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Freedom Friday #3

February 15, 2018 in Freedom Friday

Friends, this series makes me so so happy. What does it all entail? Freedom. Whether this freedom encompasses letting go of your eating disorder, removing yourself from a toxic relationship, freeing yourself of depression or anxiety, breaking away from orthorexia or exercise addiction… I want to hear your story. And I want to share it. Your story is precious and deserves to be heard. If you want to be featured, email me, DM me on Instagram, contact me in some way, and let’s chat. I have a set of ears that’s willing to listen and a blog that I want to use to share your journey to freedom.

My sweet friend @vanessapalencia15 is sharing her story today.  I have had the privilege of meeting up with her before and she radiates nothing but positive energy. I hope you all enjoy her story on her journey to freedom!

**A few years ago, when I thought ‘freedom,’ I pictured the Boston Tea Party and the Declaration of Independence. I still imagine that sometimes, but lately whenever I think ‘freedom,’ I picture a life of happiness, a life free from the destruction of my mental and physical health that was caused through the hatred of my body and subjecting it to extreme ways.

I find it ironic because I never thought that I needed to be set free from this lifestyle. I thought that I was free from the tangles of being deemed ‘unattractive’ or ‘fat,’ but I only sunk myself deeper into the pitfalls of self-hatred. You see, I had a phase in my life where I was considered the “chubby girl” at best and it was during that time in my life that I had convinced myself that the only way I could be seen as socially acceptable and be considered worthy of love was to lose weight. And so began my spiral down into the world of orthorexia, obsessive exercising, and body dysmorphia.

It wasn’t until over a year ago that Nick, the love of my life, sat me down and tried to slap some sense into me. While I considered it briefly that there might be something wrong with the way I approached food and exercise, I decided to brush it off. In my head, there was no way that I had an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. I was simply doing what everyone else was doing. I was doing everything I ‘needed’ to be doing to stay ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ in an effort to obtain my ‘ideal’ body. It wasn’t until a few more episodes of me not eating because I ‘didn’t deserve it’ and a few more intense conversations about my mental health with Nick that I knew something was very wrong. I didn’t quite know how to handle it because I went through a pretty big paradigm shift. My belief system in everything regarding health and fitness had been shattered. But regardless, I took the first step towards recovery by abandoning my regimen of macro and calorie counting. Thus began my journey to a newfound freedom of self-love and mental health.

It’s been a struggle ever since. You would think that the road towards loving yourself and embracing your body would be such an easy road to take, but it isn’t. It isn’t easy because the beauty and diet industry have spent countless years trying to highlight what the perfect body looks like and offering products to help us get there in a subtle attempt to tell us that, unless our body resembled the ‘ideal body,’ we weren’t enough, and we needed to fix ourselves. Unfortunately, I was one of millions of girls who readily took to this distorted perception of beauty and self-worth. And let me tell you, it can be extremely difficult to break free from many years of brainwashed ideologies; difficult, but not impossible.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried because I’ve lost count. I can’t recount the thoughts I’ve had during bad days because they’re too gruesome to pass onto someone else. What I can tell you is that it took a long, arduous journey to get to where I am now. But even then, I’m not finished yet. I’ve found freedom in truth, so I’m no longer bound to the shackles of restrictive dieting and severe over exercising, but I’m still fighting to keep this freedom. I fight everyday for my right to love myself exactly the way I am. I fight to remind myself that I deserve to eat and that my health doesn’t depend on spending long hours at the gym. I fight every single day to ignore and challenge the diet and beauty industry’s perceptions of beauty and to love every supposed flaw on my body. But regardless of these continuous fights, I know I’m free because I am no longer blinded. I’m free because I know my value and my worth are far greater than anyone on this earth can estimate. And once you realize that you are in charge of yourself and that you worth so much more than what others say, then you will find freedom, too. **

Keep working towards a life of greater freedom friends. Happiest of weekends friends. 🙂

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Finding Value in Walking

January 22, 2018 in Recovery

This past September, I realized I needed to take a step back from the gym. I was pushing myself too hard- prioritizing workouts over sleep and self-care, going even when it was the last thing I wanted to do, and feeling like working out was a compulsion rather than an activity of joy.

