New Zealand Adventures #1

February 18, 2018 in Travel

Hey from NZ!! I’ve been posting for Freedom Friday, but not a regular old post from me in a while. Life’s been crazy and wonderful and everything in between, so I’ve been trying to soak it all up. If you follow my Instagram, @blissful_lyss29, you can see updates over there from my study abroad journey.

Some things I’ve learned so far…

  1. Jet lag is SO real. New Zealand is far ahead of Boston time. When it’s Sunday at 9:23 pm here, its Saturday at 3:23 am back home. Getting my body to adjust to this was a challenge for sure.
  2. Traveling is also tiring! I spent 16 hours on a plane to NZ which is the longest plane ride I’ve ever taken in my life.
  3. Bungee jumping is scary and amazing and so freaking awesome. Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature
  4. Living in an apartment by myself with strangers and away from home is teaching me a lot.
  5. Buying a $10 used coffee maker was a really smart move for me.
  6. New Zealand people love saying “cheers” and it makes me super happy. This trend needs to start in America.
  7. The mountains here are unreal. Pictures don’t do ’em justice. This place is simply stunning. 28167028_1672946202728004_3621583774705133889_n.jpg
  8. Its’ okay to say no. I don’t have to do everything. This trip is my own, not anyone else’s.
  9. My vibe attracts my tribe. I’ve met some cool people here and I’m grateful for that.
  10. Walking everywhere is tiring but it saves $$ which is a good thing.

Stay tuned for more updates on my adventures!! I hope you all have been doing so so so well. xoxo 

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Freedom Friday #3

February 15, 2018 in Freedom Friday

Friends, this series makes me so so happy. What does it all entail? Freedom. Whether this freedom encompasses letting go of your eating disorder, removing yourself from a toxic relationship, freeing yourself of depression or anxiety, breaking away from orthorexia or exercise addiction… I want to hear your story. And I want to share it. Your story is precious and deserves to be heard. If you want to be featured, email me, DM me on Instagram, contact me in some way, and let’s chat. I have a set of ears that’s willing to listen and a blog that I want to use to share your journey to freedom.

My sweet friend @vanessapalencia15 is sharing her story today.  I have had the privilege of meeting up with her before and she radiates nothing but positive energy. I hope you all enjoy her story on her journey to freedom!

**A few years ago, when I thought ‘freedom,’ I pictured the Boston Tea Party and the Declaration of Independence. I still imagine that sometimes, but lately whenever I think ‘freedom,’ I picture a life of happiness, a life free from the destruction of my mental and physical health that was caused through the hatred of my body and subjecting it to extreme ways.

I find it ironic because I never thought that I needed to be set free from this lifestyle. I thought that I was free from the tangles of being deemed ‘unattractive’ or ‘fat,’ but I only sunk myself deeper into the pitfalls of self-hatred. You see, I had a phase in my life where I was considered the “chubby girl” at best and it was during that time in my life that I had convinced myself that the only way I could be seen as socially acceptable and be considered worthy of love was to lose weight. And so began my spiral down into the world of orthorexia, obsessive exercising, and body dysmorphia.

It wasn’t until over a year ago that Nick, the love of my life, sat me down and tried to slap some sense into me. While I considered it briefly that there might be something wrong with the way I approached food and exercise, I decided to brush it off. In my head, there was no way that I had an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. I was simply doing what everyone else was doing. I was doing everything I ‘needed’ to be doing to stay ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ in an effort to obtain my ‘ideal’ body. It wasn’t until a few more episodes of me not eating because I ‘didn’t deserve it’ and a few more intense conversations about my mental health with Nick that I knew something was very wrong. I didn’t quite know how to handle it because I went through a pretty big paradigm shift. My belief system in everything regarding health and fitness had been shattered. But regardless, I took the first step towards recovery by abandoning my regimen of macro and calorie counting. Thus began my journey to a newfound freedom of self-love and mental health.

