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October 23, 2017 in Recovery

“There is peace in surrender.” 

On the 20 years I’ve been on this planet, I’ve learned that in creating more peace in my life, I’ve had to let go of what was hurting me. My eating disorder, toxic relationships, activities, sports, unhealthy coping mechanisms, etc. I get asked a lot how I overcame certain things, more specifically, my eating disorder and depression. Sometimes I struggle in formulating a great response, because there was no 4 step plan that I followed and felt automatically cured. A lot of my healing came in truly abandoning what was generating the most pain and suffering in my life.

A lot of us with eating disorders or mental illnesses don’t understand the concept of “softening.” Anorexia made me very hard, it made my edges sharp and left me with a constant itch to control every situation. Everything I ate, every workout I did… this is what I was always thinking about. I held on tightly to my love for restricting calories and purging my food through laxatives and overexercise, because it’s what felt easy for me. This is how I coped with the unknown of life, with the feelings that were not so pretty, with the anxieties that clouded my head. When we find a coping skill, we cling onto it: and this is what I did with my eating disorder- to the point that this disorder became who I was. What happened in my brain that ultimately led to a shift in how I was living my life? I realized what I was doing was not living. It was surviving. And from that point forward, I softened and let go. Was it a straight, easy path in letting go? Absolutely not. And I will never put that message out on the Internet or Instagram that my journey has’t been tough. Because it has been- it’s been messy and confusing, for losing the one thing that you thought was a part of you… losing your one coping skill… that’s challenging. But with inner strength, outside support, and just realizing it is so worth it to truly let go, you will find that peace in surrendering to this disorder.

Depression, on the other hand, made me numb. It left me with the inability to feel anything but sadness. I gripped onto the numb feeling, and felt guilt when any bit of happiness passed through me. I did not “deserve” that feeling like others did, and my mind left me convinced of that. With depression came unhealthy coping skills like sleeping too much, crying- a lot, isolating myself, and self-harming. These coping skills were what felt comfortable for me at the time. I let my depression harden me, make me weak, and leave me in a crippling state of sadness. It is what I knew, and it is how I thought my life was supposed to be. The same shift happened in my brain just as it did with my eating disorder. I realized what I was doing was not living. It was surviving. So again, I let go. I let go and in doing so realized other ways to cope with life’s difficulties that were far healthier than what depression gave me. I forgave myself for what this illness did to me, I did not rush my healing process, and I ultimately realized that strength did not come from holding onto my eating disorder or depression: what made me the strongest human came in letting go and surrendering. 


“Letting go: being courageous to let go of things that make you feel bad and no longer serve you. /letting go creates space for something better/.” 

What are you going to let go of today? How are you going to soften? 



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Women’s Retreat Talk

October 16, 2017 in Recovery

Hi guys! If you follow me on Instagram (blissful_lyss29) you’ll know I had the gift of leading a women’s interfaith spirituality retreat. I also had the gift of teaching yoga and sharing a speech I wrote on nurturing seasons in our life. I wanted to share it with you in hopes that some of you would connect with it as well!


After looking at the evaluations from last years retreat, there were a lot of requests to talk more about self-love, body acceptance, and confidence. After seeing this, I was like “yes this is the stuff I LOVE to talk about.” If you don’t know, I do a lot of work in all these areas through blogging and Instagram and talk a lot about self-love and embracing the body you are in. These topics hold a very special place in my heart.

So I am honestly thrilled to be giving this talk on nurturing seasons today. I think that in life we can find our dharma, or purpose, through what has hurt us the most. And I feel like that is very true in my own life.

The word nurture means to “care for and encourage the growth and development of.” The first thing that comes to mind for me is how we so lovingly nurture a young child. We feed it well, we make sure it gets enough rest, we never say any mean words to it, we are always so gentle with it. There are no actions of cruelty against this young child. We would never neglect it and leave it without care. But the thing is, we so easily do that to ourselves. We forget to treat ourselves with love and we are shy to appreciate who we are. We think we don’t have enough “time” to practice acts of self-love. We are caught in the trend of saying cruel things about ourselves and our bodies. We fight the natural shape we are supposed to be in and try to mold our bodies into what society deems is “beautiful.”

