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Listen to my eating disorder recovery story on this podcast.

“Alyssa has a powerful story that deserves to be shared with the world; she is truly a self-love advocate and a main desire of hers is to spread this self-love. Her strength never fails to inspire those around her and one day, Alyssa wishes to use her experience to help others going through similar disorders, along with depression and anxiety. Her journey has led her to spreading self-love and body positivity; she is a lover of supporting and helping others.” Read more at The Odyssey 


“Alyssa Cristadoro is a nineteen-year-old college student and blogger who has found her way to recovery from an eating disorder at a young age. She is so strong in her convictions of self-love and a balanced, healthy relationship with food. Listen as she shares her story of how she found peace with food and a healthy outlook on weight, body image, and food.” Listen to this podcast here!

“Fitness and I have had a pretty complicated relationship. We’ve had our ups and downs. But I am so thankful for fitness. Because exercise and moving my body is something that I love so much now. The gym has become my therapy. Yoga has made my soul flourish. I appreciate all my body can do now and give it the rest and love it needs.” Read more at Fit University.


“Lyss came on, and we talked about how social media influencers can be a big force for good in encouraging eating disorder recovery and how it’s important to be sensitive to the struggles of others while being honest with what’s happening in your life.”Listen to this podcast here!

“Establish a positive relationship with yourself NOW. Don’t wait. Stop the negative self-talk. Learn to love every single aspect of yourself. Every little piece of you. Treat yourself and your body kindly. Put your mental health first. Learn to listen to your body and it’s cues, do not ignore them and shove them aside. Develop that relationship with yourself- learn to find all that you adore about yourself and recognize that you are not perfect, but you can still be kind to yourself despite that.”

“Lyss is bursting with life, and you wouldn’t know that she has battled some very serious episodes with an eating disorder and depression.  She tells her story on her blog: Blissful Lyss, and I hope you can go visit once you’ve listened. Today Lyss and I talked about our own struggles with being addicted to exercise.  We discussed how we have and are overcoming these addictions to a more healthy, balanced relationship…”

Everyday Goddesses: Alyssa Cristadoro
“With recovery, I began to view movement in a new light. I started going to a few non-hot classes, but I always opted for vinyasa. It was not until this past summer when I got my 200 hour yoga teacher certification did I realize that yoga is truly the practice of working inwards; yoga is a spiritual practice and is healing when I allow it to be. And allowing it to be healing means doing all forms of yoga, because all forms of yoga feel GOOD!”

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