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Friday Five

June 23, 2017 in About Me / Friday Favorites

Its’ Friday and I want to share five awesome things from my week with you lovely humans. Hope you all enjoyed your week thus far!

  1. Spending time with my friend Leah on Tuesday. 

This girl is just SO REAL and I love her. We got to the same college and I’m super blessed to have connected with a soul like hers. Down to earth and legit always there for me through good and bad. Thankful she lives close to me so I can see her during the summer!!

2. Doing yoga out by my pool on Wednesday morning. 

It was so hot and sunny out. Perfect to just flow outside. I grabbed my mat and put on some good tunes (follow me on spotify!! -> Alyssa Cristadoro) and just flowed. It was so nice to just be fully in touch with my body and do as it wanted. Yoga always helps me with that. Staying in touch with the mind-body connection and treating myself with endless compassion. After doing some yoga I jumped in the pool which felt awesome!

3. Finishing the book Shifting Bone by Alison Malee. 

Wow this book was just beautiful. I am loving poetry books like these with such powerful messages. Alison Malee is a freaking rockstar and a warrior. I highly recommend this book.


One of the poems from the book! 

4. Spending the day at the beach on Thursday.

My best friend and I took advantage of the hot weather and hit up the beach. The water was freezing but I still went in it once. Just loved being outside and chilling with her. Warm weather makes me the happiest person.


5. The movie The Shack 

I didn’t read this book but boy was the movie powerful. Literally had tears swelling up in my eyes watching it. The plot line, the characters, the message. SO good. 10/10 recommend.

Your turn! 

Beach or pool person? (I love both!) 

Have you read or seen The Shack? 

Happy Weekend friends! Enjoy it and soak it all in. XOXO <3

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Let’s Catch Up+ Some Rambles

June 20, 2017 in About Me / Balance

Hi friends! Usually I post on Monday’s but I was up late Sunday because I was at a concert (which was so fun)!! So I thought I’d pop in today to ramble a bit.

-I’ve been thinking a whole bunch about my future. (while making sure to stay in the present too of course!!) I have this crazy idea of wanting to write a book. If you know me, you know I love reading and writing poetry. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, and the thought of publishing my own book someday has been on my mind. Gah that would just be so amazing for me!! Until then- just more reading and writing. 🙂


(You can find some of my writing on Tumblr, or I have been posting some on my Instagram)

-I spent Saturday at a coffee shop with my mom and it was the best thing ever. We drank all the coffee and did all the writing and reading. This lady is just amazing and I cherish days like this with her. Setting time aside for the things that make my soul flourish is one thing I always need to make sure I am doing. Because afternoons like these make me feel SO dang good.


-Sunday I went to one of the best concerts of my life!! I saw SOJA and the Dirty Heads with my bff (and roomie next year) Krista! The energy at the concert was just so good and they played all my favorite songs. Music holds a very special place in my heart. If you haven’t heard of these bands you gotta check ’em out! SOJA especially has some very powerful lyrics.



**Sometimes I think people forget that those who have fought a mental illness and are recovered still do have bad days. And I just want to reinforce that my life is not perfect by any means. Anxiety plagues me from time to time, I can’t sleep some nights, I worry, I feel inadequate and fall into the comparison trap. I am human and it is normal to feel these things. Authenticity is something I value SO much, and it would be an utter shame to post myself on the internet as being the perfect most put-together person, because I’m not.

My headspace was a bit off last week. I felt overwhelmed, anxious, and pulled in a whole lot of different directions. If you saw my post last week, you know that I have always struggled with anxiety. Sometimes with life’s stressors it gets a bit worse. I will be leaving this Sunday for a month and will be taking on the long but rewarding journey of becoming a certified yoga instructor. The thought of leaving for a month has been freaking me out a bit, but I know that this has been one of my dreams for a very long time. After reading “You Are A Badass” (this book rocks) and hearing that life is too short to put your dreams on hold, it has definitely given me a push in the right direction. I have a whole lot of dreams and goals in my head, and I want to chase them head on.