Women spend so much of their lives trying to take up less space, but why? We were given this space on the universe, we might as well own it and stand tall- feet grounded into the earth, our home and the place where we were meant to be. When we are trying to take up less space, we aren’t nurturing ourselves. We aren’t caring for ourselves, we aren’t loving ourselves. I spent years trapped in a terrible mental illness- anorexia nervosa- where I was constantly on a mission to take up less space, to be “less.” When I was 17 years old I realized this was not how I wanted to live my life anymore. Years beyond years of trying to be less, did I realize that less was not more. I deserved more than a less than life.

I live my life a lot differently now than I did in my high-school years. I have finally learned to love my body. And in loving our bodies doesn’t come days where we don’t feel the best about ourselves- I have those days. Those days just make us human. But in loving my body I have found greater appreciation for all it can do. It allows me to walk from class to class. It gives me the ability to climb mountains and teach yoga classes. It allows me to inhale all of the beauty of this world, it lets me dance with my friends and walk my dogs into trails surrounded by nothing but green. In loving my body I have grown so much gratitude for it. The years I spent abusing it, the years I did anything but nurture it… now I have learned to cherish it and treat myself with the utmost respect. For I deserve that, and so does my body.

In nurturing myself, I have grown to only plant kind words into my head, and to water the words that I know beautiful flowers will come from. I spent so many years planting toxic thoughts into my brain, watching flowers die day in and day out. Now I know better. When I plant positive thoughts about myself and body into my brain… even when I may not believe them,  I know that the most beautiful plants will sprout for positive thoughts carry enough power to grow an entire garden.

I value self-care, and it’s something I will always tell people to spend more time doing. We cannot pour from an empty cup. In doing acts of self love and care, we give ourselves the chance to refill our cups. For when our cups are full, we can pour to others. I never understood the topic of self care. It seemed selfish and like a waste of time. But when I realized that I am so worthy of devoting this time to myself during the time to replenish my soul, my life changed: my head became clearer, my soul felt at ease, and I felt a greater sense of peace. Self care for me is through journaling, writing- poetry, blogging, my thoughts; yoga- as a spiritual practice to connect me closer to my innermost self and transcend my ego, using crystals as a healing source or meditating, rejuvenating my soul in nature though walking, hiking, or spending time outside just in silence doing absolutely nothing but listening.

A few years back, I read this quote while on Pinterest. It struck a chord with me, and I will never forget it: “and I said to my body. softly. ‘I want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath and replied, ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.’” Nurture yourself. Your body needs your love and care. Your mind and soul are craving it, your body wants to be your best friend. Have the most beautiful love story be with yourself- in the way you treat yourself, in the way you live life wholeheartedly, in the way you love and accept every layer of your being.

And to end with two poems; one of my favorite poems by Rupi Kaur, an incredibly talented writer you probably all know, and a poem I wrote myself.

“the universe took its time on you

crafted you precisely

so you could offer the world

something distinct from everyone else

so when you doubt

how you were created

you doubt an energy greater than us both” -RK


I quieted the echoes of voices that told me I was a body of imperfections.

I began to realize these imperfections made me real-and I would not let these imperfections become insecurities.

The pain sculpted in my bones and heart was replaced with the utmost appreciation for myself

How wonderful it was to be overflowing with love for every fiber of my being

Thank you guys for reading this. Hoping one day in the future I could share these kinds of things with you all in person!!

Thinking of you all as you spring into a new week and sending you nothing but good vibes and love. Happy Monday!

xoxo. <3 

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Listen to your Pain

October 9, 2017 in Recovery

“These pains that you feel are messengers. Listen to them. Turn them into sweetness.”- Rumi 

Part of the human experience is facing pain. What’s funny to me? We all try to run away from it. I know a majority of my readers have dealt with pain and suffering in their lives thus far. Through depression, anxiety, and my eating disorder; pain hit me in the sharpest, cruelest way.

When I first started to feel pain and sadness through my eating disorder, I ignored it. When I first started to feel depressed, I told everyone I was “fine.”

The universe was sending these signs of pain as a messenger, but I was not listening. I did not know what to do but simply let the pain wash over my body. But obviously, pain and suffering can only run its course for so long.