Every single day I’m working on being more intuitive with what my body wants to do for movement or if my body doesn’t want to move at all. This part of my recovery has come on the further end of the cycle, but since September, I have definitely made strides in working towards intuitive movement. In the process of trying to move intuitively, I found great value in walking. Something so small that I would never consider “enough” for my body before, but a form of movement I truly began to appreciate.

I swapped out gym sessions for nature walks. Sometimes by myself, sometimes with others. I turned on a podcast and just soaked in every bit of nature around me. Walking is really moving meditation. It feels purposeful to me. Whether I’m walking with no music or podcast and just being outside with nature, or walking with a friend/family member, I feel connected.

It’s sad that I never considered a walk “enough” in my eyes. No, walking isn’t a high intensity workout, but my body doesn’t want to do high intensity workouts all the time- no one’s body does. We aren’t made for that.The fitness industry fools us that we always need to be dripping sweat for a “healthier”  life- a myth that I believed for so long. The thing is, sweating does feel great. But you don’t need to kill your body day in and day out for that intense sweat. Walking still does release endorphins and offers benefits for your mental and physical health. I’m glad that more people now are recognizing the benefits of going for a walk and seeing that it holds great value for our bodies.

If you struggle with exercise addiction, I challenge you to break your normal routine this week. To not go to the gym on a day where you typically would. To go for a walk that day instead. If you struggle with exercise addiction, I challenge you to take an extra day off. Being intuitive with our body is TOUGH, but we have to break our routines to truly tune into what our bodies want. Take off your step tracker, get off social media, go outside, (or inside on a treadmill if it’s cold), and just walk. Let your feet feel grounded into the earth (or treadmill) and give some gratitude to your body.- it has legs that allow you to do something that a whole lot of people cannot do.

Any thoughts? Drop them below. I’d love to keep this convo going. Sending you all love! xoxo 

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What is my Fitness Philosophy? // (Video!!)

August 14, 2017 in Balance / Recovery

Happy Monday friends. Hope you soaked up some sunshine this weekend and did something kind for yourself.

Filmed a video for you all today so I’ll just let my voice in there do all the talking for today.

“Work out because you love your body, not because you hate it.” 

Comments welcome as always!! <3

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Go with the Flow

March 15, 2017 in Balance / Recovery

Hola friends. It’s humpppp dayyy!! Woo Woo. Going to be jumping into this post so let’s get started.

Going with the flow can be… quite the challenge for me to say the least. I like having a plan. I love routine and schedules. But I have also learned to love going with the flow and just being. Being in the moment and not wanting to be in control. Being spontaneous. Breaking my routine.

The last three weeks have been a prime example.of breaking my routine. With a whole bunch of exams and not being able to go to the gym as much, to getting sick and again not being able to really workout at all, to going on a week long service trip and not having food or exercise be any sort of priority at all.

Last week consisted of pb&j’s for lunch pretty much every day. White bagels, limited exercise besides some yoga here and there and two short runs, and not a whole bunch of fruits and veggies. Last week was a huge test to me to just learn to be. Be in the moment and fully immerse myself into what I was doing. And I think I passed that little mental test of mine. Sure, there were moments where I felt kinda “bleck” about myself, but in no way did I let that interfere with my time in West Virginia. I went with the flow. And it felt pretty freaking good.


I haven’t had a “gym routine” in three weeks. Other things have come up within these past three weeks, and the thing is my body is doing just fine. It didn’t get all the kale salads while in West Virginia but it sure got a lot of love from others and absorbed a great deal of knowledge. The gym will always be there, so will the smoothies and nourishing meals; but experiences like the one I just had won’t.