I am so grateful for the good days in my life, and when the bad one’s hit and I am feeling at a place of struggle, I really dig deep and remind myself that I am human. I am flawed. And I do not have to be ashamed of feeling anxious or feeling weak just because I run a blog and Instagram on mental health. That is why I value authenticity SO much- because by showing you all that I am not perfect, I am showing you all what it is like to live a realistic life style. You are not going to wake up everyday ready to embrace each obstacle thrown at you, you just aren’t. Somedays you’ll wake up with a heavier heart and foggier mind but that doesn’t mean you should be frustrated with yourself. It means you are human, and that little bump in the road will too pass just like the other ones have as well. 73d97d8cf75d856df0629121d12c9541-1.jpg

The moment’s we are feeling uncomfortable? Embrace them. Be fearless in what scares your mind and makes your heart beat faster. I remind myself this daily. Be present, be calm. But do not be afraid of the anxious feeling in your chest or the uncertainty that the future holds, for life is too short to be lived in fear.

All over the place post, but I think I got everything out I wanted to say.  🙂


Do you think my mom and I look alike? (lol silly question IK) 

Favorite book you’ve read lately? 

Do you enjoy writing? 

(OH- and if you want to learn more about me check out this YouTube video I posted today!!)

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Let’s Catch Up

June 6, 2017 in About Me / Friday Favorites / Yummy Eats

Hi guys! How are ya?! Lol introductions always feel so forced to me. But I hope you’re doing well! I’ve been posting more over at my YouTube channel which has been fun. So check that out if you like watching videos!

So let’s catch up this fine Tuesday. Well- catch up on my life haaaaaa. 🙂


-I’ve been working a lot. GNC and babysitting! Good money though which is a positive. And I’m thankful to have two jobs that aren’t too stressful.

-I’ve been watching lots of documentaries!! I highly recommend Missrespresentation, Embrace, Minimalism, and Living on one dollar. All of which are on Netflix!

-I’ve been eating all the rice cakes. They’re so nice because I can always switch up the toppings!




-I’ve been trying to plan a bit for my future. There’s a lot I want to do in this world, so writing down all of those things has been helpful for me. I need to make a big vision board. Any suggestions on how to do those?!

-I’ve been listening to lots of good music. Nahko and Medicine for the People, Trevor Hall, Ben Howard, SOJA, Rebelution, Jack Johnson, Logic… Any of you fans of these people?!

-I’m seeing two concerts this week! City and Color on Thursday and Jack Johnson on Friday.

-I’ve been finding all the good quotes on Tumblr. Follow me!



-I’ve been embracing all the puppy kisses and yoga flows.


-I’ve been mentally preparing for the fact that I’m taking off for a month this summer. I will be living where I am getting certified to teach yoga. Putting my anxieties in his hands, and following my dreams despite the fear that sometimes engulfs my mind. “Wake the dreams into realities” -following that mantra wholeheartedly.

-I’ve been enjoying Whole Foods vegan muffins. Whole Foods bakery in general is just so good. 🙂 And everything there for that matter!

-I’ve been seeing friends. Laughing with them. Trying to dance and making a fool of myself. All the things that make my heart happy. I’ve been encouraging friends too who have been struggling with mental battles. Life is pretty freakin’ tough sometimes guys.

-I’ve been working on my handstands and back flexibility!

I think that’s about it guys. Your turn!

What have you been eating lots of lately? 

Muffin fan? 

Any documentaries I should watch? 

Have the best Tuesday guys!


Lyss 🙂

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Let’s Talk About Relationships

June 2, 2017 in About Me

Happy Friday friends! Hope you all have enjoyed your weeks thus far. I’ve been working a lottt and trying to find time for friends/fam/me! And this blog because it truly makes me so genuinely happy.

This is a topic that is pretty important to me: relationships.

If you know me, you know how much I value human connection. I love being able to connect to people on a deeper level.

If you also know me, you know that I have never truly been in love. I have spent years seeking validation from guys, letting what men think destroy my self-esteem. I was in a crazy cycle of “find a boyfriend, if you don’t find one there’s something wrong with you.”

I know so many girl (and guys!) struggle with that, and the pressures of being in a relationship. I still do too.

