Lyss’s Fav Things

~NUT BUTTER-THE THING THAT KEEPS ME GOING IN LIFE. Here are my favorite brands&kinds:

~Peanut butter&Co peanut butter

White chocolate wonderful, the bees knees, dark chocolate dreams, and cinnamon raisin are my fav flavors.


~Justin’s almond butter&peanut butter (I love them all) (:


~Wild Friends Nut butter

Sugar cookie, pumpkin spice, and vanilla almond espresso are my favorite flavors.

~Lenny&Larry’s cookies

These are AMAZING!
You can buy these cookies from my link HERE-> Buy Lenny & Larry’s cookies



~Coffee: iced, hot, you name it.

~Hot yoga

If you haven’t tried hot yoga, definitely give it a shot-it is so much fun and really leaves you feeling refreshed!

~Ice cream

I scream you scream LYSS SCREAMS FOR ICE CREAM!!


Pay extra for guac-always.

~Quiet mornings with my laptop and a cup of coffee, but also mornings that start with some sweat or a vinyasa flow.

~Laughing with my best friends
~Trader Joes&Whole Foods: my loves




~Peanut butter&Banana: on toast, on waffles, on oatmeal, just by itself-this is the best thing EVER
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(Love my little Daisy)

~Love Stories


~Loving myself, loving others, spreading kindness, and trying to bring awareness to how HORRIBLE eating disorders are.

~And of course: all of you wonderful, beautiful souls that read my blog. You all are absolutely AMAZING!

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