fan over the past year. I love posting my poetry, thoughts, and pictures over there that wouldn’t make it to Instagram. (Give it a follow: lysslickingthespoon) 

6. Some goals for this week: be more mindful, me more grateful, be more loving towards yourself and others, have enough confidence that it’s tangible. Don’t get caught up in the small stuff. 

7. I wasn’t eating meat really at all this summer besides fish. But I started eating chicken and turkey again. It became tough getting enough protein in at school and I really just missed chicken and turkey!! So I ate it. I am super passionate about the environment but I am also super passionate about living a life FREE from restriction and it came to the point where I was feeling restricted, so I got myself some friggin chicken noodle soup! 

8. I’m thankful to have had time to journal Sunday night. Definitely cleared my head space and an open crown chakra going to the week is key!! Also journaling is just fantastic. 

All done with what I have to say!! Your turn: 

How are you intuitively moving? 

Do you feel like you’ve changed since starting your blog or Instagram? 

Why are you smiling today? 

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Highlights From The Week

September 15, 2017 in About Me / College

This week had so many lovely things in it!!! Aka I was an absolute cheese-ball and 1000% embraced it. 

~ On Monday I started meeting with other lovely women for a retreat we are leading. I have the honor of working with two other students and three staff to coordinate a women’s interfaith spirituality retreat. AND teach yoga on it. I am so so so excited to facilitate this experience for others and create a space where everyone feels welcome. 

Creating an environment with women being open, honest, and empowering one another is something I am so excited to do. 

~ On Monday I also taught my first yoga class at my college!! There was a relatively big turn out and my gosh was I nervous before hand. Had to call my momma to talk about random nonsense to get my mind off my nerves lol. But once I got there and truly felt grounded in my area I just had an absolute blast. 

~ I taught again on Tuesday and felt WAY more calm and confident. Teaching is bringing me tons of joy. This practice means the world to me and being able to share it with others is the best feeling!! 

~ I got to visit my friends at the HOPE house this Thursday. This is a home for special needs and disabled adults. I’ve been going here since my freshman year. These humans just radiate so much happiness. Loved getting to spend an hour of my day with them. 

Jiji and I 

~ I subbed in for a teacher that was sick on Thursday and taught a class. Figured out how to dim the lights in shavasana which was lovely and got to teach some friends as well. 🙂 

Grateful for these opportunities. Grateful for the times I am uncomfortable- for those moments help me grow. Grateful for the humans in my life that conintuously support me and stand by my side. How beautiful it is to have others cheer you on with each and every stride. 

Have the best weekend friends!! Please tell me a highlight from your week- I wanna hear ’em!! 

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xoxo <3

This Space Right Now

September 8, 2017 in About Me / College / Recovery

I can never force a blog post or an Instagram. That’s just not me. Just like I can never force a feeling or force myself to like something/someone. My life is not based off force: it’s based off authenticity. Creating a space that my heart thrives in, living a life of ease. Forcing does not produce the magic: an open heart and embracing what’s real does. 

This blog means so much to me, and so does my Instagram. The content of my posts have changed and how much I post a week has changed as well. Just like a river I flow through each season of life, and instead of forcing something that doesn’t feel good to me, I let the river flow. But everything that I do write, everything I do put out into the world comes from all crevices of my heart. I put a lot of value into that. 

This space right now in my life is different than it was a month ago, a year ago, two years ago. This space now is one that’s inviting more growth in. One where I have incredible friends who challenge my old ways: who tell me to get that cookie. Sleep in an extra hour. Check in with my intentions behind doing things. Stop talking poorly of someone who puts a bad taste in my mouth. These humans provoke growth and radiate so much love into my life. 

This space right now is allowing me to share so many laughs and genuine smiles with my roommate/best friend. A friend who grounds me, listens to me, supports me. Always bringing me back to the beauty that is human connection. 

This space is going to be getting busier. With yoga teaching starting Monday, as well as meetings for a women’s retreat I’m helping lead; the pace will be speeding up a bit. And I’m going to need to remind myself to pause and recenter. Refocus, breathe, and bring myself back to the present moment. 

This space is not perfect. It gets cluttered and oh so messy. 

This space here on the Internet doesn’t get as many views as it did last year, or the space I have on Instagram doesn’t have as many followers as others; but I’m doing what I love. “I’m becoming fluid in choosing me.” Choosing what feels authentic in the moment and allowing myself to write/post/do what makes ME happy. 

This space is still one of singleness. Doing my life without a male by my side. Something I will talk about more down the line, but something I am still working on: not settling for another human- for I am already whole as is. I am a complete puzzle, and everyday I’m working on feeling that way. Not running from the loneliness that used to terrify me and instead running towards the confidence and fierceness that’s beginning to flow through my veins. 