But the thing you have to remember is you must be whole by yourself before you allow another human into your life. Be confident in who you are and recognize that you are too full of life to be half loved, that you should never shrink yourself for someone else.

Be willing to meet others, be willing to open your heart. But also be open to the fact that there are so many people we haven’t met, and so many people we might connect with out there in this world. If you haven’t met that person yet, you will. The universe just wants you to focus on YOU right now.

I’ll let the video suffice for the rest. 🙂

Now tell me: 

Dating advice you think would be helpful to share? 

Have you ever struggled with seeking validation from others? 

Thank you for watching friends. All the love to you great humans.

Have the best weekend!!

Lyss 🙂

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Weekend in Pictures

May 22, 2017 in About Me / College

What a lovely weekend it was. All the fam time this weekend which was amazingggg. 🙂


I spent the day in the city with my BFF Paige. We got Dig Inn for lunch and walked around after. 🙂


After getting home, I headed to the track for a workout. It was SO beautiful hot. Really hot but man I loved it.

Hit the hay kinda early ish for me that night too. After ice cream of course.


Up at 6:30 a.m. b/c my brother’s COLLEGE GRADUATION WAS THIS DAY. So friggin’ crazy guys.

Stopped at Dunkin’ along the way because we really did need some Dunkin to help keep us awake. The ceremony was awesome, and we just missed the rain. (Thank ya God!) My mom and I, scratch that- all of us- were pretty sappy that day. Just super proud of my bro for finishing this chapter of his life. Onto the next one he goes!  (how is that going to be me in two years too???)




Proud Sister. Love my family so incredibly much.

Before driving back, we enjoyed a nice lunch out. Had some yummy crab cakes and the bro got swordfish that looked amazing. All the fish there was making me so happy.


I woke up, enjoyed my oats and mug of coffee pretty slowly. Love having that time to actually just breathe and take life in during the mornings.

I went to the gym with my dad and trained back, legs, and abs. We took a sauna together afterwards which was nice. I’m in LOVE with sauna’s lately.

Dad and I hit up Home Depot and I got some new plants for my garden! After a shower and lunch it was time to put my semi-new green thumb to work.

green thumb

Planted some peppermint, lavender, SWEET POTATOES, red bell peppers, and sunflowers. 🙂

My best friend came over and sat by the pool with me a bit before she had to work. We talked and caught up on life and it was just what I needed. Sunshine + best friend= all the happy feels friends.

After she left, I did some poolside yoga. Loved being out in the sunshine and just flowing.

Do as Buddha says ;)

Enjoyed the flows and sunshine in my new & favorite “Buddha Says Relax” Shirt.

This weekend was definitely one of lots of family time, reflection time, relaxation, and feel-good activities. 

Now tell me: one highlight from your weekend? 

Have you ever been to Dig Inn?! If you’re in Boston 1000/10 recommend. 

Sending all the love to YOU. <3



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Another Year Done

May 12, 2017 in About Me / College

I feel like I haven’t written on here in forever… and I apologize for that! When finals come around all my energy goes towards school and keeping myself mentally sane. But I will be back and doing what I love on this blog so I am super excited for that.

With the end of a year usually comes a lot of reflection- something I honestly haven’t had the time to do yet, but know I will regardless. And for the little bit of reflection I have done on this year, I wanted to share with you today.

God put so many challenges in my life sophomore year and there were times that I simply wanted to give in, but looking back I have true faith that only I could’ve climbed those mountains. I can’t believe how much I’ve grown since September. Just goes to show you that you can really turn pain into gold. 

This year showed me pain.  Raw, real pain. Walking into the year feeling as good about my life as I have in a while, yet somehow crumbling within 3 months in. Crumbling and shattering at the seams. There were times first semester I did want to throw in the towel. No one knew the pain I was feeling- the pain of my relationship, the pain I felt every single night going to bed questioning why I had this dark cloud over my head- a cloud that I simply just couldn’t lift. I kept all of this in. I kept the times where my ex would do or say things that hurt me, the times where his actions were not something I wanted to be associated with, the times where I felt so trapped. All of this I held within me- and it soon burst, just like all things do. But it burst in the form of cutting. Cutting my wrists because it was the only way I felt I could release this pain.