It’s been a struggle ever since. You would think that the road towards loving yourself and embracing your body would be such an easy road to take, but it isn’t. It isn’t easy because the beauty and diet industry have spent countless years trying to highlight what the perfect body looks like and offering products to help us get there in a subtle attempt to tell us that, unless our body resembled the ‘ideal body,’ we weren’t enough, and we needed to fix ourselves. Unfortunately, I was one of millions of girls who readily took to this distorted perception of beauty and self-worth. And let me tell you, it can be extremely difficult to break free from many years of brainwashed ideologies; difficult, but not impossible.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried because I’ve lost count. I can’t recount the thoughts I’ve had during bad days because they’re too gruesome to pass onto someone else. What I can tell you is that it took a long, arduous journey to get to where I am now. But even then, I’m not finished yet. I’ve found freedom in truth, so I’m no longer bound to the shackles of restrictive dieting and severe over exercising, but I’m still fighting to keep this freedom. I fight everyday for my right to love myself exactly the way I am. I fight to remind myself that I deserve to eat and that my health doesn’t depend on spending long hours at the gym. I fight every single day to ignore and challenge the diet and beauty industry’s perceptions of beauty and to love every supposed flaw on my body. But regardless of these continuous fights, I know I’m free because I am no longer blinded. I’m free because I know my value and my worth are far greater than anyone on this earth can estimate. And once you realize that you are in charge of yourself and that you worth so much more than what others say, then you will find freedom, too. **

Keep working towards a life of greater freedom friends. Happiest of weekends friends. 🙂

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Freedom Friday #2

February 9, 2018 in Freedom Friday

Another Freedom Friday. Friends, this series makes me so so happy. What does it all entail? Freedom. Whether this freedom encompasses letting go of your eating disorder, removing yourself from a toxic relationship, freeing yourself of depression or anxiety, breaking away from orthorexia or exercise addiction… I want to hear your story. And I want to share it. Your story is precious and deserves to be heard. If you want to be featured, email me, DM me on Instagram, contact me in some way, and let’s chat. I have a set of ears that’s willing to listen and a blog that I want to use to share your journey to freedom.

The second post of this series is from a lovely friend of mine, Sophia, @sophia.sun.wellness on Instagram. Sophia helps women awaken and work towards intuitive eating. She offers coaching for food and body wisdom on her website here and has a lot of beautiful knowledge to share. I hope you give this human some love as she opens up about her journey to freedom with us!


My eating issues began in Kindergarten.

I was a sensitive & Intuitive little girl, who felt like her dream world was taken away the moment she was put into the school “system”. I was told I had learning disabilities right away; it crushed my sense of self. I began stealing snacks from a girl in my class. It became an everyday thing, I became a food addict at age 7.

My eating issues only got worse, binge eating, sneaking food, obsessing over food, my whole mind was consumed. I began gaining weight in 3d grade and started to hate my body. My body changed faster then the other girls in class. I was heavy. At age 17 I weighed almost 300 pounds. I couldn’t stop eating. My mom came to me one night and shared her concerns about my weight and eating issues. We decided it was time for an intervention – I went to a weight loss camp. This began my weight loss journey.

I lost 140 pounds going into my college years, and instead of over eating, I went into the other extreme.

I never learned to tune in to my body.

I was still trapped in my Eating Disorder.

After years of obsession with being thin I had a breaking point, I had become sick from over doing it. I burned myself out.

I wanted my LIFE, a life without eating disorders.

I began a spiritual path & discovered Intuitive Eating, I enjoyed this because it took me into myself, whereas before I was always seeking on the outside.

My Intuitive Eating journey healed my body and my relationship with food. Total food freedom, while still being aware of my Body Wisdom. I began to love my body as she decided who she wanted to be, and what size was healthy for her. It became a beautiful process. This is what I teach in my program Food Body Wisdom. I am now a coach for young women on the healing journey with food & eating disorders.

Intuitive eating gave me freedom, and gave me my life back! Now I can explore the beauty of this body, food & life! It’s wonderful.

If you’re on this journey, drop my a heart, & I’ll send you back a million.


Keep working towards a life of greater freedom friends. Happiest of weekends friends. 🙂

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Early February & Fear

February 6, 2018 in Recovery

I’ve been planning for this month since September. And it’s finally here. It’s been here for 6 days now.

A lot has happened since September. I taught at a yoga fundraiser. I taught yoga in college. I laughed with my roommate and best friend and had so many great memories with her. I cried. I smiled. I had new people enter my life. I let go of some people. I turned 21. I quit my job at GNC. I finished the semester. I covered up an old tattoo with a new one.

