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Agree to Disagree

November 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

I found this on Tumblr this week, and it really got me thinking. It also felt super applicable to several situations I’ve been in within the past 2/3 weeks or so.


I find myself getting frustrated with the actions of others. I notice the way people treat each other, I hear the things people say about one another, I see the dynamic of some friendships and question how that can even fall under the category of a friendship, I log onto Instagram and I see “recovery accounts” who are promoting such a false idea of eating disorder recovery; and I am left with this feel of aggravation. For the actions and opinions of others don’t align with my own. Will I stand firm in my opinion on what characteristics a good human should embody, how people should treat one another, how friendships should work, what eating disorder recovery should entail, and the false portrayal of recovery on social media? 100%. But just because someone else does not see eye-to-eye with me does not mean that I cannot respect them. It simply means we can agree to disagree.


I do not have to agree with someone to like or respect them. Respect and kindness is something that should be given regardless. 66e55bccc684798d4c787dddd9517ed4.jpg

However, I am also finding power in speaking my mind. I have silenced myself in the past, and I am at a point in my life where I simply do not care how others perceive me. I have a lot of thoughts in my head that I want to share. I have the right to voice my opinion. I have the right to speak up at something if I do not agree with it or think it’s causing harm of some sort. There is nothing wrong in using my voice. It would be a shame if I didn’t, and it would be a shame if I did not speak up about the things that many people are afraid to (mental health, what’s wrong with social media, etc). We all have a mind with thoughts, opinions, different views… we all have the right to share these thoughts- with good intentions in mind, of course.

So yes, I am speaking my mind. Yes, I am expressing my opinions. But I am also recognizing that not everyone sees eye-to-eye with me. It is not fair to get angry with them or stop respecting them just because they hold a different opinion. What is fair is to agree to disagree, and move on with the understanding that you both think in a different way on a certain subject and recognizing that’s totally okay.

Speak up, the world needs the thoughts in your head released. Open up that throat chakra and remember to speak with love, gentleness, and good intention. Do not let anger and frustration get in the way of you and another’s relationship just because you have differing views. Remember to agree to disagree and to still spread good energy to this person regardless!! Use your voice and be authentic!!

&quot;Throat Chakra Affirmation&quot; by CarlyMarie | RedbubbleAny thoughts on this?! Drop them below!! Would love to hear them. Happy weekend beautiful souls. <3 xoxo 

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Junior Year

August 29, 2017 in About Me / College

I’m all moved back into my room for my upcoming junior year. Like wtf… I can’t believe I’m a junior??

I love my space this year though and my roommate. My house is so cute and I am very grateful to live with such awesome people.


Getting adjusted to a new setting/schedule is not the easiest but I have learned to really just go with the flow and ride all the waves that come along with change. I don’t have class until Wednesday this week, and syllabus week is always very very minimal work. So I’m really just trying to go with it all here… enjoy the time with less work and stress and just be present through it all- even the times I am stressed or overwhelmed. Mindfulness is one thing I am always trying to work on with myself.


This year for classes I’m taking health psychology, research methods, poetry, feminism, and a film class that fulfills one of my gender studies requirements. I really do love to learn so I’m excited because I get to learn about information I am so interested in. I was going to do an internship instead of the poetry class, but I really found it wasn’t fitting for me. If you know me, you know I love poetry… and I didn’t want to work in a school setting. So I kind of just went with my gut and made the decision to drop the internship, take a class for credit, and in return probably have a bit more free time for myself as well.

I’m excited for a lot of things this year… teaching yoga at school, co-leading a women’s interfaith spirituality retreat, turning 21, living in a new housing situation, my classes. Being back with friends and walking around campus again has made me so happy. I’m grateful to be here and receiving an education/connecting with other amazing souls… something I will be reminding myself for the times that I’m not in the best mood and am super overwhelmed by all life is throwing at me.


any changes happening in your life? 

what are you looking forward to this week? 

Have a great day friends!

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Am I doing enough?