Psalm 56:3- “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”

I had to put my trust in something greater. I trusted in God to bring me through what he brought me to- because I knew he could, and I knew somewhere deep down on my toughest days I could make it through these obstacles. So I went to group counseling, ended a relationship, and started fresh in 2017. Fresh with the mantra that this was my year of growth. This was the year that I would truly embrace the word energy. Energy in the fact that I only would put it into things and people that made me happy, people that gave this energy back.

Focusing on energy made me realize that I had to let go of some friendships. I had to let go of the people that were no longer serving me and giving me this energy back that I was putting into them. Was it hard? Absolutely. But I needed people who I could genuinely connect with. So I opened my arms up to new people, new souls. I held tightly to my few close friends and embraced more amazing friendships and people into my life.

This year I finally realized something. I am good enough on my own. I do not need a man to add to me, because I am WHOLE as is. I embraced my independence, I embraced my strengths and worked on building my confidence. And I learned that never will I ever again settle for a man. Never will I shrink myself for someone else.

This year showed me how privileged I truly am. Being in areas of poverty opened my eyes to how the world is still broken and I want to do more to change it. These experiences I have had ignited a spark within me to work towards repairing the world. I want to make an impact- I want to start change and do something greater. The world is hurting and so are thousands of people out there. I want to work harder to fix that.

“You cannot change what you refuse to confront.” 

“Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?”

This year I embraced learning in way I never have before. I didn’t dread class. I saw it as an opportunity to gain more knowledge. So many people do not have this privilege of attending college, so why whine about it? Of course complaining is normal, but recognizing how blessed I am to have this experience really switched my mindset about school around. It is not all about the grades, it’s about what you learn and what you truly take out of it.

Hardship. Pain. Embrace. Growth. Learn. Energy. Love. Compassion. Gratitude.

Just a few of the words that have shown me a lot this year.

“Recovery is possible.

Always.. “Be strong and sturdy like wood. Be fluid and flow like water.”

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Me Just Doing Me

May 1, 2017 in About Me

For a long long time, I felt so insecure in this life. I felt lost, lost with who I was as a person. I felt confused that I was placed on this Earth and could not discover who I was. But the thing is, I am constantly evolving. Changing with each day, each year; growing into the person I am meant to be.

I am different than I was last year. I am different than I was last semester. But I love it- I love who I am becoming.

I love how I take off by myself and sit by a lake and just think- think about what I can add to this world, think about how beautiful this Earth is and how I am so grateful to be a part of it. I love taking off by myself during the afternoon to a park and doing yoga for an hour in my favorite Lulu Lemon sports bra and Nahko playing in the background.



I love the relationships I have. The feeling of human connection. Being able to eat kale salads and drink smoothies with my best friend then just sit by a lake and talk about life. I love the freedom of eating a cookie at 12:30 am with my friends and not letting it nag at my brain like it used to. I love going out with my best friend and just laughing without a care in the world. These relationships with others are ones that bring me great joy. The people that have entered into my life this year are one’s I know God placed there for a reason.

I love that I want to do more. That I am not okay with the injustices our world is facing. For that uneasiness in my stomach drives me to want to change the world, to want to positively impact it in some way.

I love that I am different. That I get a dreadlock in my hair, that I have three tattoos, that I have my nose pierced.

I love this blog- for it gives me an outlet to share some of the thoughts that are constantly flowing around my brain, and it allows me to to connect with other like-minded souls. I adore writing, I adore the freedom that picking up a pencil and a piece of paper can do for me. I adore the effortlessness that comes in opening up my laptop and writing on the notes of my computer- no judgment, no criticism; just myself and the words that flow from my brain.

I love that I am no longer the food I eat. I am no longer my body. I am no longer the workout I do, or the amount of minutes I spend in the gym.  I am Alyssa- the girl with a big heart, a wanderer, a thinker. I am so much more than what my 16 year old self ever envisioned me to be.

I am just doing me. I am progressing, I am emerging into something I never thought I would. I am embracing- embracing my setbacks, embracing the messiness, embracing the difficulties placed in my path. I am surpassing the woman my high school self thought I would be. My independence and confidence growing, my understanding of the world improving.