This space is one of vulnerability, laughter, change, love, smiles, tears, anger, frustration, friendships, family, authenticity, and adventure. I am blessed to be able to take it all in with every single inhale. 

comments always welcomed and encouraged 🙂 hope you all had a lovely week: drop a highlight of it below if you’d like! 



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Pain Enables Growth

August 21, 2017 in Recovery


“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”

-Maya Angelou 

The hurt I have experienced in this life has most definitely changed me. I am not the same person I was before I was shattered into billions of pieces. I will never be the same young girl with an innocent heart and a soft smile.

If you follow me on Instagram (@blissful_lyss29), I posted a poem I wrote on a similar topic Sunday night shining light on my imperfect, fallible, and unglamorous story in this 20 years on earth thus far. Filled with pain, struggle, confusion, anxiety, darkness, self-defeating thoughts, and a lack of purpose: my story is chaotic and I have been lost on this road so many times. When we experience any sort of trauma, we are going to be changed. Hard times in life provoke shifts in our lives.

We have a conscious say in how we let our obstacles impact us. Just like Maya Angelou said, we can be changed by what happens to us, but we should never be reduced by it. 

Do you know what is so lovely about hardships? Growth. We become wiser, we become more resilient, we are filled to the cup with tenacity. Without the universe throwing us pain, how would we be able to cultivate so much power? I believe the universe never gives us more than we are capable of handling. Even when our hurt becomes so intense and our lives become so messy, we are able to bounce back.


“The world gives you so much pain and here you are making gold out of it.”

-Rupi Kaur

Make gold out of your adversities. Do not look at your hardships with the mentality that “this is not fair.” That will not help you blossom. Shift your thinking. Look at your pain with the mindset that this will catapult you into something wonderful. Do not let your struggles put you at a stand-still. Nothing in life is capable of dragging you down unless you let it.


“Magic happens when you do not give up even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.” 

Let the universe fall in love with your determination. Let it be in complete admiration of your relentlessness to flourish despite your battered and bleeding heart.

I have let my hurt change me, but I will never let it make me smaller. I will never let what has happened to me trim down my unique edges. I am not ashamed of my hardships. I am not embarrassed that my eating disorder, anxiety, and depression generated years of struggle and tears. These illnesses will never define me, yet they have guided me into a more enlightened human with a whole lot more love for herself and the world.


“Pain can change you, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad change. Take that pain and turn it into wisdom.” 


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A Brief Q&A

August 18, 2017 in About Me / Recovery

Happy Friday loves! How has your week been? Weird how time just keeps flyin’ by so dang quickly.

Answering some questions I get asked a lot here today and rambling about some other stuff with you friends so let’s get started.

Do you track macros? 

Nope! Never have and never will. I think it’s too time consuming and takes away from me living my best live. I would much rather be engaged and in the moment than worrying about how many macros I was eating.

Calories vs listening to your body? 

I don’t believe that any human should have to count calories. In recovery from an ED that may be a different story, but any other individual should never feel obligated to count how many calories they’re consuming. When we count calories and put a limit on how much we can or can’t eat, we are confusing our bodies and throwing its natural hunger signals off. Our bodies sends us so many messages and it is such a shame to not listen to them. Honor and respect these signals, eat when you are hungry, listen to your mental hunger, stop when you are full, respect your cravings, give your body the downtime it needs… treat yourself with love and admiration: not with rules and regulations.

Tips for healthy hair? 

My hair became very thin during my ED. I lost a lot of my hair, and I didn’t take any supplements to get it back. I know that collagen can be a huge help for healthy and thicker hair, but I just trusted the process. I gave myself enough nutrients and let food truly heal me: including healing my hair! I have thick and healthy hair now and I am so blessed.

Tips for staring yoga? 

I started in a studio, but I think starting at home or a beginners class is great too. Get yourself a mat and just see where this practice takes you. There is no timeline for yoga to learn a certain pose by, that’s what’s so beautiful about this practice. It’s just you and your mat, and you evolving on your mat. Find a studio you like, connect with a teacher who makes your practice even more wonderful, develop a practice at home, check out the yoga videos on YouTube!

Overcoming fear foods? 

I had to stop labeling foods as good and bad in my mind. Sure, there are some foods that are more nutritious, but that does not make those foods “better” than another. And it did not make me a better human if I only ate those foods. Untying my morality from the food I ate helped me grow tremendously in overcoming my fear of certain foods. Another thing that helped me was incorporating the foods I was afraid of back into my diet at a steady pace. Instead of eating all the things that used to scare me, I slowly added them back in, used my coping skills, and practiced self-compassion for myself when I ate these foods that used to terrify me. Food should never be scary, it is simply fuel for our bodies and minds!