September 19, 2016 in College

Hi guys and happy Monday! How were your weekends? Mine was filled with friends, Mexican food, a good workout with a friend, homework, and church! And not getting enough sleep, but oh whaleeee. I can always catch up on that. 🙂


There’s been some stuff on my mind lately (when isn’t there lol). But stuff in regards to my blog and where I’m at right now.

I’ve talked about it with my mom, some close friends, and my best blogging friend Marina.

The question of “Am I doing enough” has been bugging me in regards to this blog. Over the summer, this blog was one of my top priorities. Putting up new posts, spreading the word about mental health, creating new videos, writing out long inspirational Instagram captions… you name it- I tried to do it all.

But now I kinda feel like I’m all over the place. Classes, homework, social time, clubs, volunteering, working out, errands, and trying to squeeze in time for sleep. I am not in any way trying to sound like my life is so busy or hard, because I have honestly been loving every second of it. I am still trying to post 3x a week and read all my other favorite bloggers, but it hasn’t been at the top of my priority list- and sometimes I feel guilty for that.

One of my biggest problems is trying to tackle too much. And when I can’t do it all, I feel disappointed in myself. I had every intention of writing a mental health Monday post last night, but I chatted with my best friend instead and checked in to see how he was doing. Sometimes things don’t go the way I plan, and I’m learning to accept that each and every day.

This question of am I doing enough has been bugging me too in regards to helping people through this blog. The main reason why I created this blog was to help people and show them that recovery from an eating disorder is possible. And lately I’ve been feeling like I’m not doing my job on that end. I try and touch on a recovery topic once a week, but it’s quite honestly been hard to sit down and write one of these posts. I need to get in the mood to write, and when I open my laptop I feel uninspired or just flat out exhausted. The problem with me is I always want to be doing more to help others. I want to be doing more to inspire others. And I never want to let people down. But this feeling that I haven’t been doing that has been pulling at my heart strings.

I am reminded by different messages and various people around campus that I am helping others through this blog, which is truly a Godsend and a reminder that I am doing the best that I can during this busy period in my life.

I know I will get out of this little blogging funk that I am going through right now. I know with time this question of if I’m doing enough will fade out. And until then, I need to keep reminding myself that I’m doing the best I can- with this blog and with everything else going on in my life. I have always been my own worst critic, and when I told my mom and friends about this feeling I’ve been having in regards to my blog lately; they immediately said that I was overthinking and that I am simply doing all I can. That reminder in itself is enough to get me back on my feet and out of my head.



It’s funny how we are able to tear ourselves apart so well yet would never do that to someone else. We all just need that little reminder that we’re doing great and trying hard. That reminder is enough to keep us going.

Thanks for reading this little ramble guys. I am blessed for each and every one of you who read this blog! You make me smile so freakin’ big.

Now tell me, 

Have you ever felt like this in regards to blogging? 

How do you prevent negative self-talk? 

Have a happy Monday guys!!

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Top 3 Friday 9/2/16

September 2, 2016 in Friday Favorites

Hi guys and happy Friday! First week of sophomore year is done 🙂 Lots of adjusting took place this week but I am feeling so happy to be back on campus and super grateful to be with my friends again. And I have a 4 day weekend- no classes on Friday + classes off for Labor Day…. yahoooo!

Today I’m going to be linking up with Kate for another Top 3 Friday, so let’s get started!

Top 3 Eats 

My last meal at home Sunday-> 2 scrambled eggs, banana with PB, and a Siggi’s yogurt! So good!


This snack of trail mix and fresh Strawbs!



Qdoba salad while out with my parents! Topped with corn, beans, mild salsa, peppers/onions, chicken, and guac!

Top 3 Highs 

-Being on the board for two clubs. This year I’m on the eBoard for two clubs: one called health at the hill which promotes mental and physical well-being, and another called Autism Speaks! I’m so excited for both of them and to make them great this year. 😉

-Seeing my parents for lunch yesterday. Anytime I get to see them while at school is such a blessing!! <3

-Being with my friends again… feeling extra grateful for their love.