We all know what we need. For me, I need breaks in my daily ebb and flow of life. And I think these past three weeks were a Godsend in a way to loosen up my sometimes too tight of grip and just let go. A lot of things happened that were completely out of my control. Two exams and two papers all assigned within one week, then getting really sick, and still being sick for the first half of my trip. I couldn’t control any of these things. I had to let go and let God take control. And he did a pretty dang good job of that. Because I still remained calm and content during this time. Because I finally just relaxed and went with the flow. Something that would have been incredibly difficult for me a few years back.

So listen to me on this: your body will be fine if you don’t eat all the kale salads all the time. You will be okay if you take time off from the gym. YOU WILL BE FINE. TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FINE. The sun will still come up even if you have white bagels for a week. The earth will keep spinning if you sit on your bum bum all day instead of sweating at the gym. The gym will always be there. So will all that green food. Your mental and physical health won’t be, or the awesome experiences that come our way when we least expect it. Take ahold of those experiences. Take ahold of those amazing opportunities.

Chill out. Go take a sip of water and realize that our priorities in life change. Take a step back and just go with itGo with the flow. 

Image result for relax quotes

“Let every moment be what it’s going to be. What’s meant to be will come your way. What’s not will fall away.” 

That’s it for this Wednesday loves.

Now tell me: 

Is it easy for you to go with the flow? 

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February 24, 2017 in College

Hi guys and happy Friday!! The weather is gorgeous out and I’m seriously lovin’ it. Making me excited for spring!

I got through my super duper long week (praise Jesus ) and I wanted to share some ways I was able to get through it without going crazy.

My word of the week I kept telling myself was priorities. I had exams, papers, planning for a conference, and other obligations this week. It was one of those go go go kinda weeks where you’re just like I don’t even have time to pee (ha). I really had to prioritize my time, and some things just didn’t fit my schedule.

-> The gym/workouts. I went to hot yoga on Monday and the gym on Tuesday, but that’s it. I could have gotten up early on Wednesday and Thursday to workout, but it just wasn’t my priority for the week. Working out isn’t everything. Remember that. I knew I wouldn’t be getting a lot of sleep this week, and I know how detrimental it is for our bodies to workout and push ourselves when we are sleep deprived. So the gym and I weren’t super tight this week, but that’s okay. We all need a little bit of a break. We need to prioritize.

-> Blogging. I wish I had the time to respond back to comments quicker and read other blogs/write new posts, but again; this just wasn’t my top priority this week. And I thank you all for understanding that!

When life gets super busy with school and such, I really have to force myself to take a step back and just breathe. I can’t do it all, no one can. I don’t have the time to do all the things I want to do like journaling, yoga, spending time with friends, relaxing, etc. But I know that it’s just temporary and soon I will find the time to do those things again!

*My priority for myself this week was getting through and trying my best with preparing for exams, doing papers/assignments, preparing for a conference I’m on a panel for. And even though I may not do well on those assignments or exams (not a good test taker!! ) I’m still proud of myself for trying my best. I’m proud of myself for keeping my priorities in check. Because a few years ago, I would have pushed myself to get in that gym when I was running off 3 hours of sleep.
Image result for give yourself grace

Give yourself some Grace! 

Smile at yourself in the mirror. Pat yourself on the back for doing the best you could. Forgive yourself. Remind yourself that failure is inevitable, that messy times don’t last forever. 

Give yourself Grace. We are all still learning. 

Whatever you had to prioritize this week, I am proud of you for doing that: for getting accomplished what you wanted to, for remembering what’s important. And if you had a hard time prioritizing that thing, remember to just give yourself some grace. God’s grace is sufficient for each and every one of us. Always remember that friends.

Now tell me: 

What are your weekend plans? ( I don’t have a whole lot yet. Spending time with friends, homework, church!)

Have a happy happy Friday my loves. Sending all the love!



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Christmas 2016

December 26, 2016 in About Me / Balance

Hi loves! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. 🙂 I can’t believe another Christmas has passed! Going to do a little recap of my Christmas weekend so let’s get started!