If there’s something I’ve learned about myself over the past year, it’s that I don’t like being afraid of things. And the stubborn part of myself hates admitting that I am afraid. I usually do the things I am very scared of, just because I like the challenge. I did yoga teacher training by myself last summer and lived at the facility- something I was freaked out by but went and did it anyways. I’ve let new people into my life, another thing that would have provoked way more anxiety in the past. I think with being afraid of something and going to do that thing anyways comes a whole lot of growth. Getting out of your comfort zone = more growth.

I am afraid of going to New Zealand. I’m going to be put out of my comfort zone in so many ways. Flying alone, being in a new continent, meeting all new people, adjusting to a new time zone, going to a different university. It’s a lot. But I love that. I love that I know I’m going to be put in a place that will help me grow. And I will make sure to remember that, even when I’m texting my mom saying I miss her or that I’m overwhelmed. Because I know I will have those moments, I’m human; and I can’t run away from my humanness.

With fear, you have to feel it. Soak it all in. And then you have to do that thing anyways. I remember back to my gymnast days when I was scared of doing a new skill. Or I was afraid of competing a routine. I didn’t have a choice but to do it. So I’m taking that approach with this study abroad experience. Because, “The beautiful thing about fear is, when you run to it, it runs away.” Conquering what we never thought we could is an amazing feeling, realizing the fire that lies within you to climb up these mountains and do what you didn’t think you could is even more-so. I know that two years ago, an experience like this would overwhelm me to no end. SO many unknowns, things I can’t control, being away from home, not having any friends with me…. but now, I have a different outlook. I know that the fears I don’t face simply become my limits.

"The beautiful thing about fear is, when you run to it, it runs away." (Robin Sharma)

Keep running towards the thing that scares you…. keep stepping outside your comfort zone. I know you can all do this! And if it seems daunting, something I remind myself and want to remind you all is to BREATHE. One foot in front of the other and just BREATHE. Stressing and worrying about what you don’t know and what is coming will only take you away from the present moment.

Thank you for reading. <3

Tell me, how do you conquer fear? 

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Freedom Friday #1

February 2, 2018 in Freedom Friday / Recovery

Happy Friday friends! I’m super excited to be posting this today, and starting this new series on my blog. This has something I have been wanting to do for a while: giving others a platform to use their voice. I am so fortunate to have this space on my blog and Instagram to use my voice, and I want to give other humans a chance to do the same. So, I’m starting this series on my blog: Freedom Friday. Whether this freedom encompasses letting go of your eating disorder, removing yourself from a toxic relationship, freeing yourself of depression or anxiety, breaking away from orthorexia or exercise addiction… I want to hear your story. And I want to share it. Your story is precious and deserves to be heard. If you want to be featured, email me, DM me on Instagram, contact me in some way, and let’s chat. I have a set of ears that’s willing to listen and a blog that I want to use to share your journey to freedom.

Freedom Friday #1 is actually a story from my good friend Leah who I have the pleasure of going to college with. This girl rocks and has a lot of knowledge and wisdom to spread to the world. Thank you friend for being so vulnerable and using your voice.


Freedom. The dictionary defines it as “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” It is also defined as the “absence of subjection to foreign domination”; “the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.”

For a very long time, I believed my illnesses enslaved me. That my brain’s natural fixation to overanalyze defined my quality of life. That my heightened responses to normal situations meant my wiring was done so wrong that I somehow failed the basic test of human functioning.

Beliefs control us. Whether you find this to be relative or not, it is universally seen through our actions as a species. We fight wars over beliefs, vote against the rights of poor people over beliefs, and we continue to fight battles to win the freedoms that we believe we deserve. Our beliefs have control over our actions, their own state of input, however, paradoxically, we get to choose the beliefs we follow.

I believed I was subject to my anxiety disorder. I believed that I would have to sacrifice important aspects of my life to something I thought I could not control. I believed I had to part with my potential for happiness because of the genetic cards I had been dealt.

Sometimes our beliefs are wrong.
We never really expect them to be, it would go against the principle of believing them in the first place. But there come times in our lives where, with a clear mind and an open heart, we realize that sometimes we’re wrong. And that is okay. It is okay to be wrong. It is okay to change your mind about things that maybe you used to believe with your whole heart because it shows your capacity for growth and that ability to grow is what has adapted civilizations. Willingness to change, to try new things, is what started movements like the Renaissance, the industrial revolution, and so much more.