Favorite quotes lately? 

Why don’t we all take a lesson

from the sun

that consistently shows up 

every morning 

just to illuminate our worlds

inspite of how it burned

in its own heat 

all night?”

“You got to learn how to vibe alone. You can’t live your life being dependent on other sources of energy. You have the ability to be self sufficient so tap into yourself once in a while.”

The only thing I know is this: I am full of wounds and still standing on my feet.”

You will grow from the dirt they left you in.”

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden where the flowers are dead.”

Thanks for reading guys!!

Tell me:

What’s your favorite quote lately? 

Do you take anything for healthier hair?! 

Weekend plans? 

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Life Lately in Pictures

August 7, 2017 in About Me

PICTURES. LIFE. All the good things. And Monday’s. Because Mondays= fresh start and fresh starts are a beautiful thing.


Yoga by the pool lately has been my thang.


So have been my mala beads, infused with the mantra “I open myself to you.”


“The mountains are calling and I must go.” And I did go… all the way to the top of Mount Washington!



I saw my favorite band in the entire universe (Nahko and Medicine for the People) with my best friends. It was pretty freakin’ awesome. And so were the other bands that performed!


I am crunchy granola. And I sure do eat a lot of it, especially @My Favorite Indulgence granola.


I listen to a lot of music… this song rocks. Follow my spotify @Alyssa Cristadoro!

I’ve been digging deeper into the principle of Ahimsa, or non-injury /nonviolence. Also, how cool is this Ahimsa tattoo?

Yoga-Tattoo-We-Heart-It 2.jpg

I’ve been focusing a lot on energy. And reading about similar topics in the book “Yoga and the Quest for the True Self.”



I love Bob Marley so I bought a tank with his face on it. And I love it. (important stuff I know I know)


I am continuing to write (and read) a bunch of poetry. Favorite books I’ve read: The Chaos of LongingShifting BoneThe Princess Saves Herself in this OneUncaged Wallflower. Definitely recommend these books!

Your turn! 

Hiking… yay or nah? 

City or nature person? Or both? 

Favorite book lately? 

Have a lovely Monday friends!! xoxo

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An Open Letter to My Depression

August 4, 2017 in Recovery

*This post may contain triggering content for some. Take care of yourself always.*

I met you when I was in the midst of my eating disorder. You came like a hurricane, so fierce and strong. Combined with my eating disorder, you were certainly a force to be reckoned with. Just like a hurricane, I had to let you run your course. So young me at just 15 years old sat in awe at the power of your winds. I let you sweep me away.

At first I understood why you were there. I was starving myself, so I was sad. All. The. Time. But 4 years later, I didn’t understand why you wanted to come back. I let you run your course. I picked up your mess and let your winds make me cold. You showed me what it was like to be so scared and exhausted. You brought anti-depressants into my life. I already dealt with your torrential rain but you came back with a calm in your eye knowing your rain had the ability to hit me even harder.

I didn’t understand at first why I felt so sad. I had everything I wanted-friends, a college education, a blog, a wonderful family, a boyfriend, activities that I loved.  At first I was really good at shaking you off. If I felt the slightest bit of sadness I could pretend like you weren’t there. It was easy. Put on a smile and pretend like all was well. But with time, you wouldn’t go away so easy. You latched onto me like glue and boy was it tiring trying to peel you off.

Tears fell, drop by drop, on my pillow case. Every night you brought a feeling of emptiness into my chest, a pit in my stomach. Dreading the day ahead of me before it even started. I still had you under control though. With the help from friends I was able to peel you off my side and move with a smile through at least half the day.

No one understood how easily you could creep in. So sly and quiet, so effortlessly you came back onto my side. Your dark clouds caged every ounce of joy I had left in me. My friends and family tried tirelessly to remove you from my side but you pulled me too far in. Your thunder was so loud and your rain made me shiver. Making it through the day was a victory, but I could never break free completely. At night time you returned fiercely. As if the darkness wasn’t enough at night, you brought more darkness into my mind. These demons made me feel like I was sinking so deeply and my tears added to your rain- flooding everything around me and gasping for air. I used to love nighttime and seeing the stars from my window. But you made nighttime dreadful. You took away the stars and made me feel so alone. There was not the tiniest bit of light.

When people asked how I was feeling, I could never articulate it into words. So you always just had me say “fine.” It was an automated response. You told me I was fine, you told me the people in my life were fine. You made me believe that it was normal walking around wanting to cry all day, living a life with a cloud over your head and feeling undeserving of happiness. But the hardest thing you made me feel? Worthless. Worthless of love, worthless of life, worthless of joy. You made me keep all this in for it was my hurricane I was stuck in, not anyone else’s. Only I deserved the cold downpour on my bare skin.