Saturday morning I started my day with a workout:


2 mi run

10 min walk

4x 1 min sprint

2×10 chin ups

3×10 single leg push downs

2×10 tricep cable push down

2×10 cable leg kick back

3×10 cable upright row


30 sec static plank hold

10 knee to nose in plank each side

30 butterfly crunches

30 Russian twists

10 knee to ground

10 each side knew to opposite elbow

30 in and outs

30 eagle crunches

After my workout, I came back and ate some lunch. I talked to my best friend from school on the phone for about two hours while coloring (multi-tasking at its finest lol) then showered and got ready to head to my aunts house! Every Christmas Eve I go to my aunts house for dinner and I’ve been doing that for as long as I can remember!

Didn’t snap any pictures of the food, but I had a yummy lobster stuffing dish and salad for dinner. And two mini carrot cakes for dessert!! So tasty.


Wore this new red dress I got from Charlotte Russe to that party! 


Dad and I 🙂 


Sunday morning my family and I opened our presents. And of course there were some Lenny&Larry’s cookies in my stocking. 🙂

I don’t like to talk about gifts and such and everything I got, because I feel that takes away from the true meaning of the holiday.

But one thing I am super stoked about is my new Gymshark leggings. Guys- these things are so comfy. Like comfy to the point it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing pants lol.

After opening presents, I had some oats for breakfast and a cup of coffee. I drank my coffee while writing down and coloring some bible verses in my new sketchbook. I LOVE doing this. Brings me closer to God and Jesus and helps me to relax and refocus my mind.

I went to my other aunts house for lunch and enjoyed some turkey, mashed potatoes, and corn! Then for dessert I had more coffee and 2 mini chocolate coconut bars. We went home around 3, and I came back and took a nap. (turkey makes me so sleepy haha) After my nap I took my pups for a walk with my momma then came back, ate some veggies and a bowl of cereal and watched YouTube videos. Later on in the night I sipped on kombucha, ate a snack, and watched Elf. First time watching it this year!

It was a great weekend with family, and it felt good to really just relax and unwind. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to do that, but it is SO needed for the mind, body, and soul. I have a lot to be thankful for, and this weekend just showed me that even more! I am thankful for my family, God & Jesus, my friends, and the life that recovery has given me. This weekend was full of yummy food, and I will refuse to feel guilty about it- this time comes once a year, and induling a bit will not change you or set you back in whatever goals you may have. Please please please remember that! God made cookies and cakes and pies so we can eat them, not stress about them and feel guilty over them!

Now tell me: 

Favorite thing you ate this weekend?! 

What are some of your Christmas traditions? 

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A Healthy Mindset During a Workout

October 17, 2016 in Balance / Recovery

Hi guys and happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and got to have some fun. 🙂

Today I want to talk about working out. Something I talk about a lot, but something that so many people struggle with- finding that balance with working out and not letting it dictate your whole life.


“Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.” 

The other day during my workout I was thinking a lot about this. I was really focused on my mindset during the workout and what my intentions were.

My inner thoughts during that workout were a whole lot different than they would have been a few years ago. Here are some things I noticed:

  1. I was compassionate with myself. Instead of killing myself and forcing myself to do an extra rep, I stopped when I finished my reps and took a breather.
  2. I talked with a friend during a workout. I used to hate working out with people because if they talked to me, I felt like I was losing precious workout time. Now I love having someone there with me. It makes working out so much more fun.
  3. I didn’t feel like doing a lot of cardio that day, so I didn’t force myself to do a lot of cardio. Simple as that. I walked on an incline and did a 1 minute sprint and that was it.
  4. Just because I wasn’t dripping sweat, I still felt satisfied with my workout. And I didn’t make myself do more because I wasn’t sweating a lot.
  5.  I focused on myself. I didn’t look over at the girl next to me on the treadmill and increase my speed to her speed. I did what was best for me and what was best for my body.
  6. I made time to stretch. Instead of doing abs until the minute I left the gym, I set aside time for stretching and time to wind down after my workout.
  7. I didn’t dread my workout before hand, and I wasn’t anxiously looking at the clock during it to see when it would be over. I enjoyed my time being there and I enjoyed what I was doing.
  8. I had fun. This is the biggest difference between my workouts now and my workouts before. I enjoy what I’m doing. I don’t kill myself in the gym. I push myself but I don’t force myself to do anything that doesn’t feel comfortable for my body. I do what feels best for me and focus on myself.


