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Hi all!! If you don’t know, I began yoga teacher training Sunday night! The transition hasn’t been too bad, just the schedule is super busy! So I appreciate your patience and me not being as active on the blog/Instagram for the next month, but I will still be popping in!! Just might not be responding to comments/ putting out new content/ reading other’s blogs as much as usual.

My dear friend Megan was kind enough to share her background on nutrition and the type of mindset she has on food. This gal is AMAZING and you should definitely check her out.


Hi all! I’m Megan, dietetic intern and blogger behind I’m passionate about helping others ditch dieting + discover what true health means to them. As a future Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, my job is to help others re-learn how to eat. Despite the clinical nature of my job, I wholeheartedly believe that a non-diet mentality is the best approach for overall health and happiness. With everything I know about nutrition – I truly believe that the best “diet” is one that includes any food, in any quantity, at any time you want it!


When most people picture a Dietitian, they typically think at least some of the following things: meal plans, calorie counts, portion sizes, good vs. bad foods, clean eating, food rules, exchange lists, etc. Agreed? That’s what I thought I would be doing when I declared a dietetics major as a freshman in college. Ironically, back then I hoped to work either in weight management and/or sports nutrition. How things have changed!


Now, I have a new list: intuitive eating, Health At Every Size, mindfulness, self-care, food peace, holistic health. (and note: I’m not talking about the Instagram version of holistic health that’s literally just green juices and yoga. ew.) When I work with a client, I want them to know that they have the innate wisdom inside of them to make the healthiest food choices for their body. Despite spending years studying the science of nutrition, there is absolutely no way that I could create a single meal plan that would nourish EVERY person’s physical AND mental health. I just can’t. Anyone that tells you that there is one special way to eat is selling you a lie – each of us have our own unique way of caring for our mental health.


Rather than creating these strict meal plans and foods rules, I will work with you to help YOU discover what foods feel best in your body. I know that I tend to crave something really hearty and savory for breakfast, or else I’ll crash 1-2 hours later. I tend to make some type of breakfast sandwich to start the day. My boyfriend, on the other hand, regularly has those delicious bakery pastries and will be perfectly satisfied for half the day. Every body is different! Rather than saying, “Oh my gosh that pastry is full of sugar, you NEED to have some protein!”, I know that that pastry is full of the carbohydrates/sugar/fat that his body needs to get through the day. While it may not be the most “nutrient-dense”, eating a pastry for breakfast is the healthiest choice he could make for his body. Rather than forcing himself to eat something he hates, he can now go on with his day doing things that ACTUALLY matter, without worrying about food or his body. Isn’t that what true holistic health is all about? Our purpose in life is greater than the sum of nutrients we consume.


The point of this is – when we rigidly try to control our food, our food ends up controlling us. How many times have you eaten a side of veggies when you really wanted fries – only to end up feeling totally unsatisfied and needing MORE food after your meal is over? Ummm like a million times for me (guilty)! Rather than trying to control what I’m eating, listening to my body’s cravings, and then satisfying them, allows me to nourish my body in the healthiest way possible. Sometimes I need some sodium and my body will prompt me to eat some fries. Sometimes I need a certain vitamin/mineral and my body will prompt me to eat some veggies. When you view these two scenarios as completely morally neutral, you can nourish your health without having to worry about it. When eating all types of foods elicits the same emotional response, you have the freedom to make the healthiest food choices for your body.


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Megan Price, Dietetic Intern

Run Whole Nutrition

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Thank you Megan for showing us your amazing and balanced mindset around food. We need more dietitians like this! Show this girl some love and follow her on Instagram/ keep up with her blog. 

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  • Reply Stephanie June 29, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Wow, this is amazing. I totally agree with everything you say. Thank you Megan, I know this is hard for people to grasp, eating a donut, eating sugar! Thank you Alyssa for this as well! Food Freedom!

  • Reply Emily June 29, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    I love this so much Megan. LIstening to your body is so freeing and not like a prison of comparison and obsession. I am so grateful for how the world of dietitians is changing; every single dietitian that I know is a tremendous blessing.
    Emily recently posted…That Day I ate 2800 Calories Without a Big WorkoutMy Profile

  • Reply Claire B. June 30, 2017 at 9:43 pm

    Love! The first dietitian I saw several years ago was one of the “traditional” ones and I am so glad to know that there are people like you promoting balance and freedom around food, rather than labeling and restriction. <3
    Claire B. recently posted…Claireified Travels: Exploring the Grand Canyon in One DayMy Profile

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