I think in life we have breaking points. I know I had mine. And I am very grateful that I finally learned to listen to pain and turn them into sweetness. What do I mean by that? The pain that I was feeling through my eating disorder I turned into sweetness and sought help. Through lots of treatment, hard work, and dedication, I was able to overcome that battle. The overwhelming sense of sadness and hopelessness I felt with my depression was turned into sweetness when I realized that I am so worthy of living this life genuinely happy and I would do whatever it took to get there. Treatment, tears, hard-work, frustration, confusion, therapy… I listened to my pain and I ended up at this point. And with this work, I turned pain into sweetness. For my life now is something I consider pretty sweet. Not perfect by any means, but a life that I certainly love.

If a relationship is causing you pain- listen to that pain and LEAVE. If a mental illness iscausing you pain, let this pain be your messenger to go get help and talk to someone. Pain hurts and aches but without it we would not have sweetness. We need the bitterness in this life to be brought sweetness.

Image result for poems about overcoming pain

“The world gives you so much pain and here you are making gold out of it.” 

Make gold out of your pain. Let it fuel your fire to live a wholehearted life- one free from self-hate, toxic thoughts, food controlling your life, exercise running you into the ground, anxiety keeping you from enjoying the things you love… let the hurt guide you to joy and love. When something is causing you hurt and suffering, realize that you carry all the power to let that thing go. The human heart and soul are so incredibly strong- we think our struggles in this life can shatter them into a million pieces, but they don’t; for the human heart and soul is resilient- just like us.

Image result for what hurts you blesses you

“What hurts you blesses you. Darkness is your candle.” -Rumi 

Your light is waiting to shine and sparkle into the world, turn on that switch. The universe has great things in store for you… listen to your pain, embrace the arduous journey that comes to a life of sweetness, and let your darkness be your candle knowing that YOU are strong enough to keep this fire going.

Anything on your mind today… share in the comments!  Thank you guys for reading and happy Monday <3 

xoxo. <3 

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Staying Rooted in Recovery

October 6, 2017 in Recovery

When looking at my recovery from my eating disorder, I’ve definitely gone through seasons where thing have been a bit easier on my brain, and thing have been a bit tougher. Do I consider myself fully recovered? Yes. Yes in the sense that I do not use behaviors anymore, and I haven’t for a LONG time. But there are things I am not perfect with, and I attribute that to simply being human. I still carry negative thoughts about myself from time to time, sometimes I don’t have all “high quality” thoughts around food and exercise, and there are days that I struggle getting  fully in touch with my intuition in aspects of food and exercise. Do I think full recovery is possible? It depends what you define full recovery as. I don’t think it’s possible to make all of these thoughts go away, and like I’ve said before, I do not think it is remotely possible to go back to the life before your eating disorder. If you define full recovery as a life free from all bad body image days& all worries about your body/food/exercise thrown out the window, then I don’t think that’s possible. But I DO think full recovery is possible in the sense that you can live a life where food, exercise, and body image does not control you!! I 10000% believe that is possible and that’s why I consider myself fully recovered from my eating disorder: these things don’t derail me in living my life!

There are certain things I check in with to make sure I am rooted in my recovery.

  1. Who I am following on Instagram. This is HUGE! Unfollow people that will trigger you. Personally, I do not like following fitness accounts, health obsessed accounts, or the new blend of “fitness ED recovery” accounts. Don’t feel guilty to unfollow people who are holding you back on your journey.
  2. What is your intention? What is your intention behind a workout? Is your intention to go because you truly want to, or to go because you feel like you “should”? Is your intention to get that salad because your body truly wants vegetables or just because you’ll feel bad if you have that sandwich and potato chips? Keep your intention aligned with your values. 
  3. How are you talking about yourself? Keep the thoughts that you plant into your brain positive ones. Toxic thoughts do not bring about good behavior or good feelings. Sometimes lying to yourself on a bad day and repeating a mantra you may not fully believe at that time can make such a big difference.
  4. Are you fully listening to your body? Eating when hungry, sleeping that extra half hour instead of squeezing in a workout, choosing to do yoga over a more intense workout because that’s what your body is craving, spending time for self-care when your soul needs it instead of taking that time to go to the gym, etc.  Our bodies tell us cues: listen to them.
  5. Am I nourishing my soul? Doing the things that keep me truly happy: yoga, writing, reading, getting outside in nature, surrounding myself with the humans who bring me beautiful energy. Nourishing our bodies AND our souls is so essential for a happier life.

Stay grounded and rooted in your journey, friends. 