“Change your mindset. Workouts should be fun.” 

Working out should be fun. But chances are if you’re forcing yourself to get on that treadmill and run for God knows how long or if you’re forcing yourself to burn a certain amount of calories, you’re going to dread what you’re doing and be absolutely miserable. I’ve been there, and when we workout in that way: it flat out sucks. The gym and working gain a whole lot more power than they should. All a workout should be is something that is good for our bodies and makes us feel good. It shouldn’t be a contest, it shouldn’t be something we dread or something we feel like we should do every single day, it shouldn’t be something we do to burn calories or something we feel like we need to do to be able to eat dinner: working out should be fun for us. Working out should be something we do because we love our bodies, not because we hate them or are trying to change them.

When you workout, really focus on your mindset. Focus on your intentions and focus on why you are actually there. Listen in to how your body feels, and listen in to your self-talk. Make sure it is positive and compassionate.

That’s it for today’s post guys!

Now tell me: 

What is one thing you do to have a healthy relationship with exercise? 

Do you like working out with people or alone? 

Hope you all have a happy Monday and a good start to your week! <3 xoxo

Lyss 🙂

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Day in the Life 9/21/16

September 21, 2016 in About Me / College

Hi guys and happy Wednesday! Half way through the week- thank God!

Also, huge huge hugeeee thank you to all of your for the love I received on my last post. Truly made me so happy and I am reminded everyday how blessed I am to have all you blogging people in my life- so thank you!! <3

Going to be doing a day in the life post today. I did one of these last year and I love reading them, so maybe it will become more of a frequent thing! Here’s what a typical Monday looks like for me 🙂

6:45 am- alarm goes off, get out of bed. Go to the bathroom and splash some cold water on my face, put on some of my acne cream, and pee. Come back, mix my Slap Nutrition BCAAS into my shaker cup. Put on my gym clothes, swish around some mouthwash, and throw on some deodorant then make the trek out to the gym!


7:15 am- start my workout. Today I warmed up with 10 min on the bike then did circuit workouts!

8:20 am- leave the gym. Head back to my dorm and shower.

9:00 am- put on real people clothes, do my skin routine, take my pills.

9:15 am- eat breakfast. This morning I had toast with dark chocolate peanut butter and a Siggi’s with an apple mixed in! I always like to read blogs while eating breakfast, so I catch up on that as well.

10:30 am- clean my room up a bit, make my bed, brush my teeth, and get myself organized.

11:00 am- fall asleep in the midst of me trying to be productive. But hey, least I got in a good nap before the start of a busy day.

12:00 pm- grab lunch at my dining hall with a friend. I got sweet potato sushi with a grapes & cheese cup!

12:45 pm- grab a coffee before my long day of classes. I got an iced coffee with a flavor shot of caramel and soy milk.

1:00 pm- Head to my science and belief class. This class goes until 2:15.

2:30 pm- Sit through my big questions and the media class. This class goes till 3:45.

3:45 pm- eat a snack. I made my own snack mix with almonds, a cacao energy bite, and Annie’s crackers. I also had a banana.

4:oo pm.- My last class of my learning community. The two classes before are interconnected, and all the material comes together in the last class. The goal of this learning community is to answer the big questions in life and dig a bit deeper into what isn’t talked about much. Our end product is going to be a class magazine! This class ends at 5:15, but we got out at 5:00 that day. (#blessed)

5:20 pm- grab dinner with my friends. I had black bean soup and a salad!


6:00 pm- last class of the day. Intro to sociology! I am thinking about adding this as a minor, so I wanted to see if I even liked sociology first lol. This class ends at 7:15.

8:00 pm- head to the library with friends. Work on my developmental psych homework.