( I have some more highs than 3 this week because finding the best in little situations is so important to me!)

-Going to church Tuesday night, seeing the people in my old dorm room, and spending time with my cousin who is a freshman at my college.

-A great leg day on Wednesday. 🙂


-Trying to find a routine/schedule again. Things are still kind of all over the place, but I know a schedule will come in no time so I am not going to fret over it. 🙂

Top 3 Reads 

Coping with being single

5 things I won’t do for the fitness

Intuitive eating: breakfast

And just some random snippets from my week…






Now tell me

Do you crave routine?

Guac fan or nah? (I am a HUGE fan!)

Have an amazing weekend guys!! Sending lots of love, strength, and warm hugs. 🙂


Lyss <3

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Take Care of your Temple Tuesday #4

August 30, 2016 in Recovery

Hi guys and happy Tuesday! Tuesday’s = another day I get to link up with my gal pal Emily to talk about  how important and vital it really is to take care of your body; as our bodies are temples! Taking care of your body means providing an endless amount of love for yourself, fueling yourself with feel good food and food that makes your soul thrive, moving in a way that makes you smile, and fitting in that self-care time even in the busiest seasons of our lives.


Today I am super excited because I have someone guest posting for you guys, and boy is this gal amazing. Warm welcome for my beautiful friend Trine! <3

Hi all you beautiful souls! My name is Katrina but I prefer to go by Trine. I’m 25 years old and a junior in college studying Psychology. My long term goal is to become a therapist for those dealing with eating disorders and other mental health issues. Possibly also for those who have lost parents at a young age since I lost my mom when I was 12. I am in recovery from an eating disorder, anxiety, and depression, which is what has fueled my passion to become a therapist to help others. I am a lover off all things Fall, lattes, breakfast, freckles, reading, yoga, pastels and neutral colors, ice cream and fro yo, falafel, bananas and nut butter, Sunday’s, and making people smile. After too many years of self hate and wanting to give up on life, I am finally starting to find out who I really am and how I want my life to be. Life is beautiful and messy and worth fighting for.


Ambivalence vs. acceptance 

Everyone has been there; the feeling of ambivalence while battling an eating disorder. I can clearly remember the days and moments when I didn’t even acknowledge the idea of recovery because I was too wrapped up in my eating disorder and the false relationship that it was providing for me. It was my safety blanket and my identity. I went from Trine, the fun-loving, good listener, kind, thoughtful, silly, high school and all-star cheerleader, to the girl with anorexia. At the time, anorexia erased all of the thoughts about my “manly muscles” and replaced them with being tiny and fragile. However as I’m sure many of you know, the eating disorder is never satisfied and will never settle on one weight or size no matter how small it may be. Before you know it, you’re caught in a dangerous, vicious cycle of giving up your life to your eating disorder.

I remember my family being so frustrated with me because no matter how bad it got, I never would commit to putting in the effort to get better. The fear of gaining weight, not running __ miles a day, and being forced to eat much more than I was used to was all that I could think about. Plus, I didn’t feel “sick enough,” which I know almost everyone feels at one point or another (which is so not true!). Ambivalence was the key emotion that I was feeling at that time. It held me back from taking the plunge and finally committing to doing the hard work that is recovery, and sticking to it. I went to listen to countless recovery speakers, but I always had the excuse that I was “different” and that everyone else was capable of fighting but I wasn’t. I felt hopeless and truly didn’t think that I would ever live a life not consumed by my eating disorder all day every day. Fear is what fueled my ambivalence, and it was what kept me wrapped in my “safety blanket” for too many years. Unfortunately, no one can make you recover except yourself.