*believe, always.*

Have a lovely long weekend beautiful creatures!! 

xoxo. <3 

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We Are Like Oceans

September 11, 2017 in Recovery

~ You are an ocean. Like waves you rise and fall, sometimes crashing so ferociously into the sand with the strongest under toe. But always returning to steadiness. For the water consumes all your past hurt and pain, leaving you to float so effortless among the fishes beneath you. You are never alone here in these deep blue waters. Oceans are so beautiful- full of life and energy; just like you.  ~

We really are like oceans. Our minds are in a constant ripple of thoughts- sometimes good, sometimes bad. We learn to swim with the tide, just like we learn to move with the challenges of our lives. We find rhythm among the water, just like we find rhythm in our daily routines. We carry so much strength within us, just like the ocean carries so much strength and power.

But sometimes we treat oceans poorly too. We forget to take care of them. We don’t give them as much love and care as we should. We emit so much CO2 into the atmosphere which causes our oceans to acidify- leading to so many beautiful living creatures suffering or dying. We are doing the same thing to ourselves. When we emit toxic thoughts into our brains, we are setting ourselves up for suffering and pain. How can beauty grow when we plant seeds of hate into our brains?

Stop. Stop showering yourself with negative thoughts about yourself, your body, your life. Oceans do not need toxicity, and neither do you. Stop beating yourself up for every time you fall or fail. The ocean waves are constantly falling for in order to rise, we need to fall. Accept your low points without judging yourself for them… and truly accept them for what they are. You will move forward and grow despite feeling so small and weak. You will be okay.


You will be messy in this life. You will feel scattered and all over the place. Do not let this discourage you. The ocean is messy and scattered, yet it continues to flow- and so should you.

Remember you are in charge of your thoughts… of course we cannot think positively all the time. Vibrate higher on the days you are feeling low and not thinking the best thoughts. Remember to respect yourself just as you respect the ocean waters. Do not go by living this life feeling worthless and unlovable… for you have so much worth and you are so worthy of love. Move with your heart through the ups and downs, the high points and the low points.

*happiest of Mondays to you… sending light and love to all you lovely beings. go flow so effortlessly like the ocean waters today and be KIND to yourself!! xoxo

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Thank you, Summer

August 25, 2017 in About Me / Recovery

My summer was in no way ordinary. And as I’m growing more into the human I’m supposed to be, I’m realizing I don’t like ordinary. I crave excitement. I long for new experiences and a chance to fill my brain with more knowledge. I have learned to embrace this part of me and to truly seek what is seeking me, as my favorite writer Rumi would say. I have heart that feels so intensely and a true zest for life. I’m learning to accept my fiery yet gentle spirit, and I truly attribute that to what I experienced this summer. 

I honestly did not think yoga teacher training would really impact my life that much. I was just expecting to go in, get my certification, have fun, and come home. But this training awakened my spirit and brought about so many powerful emotions- more than I have ever felt sitting in any church. I definitely had my breakdowns while being there. Emotions flooded me and somedays I just wish I could have just turned the water off. I rubbed at old wounds and opened scars, I told my sad stories and I wept on my yoga mat as I felt past hurt escaping my body. What was so powerful is that every person in this group was in this journey together. How beautiful is that? Humans supporting other humans, helping each other keep our hearts light when we needed it the most and crying on each others shoulders when we felt our scars being torn apart. The community. Learning the yoga. Living the yoga. Awakening my spirit. Connecting with others. It was all part of this magical path I needed to travel on, and I am so grateful I stayed on that path. Yoga teacher training changed me for the better. 

Since coming home from yoga teacher training, my life hasn’t been all magic. Transformations are tough for me. It was a challenge going from such an incredible place with like-minded people to home. But the thing is, we naturally adapt to change- and I did just that. I got back to my part time job at GNC and adjusted my life to one that was similar at yoga teacher training. Meditation, a yoga practice that felt good for my body, bringing crystals into my life, using my mala beads, journaling, reading… all the things that really made my soul feel good. 

I find that when we get comfortable change always creeps up around the corner. This time for me, the change of heading back to school for my junior year of college. I have a lot of exciting things coming my way, and as I sit here at 11:02 p.m. listening to Coldplay I have nothing but extreme gratitude for this journey. The type that is just exploding from my heart and giving me all the feels. I always reiterate to people that this life I live is not perfect. You do not see the terrible anxiety I have at times, the negative thoughts that cloud my brain, the feelings of worthlessness that make my heart heavy. But I am human, and I am welcoming each and every part of me: even the parts I find unlovable at times. I am doing this whole life thing and clapping for my damn self, clapping for those times where I haven’t given myself any credit and clapping because I know I am enough. 