I am just doing me. Not anyone else, not working to please anyone else. Just doing me, making me content in this crazy world. 

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Recent Moments of Joy

April 24, 2017 in About Me / College

You know those moments where your heart feels like it’s going to explode out of your chest just because you’re feeling alllll the happies in the world. Yeah- those are the best moments ever. Where your soul is feeling alive and the world is just on your side.

Here are some of those moments I’ve had in my life lately. These moments just make me see how beautiful life is even when I am extremely stressed, cranky, and frustrated. This world gives me pain yet this world gives me immense joy. For that, I am eternally grateful.


This note from my mom before I left for school last week. This lady puts up with all my mood swings. She gives me the encouragement I need. She lets me rant on and on about how I want to change the world one day; about how I want to end all of these injustices that have been tugging at my heart. She listens to my complaints, she loves me unconditionally, and she is my best friend. What else could I ask for in a mom?


Getting to have breakfast at one of my all time fav place’s with amazing friends. You know those people who just kinda get you? Yeah, these gals are those kinda peeps. I <3 them and the conversations we have. And I love their love for endless cups of coffee and cute little cafe’s.


Thankful for friends who let me borrow their dresses and help me feel put together for fun charity events. And thankful for those times I do decide to throw on real people clothes instead of leggings.


I had the privilege of going to Project Heal’s GALA on Friday night. Project Heal is an organization that raises money for those who cannot afford eating disorder treatment. I was so happy to meet one of the founders of this organization and spend time with the girls in the Boston Chapter. Seeing the power of community and the hard work that everyone in this chapter puts in really just left me smiling from ear to ear and motivated to keep on doing more to make a difference in this field. I say it a lot, and I’ll continue to say it: there is no greater feeling in the world than positively impacting someone’s life. And in this life of mine I will continue to work to positively impact someone else’s life and spread the joy I have within me outwards into this world.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

My BFF Krista captured this moment. Looking back on it just made me smile. This week did kinda suck and I felt overwhelmed, but these moments make it all worth it. I’m always one to remind myself that life’s challenges are not meant to be defeating, but they are meant to teach us something. Finding joy in the littlest moment’s like laughing with your friends on a Saturday night can go a long way.


My friend from my mission trip put this dreadlock in my hair. I’ve been wanting it for a while so I figured why the heck not. And she did an awesomeeee job. Super happy with how it came out!!

“That’s what makes life fun. That you can make these decisions. That you can create the world that you want.”

Tell me some moments of joy. I would love to hear them! Happy Monday friends. 🙂 

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I Want to Do More

April 7, 2017 in About Me / College

It’s Fridayyyy!! And I’m off this weekend on a retreat. 🙂 Super duper excited for this weekend of teaching yoga, spending time with some awesome ladies, and getting closer to God. Then after I come back, I only have three more classes till I’m HOMEE! So excited to finally have a few days off and be with the fam!


I want to do more.

The title of this blog post could go in so many different ways. But today, I’m talking about my life and my future.

I want to do more.

Ever since coming back from my service trip in West Virginia, I’ve been having this feeling in my heart that I just need to do more. I want to do more for the world, I want to do more to end the social injustices that our nation faces. I feel compelled to do so.

I always had it set in my heart that I would be a therapist for people with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. And while I still am passionate about those things, I feel as if my heart is getting pulled in other directions and my horizons are expanding. I am finding my passions to be changing and am thinking of doing things I would have never thought of doing a year ago. And it’s funny for me to think how I thought I peaked in my life last summer. Oh, how wrong I was. There is no final peak- we are constantly growing and evolving. We are dynamic.

Two weeks ago, I officially declared a minor in gender and sexuality studies. As a woman in 2017, I still see the sexists beliefs and attitudes present in our society. It is incredible disheartening. It is disheartening to see so many women not feeling good enough, so many women crawling behind the shadows of others because they lack confidence, so many women silencing their voice because they think no one will listen. So many women’s bodies taken advantage of. So many men stepping into the home that we as women cherish so much: that home being our bodies. There are injustices. There is gender inequality. Rape is still an issue, violence against women is STILL an issue. And I feel in my heart I can do more to help in these areas. I want to become more educated and take a stand on these issues.