After a few years in quasi-recovery and denial, I had an “aha” moment and finally decided that I needed to make a change. I can’t express enough how grateful I am that I had that moment on that September fall evening in 2014. For the first time, I was TRULY committing to recovery. I fought to get the treatment that I needed, and it changed my life. I have always said that the theme of that last treatment stay was acceptance. I went into it accepting that I would need to gain a lot of weight if I wanted to get better. I accepted that I would need to stop exercising so that I could form a newer and healthier relationship with it. I accepted that I would be eating foods that my eating disorder deemed “unhealthy.” I accepted that my body image would be terrible and that I would be so tempted to use behaviors. I accepted that leaving school while nearing the end of the semester was what I needed to do. I accepted that I would need to talk about some really difficult things like my mom’s death, but it’s what I needed in order to move forward. I accepted that recovery would be the most uncomfortable and challenging thing that I would ever have to do, but also that it would be the most rewarding thing I would ever do.


Now being almost 3 years out of treatment, I still use acceptance in my every-day life, and not just in terms of my recovery. That’s because my life doesn’t revolve only around recovery now, I have to deal with real-life things like pressure in school, work, and my relationships. Acceptance is something that I am continuously working on, and I have to remind myself that I need to trust in God’s plan for me. I have begun to accept that sometimes relationships with once good friends break apart, that grades don’t define me, and that my job won’t always be enjoyable even if I love it overall. I still have to accept that being full doesn’t make me fat and that some days I will feel uncomfortable in my body, but I remind myself that it always passes. Most importantly, I have made an effort to accept that not all days are good days and that is okay. A bad day in recovery is a million times better than the best day with my eating disorder.


So, what is my overall take-away message from this post? That acceptance is the first step to getting your life back and usually the hardest step, or at least that’s how it was for me. Also that acceptance is something that needs to be continuously practiced throughout everyday life. Let’s face it, life is messy and imperfect, but that’s how it is meant to be. Ambivalence and fear will pop up every now and then, but you are capable of facing those feelings. You won’t always like what life throws at you, but accepting it for what it is rather than fighting it will only give you a better quality of life.

I feel like i should add something else: I am someone who is open and honest about my struggles, and of course I have down days. However the difference now is that I am strong enough to be rational and fight my thoughts. I’m not perfect and I truly believe recovery is a lifelong journey with many ups and downs, but I don’t think I will ever fully go back to my eating disorder. I have realized how amazing truly living is and not just surviving. I want you all to know that struggling doesn’t make you weak or a failure. What matters is that you pick yourself up and fight back. Through struggle comes strength.


Follow Trine on Instagram at trinekxx and on Tumblr at florissante-toujours!

Thank you all for reading, and I’m so happy I could have such an amazing soul guest post for me today. Trine is a true symbol of strength and I know she has an amazing future ahead!

No questions today, but leave some feedback below!! As Trine and I would greatly appreciate it. Reading y’alls comments truly puts the biggest smile on my face. 🙂 

Also, thank you for bearing with me during this busy time in my life! Once I get a routine going with school, I will definitely be up and back to doing what I love: blogging and writing! 

Have a happy Tuesday friends!!

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AND- Don’t forget to check out Emily’s blog here!


Link Love 7/3/16

July 3, 2016 in Link Love

Hi guys and happy Sunday! Going to be sharing my favorite reads with you from this week so let’s get started!



Q&A- eating disorder recovery

Kate’s honesty and her ability to share her experiences in this post is so appreciated. Definitely recommend reading this if you need some guidance and reassurance that recovery is worth it!

Stop body comparison

Megan does so much for runners struggling with disordered eating and body image problems. This post was great!

Beauty ideals to get rid of this summer

My amazing friend Cayanne was featured on the Runway Riot and wrote this awesome post. She is such an inspiration!


The kind of mom I want to be

Such a beautiful and raw post from Susie. Moms are amazing, and I cannot thank my mom enough for her constant love and all she does for me. <3

Calm yourself down in just 120 seconds

Meditation is such a powerful practice. I went to an ayuverdic yoga class Friday and we ended with a 10 minute meditation. Meditation is definitely not easy, but it works wonders to calm our mind and ease our soul in the business and stress that life brings us.