To a summer of new challenges, laughter, growth, tears… and to a new semester rapidly approaching: one that will be full of more tears, laughter, stress, anxiety, joy, and blessings- I welcome you. I will trust in what you give me and stay mindful of how I handle things, my intentions, and the energy I bring into this world and into my own heart. 

|| I. Am. That. I. Am. ||

“Don’t ever allow anything to disrupt your inner stillness. It’s not worth it. Life is so short as it is; so we must live each moment with peace in our hearts and happiness in our soul.”

Open to all the comments as always. Thank you for reading me and always sending love my way. Xoxo <3 Have an amazing weekend!!

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Pain Enables Growth

August 21, 2017 in Recovery


“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”

-Maya Angelou 

The hurt I have experienced in this life has most definitely changed me. I am not the same person I was before I was shattered into billions of pieces. I will never be the same young girl with an innocent heart and a soft smile.

If you follow me on Instagram (@blissful_lyss29), I posted a poem I wrote on a similar topic Sunday night shining light on my imperfect, fallible, and unglamorous story in this 20 years on earth thus far. Filled with pain, struggle, confusion, anxiety, darkness, self-defeating thoughts, and a lack of purpose: my story is chaotic and I have been lost on this road so many times. When we experience any sort of trauma, we are going to be changed. Hard times in life provoke shifts in our lives.

We have a conscious say in how we let our obstacles impact us. Just like Maya Angelou said, we can be changed by what happens to us, but we should never be reduced by it. 

Do you know what is so lovely about hardships? Growth. We become wiser, we become more resilient, we are filled to the cup with tenacity. Without the universe throwing us pain, how would we be able to cultivate so much power? I believe the universe never gives us more than we are capable of handling. Even when our hurt becomes so intense and our lives become so messy, we are able to bounce back.


“The world gives you so much pain and here you are making gold out of it.”

-Rupi Kaur

Make gold out of your adversities. Do not look at your hardships with the mentality that “this is not fair.” That will not help you blossom. Shift your thinking. Look at your pain with the mindset that this will catapult you into something wonderful. Do not let your struggles put you at a stand-still. Nothing in life is capable of dragging you down unless you let it.


“Magic happens when you do not give up even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.” 

Let the universe fall in love with your determination. Let it be in complete admiration of your relentlessness to flourish despite your battered and bleeding heart.

I have let my hurt change me, but I will never let it make me smaller. I will never let what has happened to me trim down my unique edges. I am not ashamed of my hardships. I am not embarrassed that my eating disorder, anxiety, and depression generated years of struggle and tears. These illnesses will never define me, yet they have guided me into a more enlightened human with a whole lot more love for herself and the world.


“Pain can change you, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad change. Take that pain and turn it into wisdom.” 


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A Brief Q&A

August 18, 2017 in About Me / Recovery

Happy Friday loves! How has your week been? Weird how time just keeps flyin’ by so dang quickly.

Answering some questions I get asked a lot here today and rambling about some other stuff with you friends so let’s get started.

Do you track macros? 

Nope! Never have and never will. I think it’s too time consuming and takes away from me living my best live. I would much rather be engaged and in the moment than worrying about how many macros I was eating.

Calories vs listening to your body? 

I don’t believe that any human should have to count calories. In recovery from an ED that may be a different story, but any other individual should never feel obligated to count how many calories they’re consuming. When we count calories and put a limit on how much we can or can’t eat, we are confusing our bodies and throwing its natural hunger signals off. Our bodies sends us so many messages and it is such a shame to not listen to them. Honor and respect these signals, eat when you are hungry, listen to your mental hunger, stop when you are full, respect your cravings, give your body the downtime it needs… treat yourself with love and admiration: not with rules and regulations.

Tips for healthy hair? 

My hair became very thin during my ED. I lost a lot of my hair, and I didn’t take any supplements to get it back. I know that collagen can be a huge help for healthy and thicker hair, but I just trusted the process. I gave myself enough nutrients and let food truly heal me: including healing my hair! I have thick and healthy hair now and I am so blessed.