Above it all, this is something that we all have the ability to harness and practice. And it was in my ability to do so, that I found my freedom. I didn’t just decide one day that I was going to be happy, or that I wouldn’t feel anxious, or that I didn’t have a mental illness- no, that wasn’t it. I decided one day that I was open to change. I believe we get so trapped in our diagnoses and the effects of illness that we don’t leave enough room to let the light in. I started looking at small changes as big victories. I began working on accepting my panic attacks rather than despising them and fighting them. Fighting a panic attack is like swimming against the tide, the more you struggle, the farther you get swept out into the ocean, but if you allow the waves to take you, the storm passes with time. I’m going to share with you one out of two of my favorite quotes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” A lot of my friends laugh when I say this, I often say it when I go to the gym and decide I only really want to work out for about 10 minutes. And that’s fine. It’s 10 more minutes than I did yesterday. Self-care is the same way. 10 minutes of meditation, one yoga class that week, a healthy meal once a day, or just taking time to slow down- these are all steps to a bigger picture. Rome was the capital of the world for thousands of years, masterpieces take time to build and so do you.

So if I can give any advice to those struggling right now, I would sum it up in three points. The first one being something close to my heart. When I was at my lowest point in my mental health journey, I told myself to give it three years. My reasoning being that things change a little bit in a year, still recognizable after a second, and by a third you’re living a completely different life than you were three years ago. It may seem like a long time, but I promise you each year goes faster than it seems. Three years ago I was a senior in high school, I thought the truck I drove was the coolest thing (it wasn’t), I thought I would never do well living away at college (I have), and I thought I would never be able to travel anywhere due to my anxiety (I did.) Today, I drive a Chevy Cobalt (still not that cool), I loved living away at college, and in the past year I have traveled overseas to both Italy and Ireland (once by myself). My second advice is, that if you make little changes towards acceptance of yourself and your disorder, you will find that little by little a little becomes a lot. I am not perfectly “cured” by any means, but I have learned to accept the bad days. The beautiful thing about goals setting and progress is that progress is often a snowball effect, once it takes off, it builds. Laying a sturdy foundation of acceptance with the thing you cannot change is a platform to build up towards goals you may have never thought you could have achieved. Lastly, I’m going to share my second favorite quote, “With our thoughts, we make the world.” This is a Buddhist quote that I found my freshman year of college that really resonated with me. Our attitudes are important; they build our beliefs. In our beliefs, we find our potential for freedom- I sincerely hope you find yours.




Happy weekend friends! I hope you enjoy it and can relax a bit 🙂  xoxo

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Letting Go & Having Room for More

January 29, 2018 in Recovery

“When you let go, you create space for better things to enter your life.” 

This is the mantra as I head into my last full week at home. Let go, release bad energy, and create space for better things to come.

But letting go is hard. Like letting go of thoughts that have been engrained within you for so long.

->Ex: the thought that feeling bloated makes me less worthy of nourishment.

I know this thought is irrational, but it pops up from time to time. Instead of ignoring it, shoving it down, pretending like it’s not there… I chose to journal about it. Put it on my blog. And acknowledge it for what it is. By bringing it to the surface, I am able to let it go. Letting it go may result in feeling uncomfortable emotions. Maybe crying. Sadness. Worry. But in letting it go, we have more room for attracting goodness in our life.

->Ex of this from yesterday: I am feeling anxious without a lot of structure in my life. I am not in school and am not working right now. This is causing me to feel stagnant and like I’m not making great strides in my life.

I have been suppressing this emotion for the past two weeks. It has made its way out through frustration with others and being short with family members. But today, I finally sat down and took the time to acknowledge it. I feel lazy lately. I feel like I’m not doing enough. I expressed this verbally. I took time to reach out to others to share how I was feeling. I let myself feel, even though it led to tears. But in letting myself feel it all out, I am able to fully release it.

In feeling all these feelings, I am able to let them go. And in letting go, I am able to cultivate abundance in my life. I have already seen this in so many areas of my life. I have seen that when I don’t put all my energy into restricting my meals, I have more energy for other things. I am able to bring more into my life. When I stopped putting such immense pressure on myself to get perfect grades and let go of the belief that I had to get all A’s, I felt a weight off my shoulders… letting go of something that no longer served me allowed me to have more time for the things that did serve me. Like more self-care, putting time into relationships that made me feel good, and getting more in touch with myself and what I need.