Yummy eats

Greek chickpea salad

I have been loving all the chickpeas lately. This sounds delish!

Chocolate peanut butter baked oatmeal

Chocolate AND peanut butter AND oatmeal?! I’m sold!

Coconut watermelon slushie

This sounds like the perfect, refreshing summer treat!

My links

Mental Health Monday 6/27/16: Recovery Writings

Writing is something that I am so grateful for.

Top 3 Friday 7/1/16

Check out my top 3 fave things from this week!

Have a lovely Sunday friends! Hope my USA friends are enjoying the Holiday weekend. 🙂

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WIAW 6//29/16- Recent Favorite Meals

June 29, 2016 in Yummy Eats

Hi guys and happy Wednesday! Going to be sharing some of my recent favorite meals with ya as of late so let’s get started!



FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Cantaloupe bowls- I have been loving these lately. Just cut half a cantaloupe, scoop out all the seeds, then stuff with either yogurt or cottage cheese. I stuffed this one with Siggi’s raspberry yogurt then threw some Cascadian Farms granola on top + some chia seeds!


Bagels <3 Bagels will forever hold a special place in my heart. Especially bagels with cream cheese. This one is from my fav local place- multigrain bagel + honey walnut cream cheese (SO GOOD) + an iced almond milk latte. Heavenly!!


FullSizeRender 5.jpg

It was so hot the other day and I was craving something cold and refreshing. Nice cream to the rescue! Just blended 2 frozen bananas, frozen mango, blueberries, 1/2 scoop french vanilla vega one protein powder, and frozen raspberries+strawberries. Put in just enough water and almond milk to blend. Topped with a Perfect Bar in the almond butter flavor which is SO yummy and some chia seeds! Also had some baby carrots on the side since I was craving those. 🙂


Avocado-egg toast will always be my favorite! Had this with some veggies on the side+ some fresh fruit for the perfect lunch! All I do with my eggs is microwave them for 35 seconds too. Perfect easy lunch 🙂


FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Corn on the cob just screams summer to me. Topped some with Earth Balance butter then had a great and colorful salad with it that consisted of a spinach base, peppers, beats, avocado, pan-fried tofu, and balsamic dressing! Also- pineapple peach Kevita is my all time favorite Kombucha flavor. Definitely give it a try!

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Salmon has  been on my mind lately, and my mom cooked some up for me the other day! This dinner was DELISH! Just some brown rice mixed with cauliflower+goat cheese and salmon cooked in a balsamic vinaigrette which was so so yummy!

Now you tell me: 

What is your favorite brand of yogurt? 

Corn on the cob fan or nah?  

Have a lovely Wednesday guys!!

Sending my love as always.



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Link Love 6/26/16

June 26, 2016 in Link Love

Hi guys and happy Sunday! Hope you have all been enjoying your weekends. Going to be sharing my favorite reads from this week so let’s get started!



No flat abs here

The flat ab, six-pack thing is something SO many people are desiring to have now. My friend Emily wrote a fantastic post on this, and shared some of her yummy eats too. 🙂

Not feeling recovered enough?

“Rather than letting a rigid idea of what is “recovered enough” allow the lows to deceive you that your highs aren’t worth something. Actually, they are worth everything.” -Beautiful post by Cayanne

Your body isn’t a battlefield 

Wonderful post by Robyn, and such a great message. She always has such wise words.


When life gives you stress make it a hashtag

During stressful times, sometimes we just really need to laugh… or like Kathleen said, make it a hashtag 😀

Finding a community

Finding people you are similar with is tough- building tight-knit friendships is hard, but once we find that community, we really can thrive.

6 things blogging has taught me

Because blogging really can teach us SO much!

Yummy eats

Almond butter honey energy bites

How good do these look?! Definitely want to try these!

GF/Vegan chocolate chip cookies

Okay- these look amazing. Chocolate chip cookies will forever be my fave.

My links

Mental Health Monday 6/20/16: “Why can’t I stop thinking about food?”