Tips for staring yoga? 

I started in a studio, but I think starting at home or a beginners class is great too. Get yourself a mat and just see where this practice takes you. There is no timeline for yoga to learn a certain pose by, that’s what’s so beautiful about this practice. It’s just you and your mat, and you evolving on your mat. Find a studio you like, connect with a teacher who makes your practice even more wonderful, develop a practice at home, check out the yoga videos on YouTube!

Overcoming fear foods? 

I had to stop labeling foods as good and bad in my mind. Sure, there are some foods that are more nutritious, but that does not make those foods “better” than another. And it did not make me a better human if I only ate those foods. Untying my morality from the food I ate helped me grow tremendously in overcoming my fear of certain foods. Another thing that helped me was incorporating the foods I was afraid of back into my diet at a steady pace. Instead of eating all the things that used to scare me, I slowly added them back in, used my coping skills, and practiced self-compassion for myself when I ate these foods that used to terrify me. Food should never be scary, it is simply fuel for our bodies and minds!

Favorite quotes lately? 

Why don’t we all take a lesson

from the sun

that consistently shows up 

every morning 

just to illuminate our worlds

inspite of how it burned

in its own heat 

all night?”

“You got to learn how to vibe alone. You can’t live your life being dependent on other sources of energy. You have the ability to be self sufficient so tap into yourself once in a while.”

The only thing I know is this: I am full of wounds and still standing on my feet.”

You will grow from the dirt they left you in.”

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden where the flowers are dead.”

Thanks for reading guys!!

Tell me:

What’s your favorite quote lately? 

Do you take anything for healthier hair?! 

Weekend plans? 

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What is my Fitness Philosophy? // (Video!!)

August 14, 2017 in Balance / Recovery

Happy Monday friends. Hope you soaked up some sunshine this weekend and did something kind for yourself.

Filmed a video for you all today so I’ll just let my voice in there do all the talking for today.

“Work out because you love your body, not because you hate it.” 

Comments welcome as always!! <3

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Passions other than Fitness & Food

July 31, 2017 in Recovery

I was thinking about this the other day. My passions other than fitness and food. And boy do I have a lot. But the thing is, there was a time where fitness and food was all I had and cared about.

If your workouts and the food you eat is the most important thing in your life, I really advise you to take a step back and reevaluate things a bit. First off, there is so much more to the foods we eat and the workouts we do. I have said it before, and I will continue to say it. At the end of the day no one cares if you drank a green juice and ran five miles. Your character and the energy you bring into the world is far more important.

If you can’t find anything you really love besides working out and going to Whole Foods, I would take that as a red flag for yourself to explore other hobbies and activities. I’m tired of fitness and food becoming such an obsession for people. Sure, there is nothing wrong with working out and eating a salad but that should not be the only thing you care about.

How can you dive deeper than your gym workouts and logging every macro into your phone?

-> Step outside yourself. Go volunteer. Go help out a friend or a family member. Serve others. It does wonders for your soul.

-> Follow people on Instagram who do not just post their workouts and food all the time. Find a good quote page, a new writer, a funny dog page. There’s so much out there besides fitstagrams. And it’s really refreshing to log onto Instagram and not have your entire page be someone flexing.

-> Try a new hobby. Coloring, journaling, reading, knitting, playing an instrument. Anything. Try something new and different. Broaden your horizons. I promise you there are things out there for you that you will love besides the gym.

-> Take a break from your scheduled workouts and move your body in a different way. Hike. Walk. Ride your bike. Do yoga. Swim.

-> Connect with something bigger than yourself. Whether you are spiritual or religious, spend time connecting to that higher power. Go be alone and nature and pray. Open your Bible. Spend time with that greater power.

-> Spend more time with friends. Don’t cancel plans with friends because of a workout or because you want to stay home and cook your own dinner. That is first off disordered and secondly feeding into the obsession with food and fitness. Go out with your friends, experience the true beauty that human connection is, and have fun. Keep these bonds with friends tight.

->Journey, adventure. Remove your doors and layers. 7531871ae6f2bc989dc291b8b73cfd40.jpg

-> One last important quote:

“find the place
your flowers grow tallest,
and water yourself there.

follow your passions
like bees to nectar,
meet your truth
in the things you love.”

Now tell me: 

What are some of the things you are passionate about besides food and fitness?

alllll the love <3


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