8:45 pm- get an iced tea and eat a Bobo’s bar

9:00 pm- continue with my homework

11:45 pm- go back to my dorm

12 am- take my pill, brush my teeth, wash my face, get ready for bed.

12:30 am- sleep time! (Yes, I know I need to work on getting more sleep lol)

That’s what a somewhat typical Monday looks like for me! Monday’s and Wednesday’s are my busiest days of the week and are packed with classes, but Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I just have one class and I have no class on Friday’s. 🙂 So it all works out in the end!

Now tell me: 

Do you like BCAAS? If you do, what’s your favorite brand? (Slap Nutrition is mine!) 

Are you a fan of circuit workouts? I love them and the fact I never get bored while doing them! 

Have a happy Wednesday guys!! Sending lots of love <3

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Take Care of your Temple Tuesday #6

September 13, 2016 in Recovery

Hi guys and happy Tuesday! So excited for another post for this series with my lovely friend Emily and to keep showing you all how important and vital it really is to take care of your body; as our bodies are temples! Taking care of your body means providing an endless amount of love for yourself, fueling yourself with feel good food and food that makes your soul thrive, moving in a way that makes you smile, and fitting in that self-care time even in the busiest seasons of our lives.


Today I have a treat for y’all. You prob know her, and if you don’t you should. Cayanne has an amazing post for you guys today. This gal is so incredible. She is a recovery warrior, body love advocate, and someone I admire very much. And today she’s talking about exercise addiction, something I struggled with and something that many people struggle with. So let’s get started before I talk your ear off 😛

Hey guys, I’m Cayanne – the self love spreading chick from Healthyezsweet Life. And I want to have a little chat ’bout exercise addiction, kay? In the celebrity edition of eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia are the Olsen twins circa “Billboard Dad” and “Holiday in the Sun”. But they’re not the only actors out there, only the ones that receive the most fame (and let’s be honest, notoriety). On the up and up is the lesser known eating disorder, exercise addiction.


Let’s Taco ‘Bout the Gym

I love the gym. It’s a great place to build your strength and build confidence. But it can also be a great place to overexert yourself, to injure yourself, and to become obsessed with the calories you’re burning. It’s absolutely true that exercise is a part of a healthy and happy lifestyle. More energy, better life quality, and all that jazz. But – and this is a big ol booty of a but – there are some exceptions to this rule. Exercise aimed at improving your physical health should never come at the cost of your mental health. Trust me on this one. Paint it on your mirrors and scribble it over your notebooks. So the question becomes, how can you make sure that your exercise is motivated by healthy intentions as opposed to disordered behavior? How do you break exercise addiction and fall in love with feeling good again?


How to Speak to Yourself Before/During Exercise

1). When you’re about to begin exercising: “My goal is to get stronger not smaller”

  • Set your intention the minute you walk in the gym doors or roll out your mat at home. If you can say it out loud, even better! Make sure the emphasis is on strength and growth. Every crunch, mile, or plié squat is done in the spirit of the privilege of growing stronger, not punishment for the food you eat.

2). When you’re feeling discouraged / worn out: “I think you can go another round (or insert however many rounds/reps you have left) so give it a shot. If not, no worries! You can stop at any time”

  • This is how you motivate without putting triggering pressure on yourself. Encourage yourself to keep going, but assure yourself there will be no guilt if you decide to stop today. There’s always tomorrow!

3). When you start thinking about the calories burnt: “No matter how much I do today or how far I push myself, it will be enough”

  • When you were a child and held tea parties, you didn’t determine the success of the party based on the number of cups of tea you went through. So why should the success of your workout be determined by the number of calories you burned through? It’s your effort that brings out those endorphins and it’s the effort you get to feel proud of.

Exercise Should Never Feel Like It’s Drowning You

If you take nothing else away from this discussion please remember that exercise is supposed to feel good and never should feel like a punishment. An exciting challenge? Yes. A painful trudge? No. To learn more about how to overcome exercise addiction, exercise intuitively, and practice self love in general, check out my Recovering Girl’s Guide to Working Out and Building Positive Body Image. Don’t see your question? Email me anytime at!