I want to do more with bringing social justice to our society. To ending racial discrimination, to ending poverty, to taking a stand against homelessness.

Do I have a definite plan for my life yet? NOPEE. But that’s okay!! I’m still evolving and growing. That’s what’s so cool about life ya know? Our lives aren’t static. They’re constantly changing.

All I know is I want to do more to change the world. (cliché statement, IK!)


-I applied to be a service trip leader at my college and have an interview for that next week.

-I am thinking of more ways I can coordinate yoga into healing from trauma/ eating disorders.

-I am looking at volunteer opportunities/ internships at rape crisis centers.

-I am thinking of studying abroad and not interning abroad in London like I planned.

-I am also thinking of doing something with social work??

So yeah, I want to do more. More for our country, more for our world. I know it’s impossible for me to go out and repair the world by myself, but God I sure want to do all I can to help.

Thanks for reading today guys. Thought I’d give you a little insider into where I’m at with my life and such. 🙂 

Now tell me: 

Did you study abroad in college? If so, where? 

Weekend plans?! 

Have a lovely day babes!! Enjoy the weekend and take some time for yourselves. Lots of love <3

Lyss 🙂

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Foggy Brain Friday + Some Random Thoughts

March 31, 2017 in About Me / College

Hi guys and happy Friday! I hope you all have been having a lovely week so far. School has been super busy lately and I feel as if I’ve been inactive on this blog/Instagram. I’m trying to keep up with posting two times a week just because I LOVE to write and connect with all of you, and blogging is truly fun for me. I’ll be home for Easter in a little less than two weeks too which will be super nice.

I have a ton of assignments due Tuesday and a whole bunch of studying to do this weekend. As I sit here at 10:47 p.m. this fine Thursday night and am feeling pretty caffeinated (hello 8:30 p.m. iced coffee), I am doing my best to keep a peaceful state of mind and be here now. Mindfulness is tough for me, so I’m really trying to work on that.

I guess I titled this foggy brain Friday because I really don’t have it in me to throw a bunch of inspiration at you right now, so I thought I’d just give you an inside scoop of what’s going on in my head (oooo is it a fun place in there sometimes- lol).

  • Friday I plan on working out, doing some work at the library in the morning, going to a meeting, going to class, volunteering at Best Buddies, napping (?), and at night going to a concert at my school. DRAM and Charlie XCX are playing! Can’t wait to spend the night with my friends too.
  • Life’s been testing me lately with what I prioritize. Sometimes I’m just like, “Oh yeah, I can hang out with that person grab lunch with this person and study a 15 page study guide and then write 2 articles for this website and talk to all my friends from home!!” But then the rational side of me is like woah there tiger take a step back. You’re not superwoman your just a 20 year old college student. I always need to remember to keep my priorities in check.
  • My nana’s not doing too hot right now so if y’all could pray for her and send some good energy that would mean the world to me& my fam. <3
  • On a more happy note, I documented my favorite choker the other day and my new bralette made the pic. I felt super artsy taking this lol. vsco_033017
  • I applied to be a service trip leader for my college! Who knows if I get it, but thought I might as well take a chance and apply!
  • I squatted 125 lbs on Tuesday which is a new PR for me. 🙂
  • I didn’t really take a whole lot of pics of my food this week. But hmmm. Some yummy things I ate: a Lenny&Larry’s cookie, a carob chip + an almond butter Perfect Bar, Cinnamon Chex cereal with almond milk! Some yummy things I drank: iced coffee with caramel and soy milk, cold brew from Dunkin, iced passion tea mixed with green tea, hot chai tea latte with soy milk, and kombucha! Photo on 3-15-17 at 2.39 PM.jpg
  • I’ve been using PhotoBooth more often lately. Oops. And somehow these beauties always get sent to my mama. I know she loves them though.

That’s it for today friends. Thanks for reading all the fun thoughts in my head and always just being so dang awesome. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a lovely weekend!!

Now tell me: 

Are you fan of chokers? 

Favorite drink as of late? 

Any fun weekend plans? 

Have a good one loves!

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