Think: how much energy do you put into thoughts and actions that don’t serve you? Imagine all the amazing things that would come if you just let GO, if you just put that energy into those self-destructive thoughts and behaviors into something more productive and meaningful. Think: think of ALL the abundance you could generate in your life if you let go to create more space for goodness in your life. This is my goal lately. Let go of what doesn’t serve me to have more space and energy for what does.


What can you let go of in your life right now? 

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6 Self-Care Ideas

January 26, 2018 in Balance / Friday Favorites / Recovery

Hi guys! And happy Friday. 🙂

I’m sharing 6 ways to take care of yourself in the video below…. if you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, click here to change that!

But if you aren’t a video type of person, here are the 6 self-care ideas I shared in the video.

  1. Draw/Color. This sketchbook is from the Dollar Store, as well as my colored pencils.
  2. Burn Candles. This is something that helps me a lot during the winter months. Having that extra light in my room is great for when it gets dark so much earlier, and candles smell amazing. TJ Maxx or Home Goods has inexpensive candles.
  3. Learn about the moon. Within the past 6 months or so, I have become so interested in the power of the moon. Whether it’s new moons or full moons, I find it so fascinating how we can all be affected by its cycles. I got this journal from Spirit Daugther for $10. It has information about the new moon in whatever month it may fall in (which relates to that zodiac sign) as well as journal prompts and rituals to follow for the new moon.
  4. Journal! My journal is from TJ Maxx, and was $3.99. I love to journal on different prompts. Some of these include what I feel is inhibiting me in life, my current struggles, my dreams, my intentions for the day, what I’m grateful for, and what is exciting me in life. `
  5. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. I wrote a post about the value in walking on Monday, and truly believe walking is like moving meditation. It’s so good for our soul.
  6. Drink a cup of coffee and read some blogs like Cora’s, Naomi’s, Ellie’s, Nicole’s, and Joyce’s.

What is your favorite way to take care of yourself lately? 

Have a great weekend 🙂

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Finding Value in Walking

January 22, 2018 in Recovery

This past September, I realized I needed to take a step back from the gym. I was pushing myself too hard- prioritizing workouts over sleep and self-care, going even when it was the last thing I wanted to do, and feeling like working out was a compulsion rather than an activity of joy.

Every single day I’m working on being more intuitive with what my body wants to do for movement or if my body doesn’t want to move at all. This part of my recovery has come on the further end of the cycle, but since September, I have definitely made strides in working towards intuitive movement. In the process of trying to move intuitively, I found great value in walking. Something so small that I would never consider “enough” for my body before, but a form of movement I truly began to appreciate.

I swapped out gym sessions for nature walks. Sometimes by myself, sometimes with others. I turned on a podcast and just soaked in every bit of nature around me. Walking is really moving meditation. It feels purposeful to me. Whether I’m walking with no music or podcast and just being outside with nature, or walking with a friend/family member, I feel connected.

It’s sad that I never considered a walk “enough” in my eyes. No, walking isn’t a high intensity workout, but my body doesn’t want to do high intensity workouts all the time- no one’s body does. We aren’t made for that.The fitness industry fools us that we always need to be dripping sweat for a “healthier”  life- a myth that I believed for so long. The thing is, sweating does feel great. But you don’t need to kill your body day in and day out for that intense sweat. Walking still does release endorphins and offers benefits for your mental and physical health. I’m glad that more people now are recognizing the benefits of going for a walk and seeing that it holds great value for our bodies.

If you struggle with exercise addiction, I challenge you to break your normal routine this week. To not go to the gym on a day where you typically would. To go for a walk that day instead. If you struggle with exercise addiction, I challenge you to take an extra day off. Being intuitive with our body is TOUGH, but we have to break our routines to truly tune into what our bodies want. Take off your step tracker, get off social media, go outside, (or inside on a treadmill if it’s cold), and just walk. Let your feet feel grounded into the earth (or treadmill) and give some gratitude to your body.- it has legs that allow you to do something that a whole lot of people cannot do.

Any thoughts? Drop them below. I’d love to keep this convo going. Sending you all love! xoxo 

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What does Freedom Mean to You?

January 19, 2018 in Recovery

This is a topic I was journaling about on Wednesday: what freedom means to me.