Huge thanks to Cayanne for this awesome post! Would love to hear some feedback on this and I know Cayanne would as well. So leave your thoughts about this in the comments if ya wanna! 🙂 

As always, thanks for reading and all the love!! Have a happy Tuesday!


Lyss <3

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AND- Don’t forget to check out Emily’s blog here

Thinking out Loud 9/8/16: Life Update

September 8, 2016 in About Me / College

Hi guys and happy Thursday!! How have your weeks been?? I’m thankful to have had Monday off of classes, and I don’t have class Friday’s so it’s not too bad of a week for me! Anyways, going to be linking up with Amanda to think out loud for you guys today and give you a little update in my world!



This semester I’m taking 5 classes. 3 of which are intertwined and are part of a learning community which is a requirement for my college. My learning community is making a magazine, and within that I am taking science and belief, big questions and the media, and then the final class-making the magazine! I am with my best friend in that which is so awesome. We meet Monday’s and Wednesdays from 1:00-5:15 which is long, but we have a 15 minute break between each class which is nice!

I am also taking sociology which I am excited for, as I am thinking about minoring in that. It is just an intro class so I can get a feel for it and the subject. Sociology is on Monday’s and Wednesday’s too from 6:00-7:15. (So my Monday’s and Wednesday’s are nonstop to say the least… lol)

I am taking a developmental psych class too which already seems super interesting. The professor seems awesome and the material itself is something that sparks my interest. This class is on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 10:00-11:15!


I’m on the board for two clubs this year. I’m the VP for Autism Speaks and the secretary for a club called Health at the Hill! I am also part of the Psych Society and a club called Food Truth which works to bring more local food and produce onto our campus. 🙂 I am excited to be on the board for two clubs this year and have those leadership positions and to be part of the other clubs as well!


I typically workout in the morning before my classes around 7. My neighbor Brody and I go together because she’s an early bird as well. I love the mornings and starting my day off with a workout. It’s like my little me time and I cherish it so much!

Another fitness update is that I am going to be part of the social squad for Go Fit UI am so excited for this and to be part of this awesome group. Basically I’ll just be posting on Instagram about my workouts, why working out should be something that is FUN, and all that good stuff. 🙂


I’m on a meal plan at school, so I am part of that dining hall club. Mine isn’t awful. Obviously not gourmet, but it does the job! I like the salad bar, deli, sweet potatoes, grilled chicken, mashed cauliflower, tofu, pb&j’s, sushi, soup, and probably more stuff I’m forgetting. I usually eat breakfast in my room, so something like oatmeal with fruit + nut butter, peanut butter and banana on bread with fruit, cereal with banana and yogurt, Bobo’s oat bars with yogurt and fruit, etc. I also have soup, quinoa, couscous, sweet potatoes, and noodles for when I want to have lunch/dinner in my room too! And ingredients for smoothies because I brought my blender this year. 🙂


I have lots of snacks in my room too like fruit, nuts, bars (kind, no cow bars, cliff bars, square bars, vega, etc.), sweet potato chips, tortilla chips, snackimals, Lenny&Larry’s cookies…. and more!



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Fun stuff 

I see my friends for breakfast/lunch/dinner dates throughout the week and I’m always with them during the weekend whether that may be working out together, doing homework, shopping, getting coffee, or going out! Finding a balance with my social life is important to me, and surrounding myself with others that lift me up and make me smile is really essential for my mental health.


My roomie and I after our arm workout! 


I pray throughout the day, read my daily verse, and try and keep up with my She Reads Truth reading plans. I go to church once a week as well. 🙂

That’s it for this little update! I love reading these types of posts so I am going to try and do more little updates throughout the month. 🙂

Now tell me: 

Are you a morning person? 

What’s your favorite thing to do with your friends? (I loveee coffee dates!!)

Have a happy Thursday friends!! Sending alllll my love to you! <3


Lyss <3

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