I was tired of walking through your winds. I was exhausted living with you by my side. You sucked all of the energy out of me and all I wanted to do was sleep. Sleep was my escape from the world, and I needed all the breaks I could get from you. I thought about taking a permanent break several times for I felt I could not keep living in this world if you were in it.

I didn’t think I had a breaking point. I was invincible. I was strong. I was the person that people looked up to for recovering from an eating disorder. But every person cracks. And my goodness did I crack in many different places.

But it was a Saturday night where I couldn’t take you any longer. I felt so worthless of life and I couldn’t do this whole “having hope” thing any longer. I couldn’t dare to live another day for there was nothing else to live for. I didn’t know what I loved anymore for you took that from me.  You took my passions and my positivity right from the palms of my hands. I was in so much pain and agony. My mind was worn-out. You had taken a toll on me. The days and nights of turmoil that you caused me made my soul so exhausted. So I did what you told me to do: I picked up the scissors and cut my wrist. It was the only way you said I could cope with the pain. So I did just that. I watched as I precisely made marks on my wrists, tears running down my face hitting the pillow case with such ease. I was broken.

Dear depression, you were a ferocious hurricane- so strong you tore me apart. But you did not sweep me off this planet.

Dear depression, I do not hate you. I am not angry with you anymore. I am not ashamed of you. You proved to me how much of a fighter I truly am. Because of you, you opened to my eyes to the idea that it is okay to struggle. You showed me that it is okay to reach out for help in times of darkness. Dear depression, because of you, you taught me that I am a resilient human being. I can do all things, I can conquer the toughest of battles. Dear depression, thank you for showing me that I am stronger than my younger self could have ever imagined.

Dear depression, because of you, I am able to help others going through the struggles I once did. I am able to show people the beauty that is living. I am able to show people that they are worthy of life even when every thought in their mind is convincing them otherwise.

Dear depression, thank you for making me appreciate each inhale and exhale. Thank you for giving me gratitude for every day on this amazing planet. Thank you for showing me that life throws some pretty big waves and teaching me that I am capable of surfing them. You gave me the strength to ride these waves, no matter how big they get on some days.

Dear depression, you hurt me. You made me feel weak. You made me feel alone. But you did not take me from my loved ones and from the things I loved. You allowed me to grow into a wiser human, one that is always aware of her self-worth and magic within her veins. 

To my depression- you tried to control my life. But just a reminder, I am the one in control. I control my happiness. I control my thinking. I can conquer your storm, no matter how big it is.

I am worthy of love. I am worthy of this space on Earth. I am worthy of laughter and a life of smiles. I am so damn worthy. 

Thank you depression for awakening the belief in me that I am strong in my own power.

*To anyone that is struggling with depression, I am here for you. I am always an email/ Instagram/ Facebook message away. You are not alone in your battle. Have faith. Believe in the good things coming.*


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New Things I’m Loving!

July 28, 2017 in About Me / Friday Favorites

Hi friends! Happy Friday. 🙂 First week back for me in the “real world” after a month in the mountains and it was good! Definitely an adjustment, but still lovin’ this life ya know?

Sharing some favorite things with ya today: let’s get started!!

  1. Rootz Nutrition. This company was kind enough to send me some things to try. This protein powder tastes so yummy! Check ’em out friends. 🙂


2.  Alternative Baking Company Cookies. Guys- I love these. Seriously the chocolate chip one is so freaking good!! Huge fan. SONY DSC

3. Purely Pinole. I was a bit hesitant trying this, but guys it’s actually so good. Perfect breakfast. I topped mine with granola, raisins, banana, and coconut!


4. New Facebook group!! Okay guys I started a Facebook group called “good energy, positive vibes tribe.” I just want to have a safe space for humans to connect with one another and share the things that make our souls the happiest. I want this group to radiate love and bring more positivity in each other’s lives, but also show that life gets hard and that’s okay too. We’re all just humans on this planet trying to figure things out, so this is a nice little space to do that together. If you want to join feel free to do so!! 🙂

5. New JOB! I got a job teaching yoga at my school this year!! SO so blessed.

6. I taught my mom and grandma yoga on Sunday and it was so magical.


7. I love my new mala beads I got from Yoga Teacher Training. Wear them on my wrist every day- they hold such a special place in my heart.


8. POETRY. I’ve been posting my poems on Instagram!! Go follow me ( @ blissful_lyss29 ) if you wanna read ’em. 🙂

That’s all I gotta say today loves. Happy Friday!

Tell me some weekend plans and one thing that made ya smile this week.

alllll the love <3


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