The first thing that popped into my head was freedom from the thoughts that sometimes hold me down. I post about some of these on Instagram and stay as vulnerable as I can on social media. I tell the world about the anxiety I have from time to time. The fear I am not doing enough. The little freak out in my head when the barista messes up the kind of milk I asked for. The worries about the future. How challenging it can be to step away from my normal “routine.” I think freedom means being able to stay mindful. Accepting the not so good moments and riding them like a wave- which I have improved upon SO much… but continuing to ride these waves no matter how big they get.

Freedom to me means freedom from what others think of me. I used to let others opinions hold me back and define me. I used to fear people’s judgments of me. Freedom to me does not entail any of this. It’s living a life where other people’s judgments and opinions of myself do not cause me any added stress.

Freedom means living my life for myself: not for other people. It means doing what makes ME happy. Doing a career that makes me happy. Doing activities that make me happy. Doing the things that make my soul feel good.

Freedom entails the ability to step away from any poor relationships because I know I am worthy of more. It means moving away from people or situations the cause me pain, even if I feel like I need to stay and keep trying to mend a relationship. Freedom means walking the other direction and letting go of people from time to time.

Freedom means being 100% myself. Being real with the world and so secure with myself. Wearing what I want when I want to. Wearing clothes that make me happy. Decorating my body with tattoos and piercings because I truly believe it is the most beautiful canvas I’ll own.

Freedom means relying on myself. It means trusting that I will always have a home within myself, for I know I am an independent individual who at any moment can come back to herself and feel at ease amongst the chaos the world presents us with.

Freedom is detaching myself from the beliefs that I am not enough. It is believing I AM enough, I AM whole, I AM worthy, I AM a good person, I AM a beautiful soul.

Lastly, freedom means letting go. Softening my grip and letting every part of myself just BE.


Now tell me: what does freedom mean to YOU? 

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Finding Value in the Little Things

January 15, 2018 in About Me

I’m not starting my semester like most of my friends are right now. In 23 days, I’ll be on a plane to New Zealand. I just quit a job I had for almost two years last week. The only work I’m doing right now is watching my 97 year old nana a few days a week and taking care of her. I’m trying to marinate in this season of my life where I am not super busy. I am trying to enjoy the more fast-paced times and breathe in the slower, restful moments.

In the past, this time would have driven my fragile mind crazy. I have only been able to truly enjoy the slower moments within the past few years, and for that, I am grateful. I do not feel the need to constantly be running around and creating a hectic schedule for myself. My mind is (for the most part) able to be at peace.

My life right now is everything that it’s supposed to be. Some work here in there, writing for this blog, working on a few of my own projects, doing yoga, spending time with loved ones, taking myself on solo dates, moving my body, reading, preparing for my trip, and expanding my knowledge on topics that hold an important place in my heart. All that I need is within me, all that the universe wants me to have and be doing is at my fingertips.

I’m choosing to find value in the little things…

*The peace I feel after doing my own yoga practice. Meditating to the smell of burning candles and quiet music playing in the background

*Solo dates to Starbucks or coffee shops. The warmth of a hot vanilla latte. The first sip of a chai tea latte. The rush of coldness in my veins after a cold brew coffee.

*Reading a book and soaking up every single word. The feeling of finishing a book. Going to Barnes and Noble and looking at all the amazing reads on the shelves.


*Spending time with my nana who may not mentally be completely with it, but has the biggest, purest heart.

*Working (and trying to improve) my drawing, but also just having fun with it.

*Baking and trying new recipes. I made chocolate oat muffins and they turned out delicious!

*Spending time with loved ones. Having heartfelt conversations, laughing, and doing things that make our souls feel good.

* Listening to podcasts.

*Moving my body in a way that feels good. Feeling thankful for being able to move this body and have the ability to do certain exercises.

*Creating new playlists. Finding music that makes me smile and feel at ease.

*Writing new content for this blog.

*Making YouTube videos.

*Writing new poems and editing old ones.

*Planning things for the future. Like internships I may want to do senior year. Volunteer opportunities I want to do post graduation. Writing down my career dreams and where I see myself heading.

I am finding so much value and happiness in every single one of these things. They are making my soul feel so lovely. I am reminded during my anxious, messy moments of all these things I have that add such value and happiness to my life.

What are you finding value in lately? 

Have a blessed day.

xoxo <3

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