Time to kick those obsessive thoughts about food to the curb! Check out my video on how to do it and my experiences with it all.

Dear Dad…

My dad does so much for me, and I am so grateful for him!

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you all have a great Sunday. <3

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Top 3 Friday 6/24/16

June 24, 2016 in Friday Favorites

Hi guys and Happy Friday! Going to be sharing my top 3 fave things from this week. Linking up with Kate today for this post. Let’s get started!

Top 3 Eats 

Lenny&Larry’s cookies. SO good! Buy ’em from my link here!


One of my favorite breakfasts ever -> grapes and Ezeikel toast+Trader Joes Flax and Chia crunchy pb+ banana and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice! With coffee and soy milk creamer too 🙂


First s’more of the summer enjoyed in the company of my bff’s! So yummy.


Top 3 Highs 

  1. Father’s Day -> My dad and I spent the morning together going to church, running errands, then sitting by the pool. It was such a nice day and the weather was absolutely gorgeous!
  2. Dinner and a fire with my friends. We went to chipotle then had a fire after. It was so nice and we definitely shared a lot of laughs! So thankful to have such amazing people in my life. <3
  3.  Nature walk with mom. We grabbed lunch at my favorite juice bar then hit the nature trails. It was a gorgeous day outside and the trails were beautiful. We walked a little over 2 miles and had such a good time. My mom is the best and I love days like this with her! 🙂




Top 3 lows 

  1. Getting my deodorant on black shirts… anyone else get so annoyed by this?!
  2. An argument with my brother. I never like getting into arguments with anyone. I always overthink it after and all that we said. Everything is fine between us now- just a typical bro and sis dispute.
  3. Thinking too much. Sometimes when I think too much about going back to school, I get nervous and a bit anxious. I know it will be fine and great, but my brain and thoughts have the tendency to get the best of me at times.

Top 3 Instagrams 


The Balanced Blonde is absolutely beautiful- inside and out. I have been loving her book lately and just the message she spreads to others!


Good belly probiotics has some awesome juices, and they’re Instagrams are always so cute!


My lovely friend Jordan posted this on Instagram. LOVE this quote!

Top 3 reads

Common food and nutrition myths

Great post by Sarah, and so interesting to see all the myths and false beliefs involving food and nutrition!

What nobody tells you about going to college

College is hard. I learned that my first year. But it IS worth it, and it is a time of growth!


Check out with my interview over at a fellow BGB blogger Amber’s site! 🙂

That’s it for this Friday’s top 3!

Now tell me

What is one high from your week? 

What would an ideal mama-daughter day look like for you? 

Have a wonderful Friday friends and an amazing weekend!!

Sending my love as always.



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Homemade acai bowl

June 22, 2016 in Recipes / Yummy Eats

Hi guys and happy Wednesday! I got a recipe for ya: say what?! Yeah I’m not a recipe connoisseur by any means, and I give so many of you huge props for being able to experiment and create in the kitchen: maybe with time I’ll learn to be more like that! Who knows hehe.

Anywho, I’m going to be sharing a simple yet delicious recipe I’ve been loving lately.

Acai bowls– I’m in love with them. I would get one from this local place more often, but my wallet wouldn’t be too happy with me. So homemade is the trick!

Here’s what you need: 

-1 Sambazon acai pack (I found these at Whole Foods!)

-1 frozen banana

-1/2 cup frozen mango

-1/3 cup strawberries

-1/3 cup almond milk

-1/2 cup water


~Put into bowl

~Cut a few strawberries for the top. Top with granola, chia seeds, and hemp hearts for a nice authentic-like acai bowl.


What I love about this? It’s nice and thick and super fruity: with granola and the chia seeds + hemp hearts, it makes the perfect breakfast! Just like an acai bowl, without having to pay the 9 bucks!

Now tell me: 

Are you a fan of acai bowls? 

Do you like experimenting in the kitchen and creating new recipes? 

Have a great Wednesday!

Sending my love as always.



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