Mental health Monday: Being okay with not being okay

Hi guys and happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 🙂

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Today, we are going to be talking about how it’s okay to not be okay. You’ve probably heard this saying before, right? Learning to be okay with simply not being okay. It can get confusing, but boy does this saying go a long way. Sometimes in life, we are just not okay. We may be angry, we may be sad, we may be confused, we may be upset. Those are all normal emotions to have- those are just a sign that we are human. We feel, we get hurt, we cry, we get angry.

For so long I had this belief that I had to just be strong through it all. I believed tears were a sign of weakness, if I was angry I had to quickly put on a smile and pretend like everything was okay, and if I was upset I had not rational reason to be upset so I had to pretend like I was fine. I thought that I had to fake a smile even if I was sad and fake laughter even if laughing was the last thing I wanted to do. But I learned quickly that this was not a way to live, and that if I didn’t let out emotions; they were bound to explode at some point. I think as humans we all believe that we have to put on this tough face and if we are anxious to ignore those feelings and if we are upset to disregard that. But that is NOT healthy. If we are sad, we need to learn to feel that sadness. If we are angry, we need to learn to feel that anger. Feeling every sort of emotion is vital to a healthy frame of mind in my opinion. There is this huge misconception that we have to be happy little birdies all the time full with energy and a smile plastered to our face. But you know what? Sometimes life just sucks, and it’s okay to not be happy 24/7, because God knows I am not! We have these emotions in life because we are meant to feel them, and experiencing them is not a sign of weakness.


“Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay.” 

Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay. You know why? Because life is just freakin’ tough sometimes! We get thrown all these obstacles. Whether that may be with mental health: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, OCD; these are all huge battles to overcome, and an everyday fight. Of course there are going to be tough days, because tough days are a sign that we aren’t robots. Even if you don’t have a mental illness, there are going to be bumps in the road. Whether that is with family, friends, a relationship, school; life throws us different challenges at all times. But one thing I learned these past 19 years is that not letting myself experience these emotions is even more detrimental to my well-being. I cry, I get sad, I get angry, I have anxiety: I let myself feel all of those emotions. I let myself cry at night if I am sad and I let myself yell or swear if I am angry. Having these emotions by no means signifies that I am weak and shows that I am incapable of things; it symbolizes I am human, and like other humans I feel, I hurt, and sometimes I am just not okay! But learning that it IS okay to not be okay is one thing that really has helped me over the years. Psalm50_15gold

“Trust me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.” -Psalm 50:15

As this is my blog and I am all for being honest and vulnerable, my anxiety has been up and down and there have been some tears here and there. There has been some conflict within my family which has caused some stress, and there has been some new adjustments I have had to make (summer, starting this new job) that have caused my anxiety to spike at times. Instead of denying my feelings and pretending they don’t exist, I am acknowledging them, I am writing about them; I am letting myself feel these things and I am turning to God, journaling, and the close and amazing people in my life to help me through. I let myself not be okay because I know that the future is bright and this little time right now is tough. But pretending that nothing is wrong and everything is fine and dandy will not help me in the long run. Let yourself feel the sadness, let yourself know that life is full of obstacles, and the one you are experiencing right now is just another one of those that you have to climb- but you can do it.

We’re supposed to feel. We’re supposed to love, and hate, and hurt, and grieve, and break, and be destroyed. And we build ourselves to be destroyed again. And that is human. That is humanity. That is being alive. That’s the point.”

Let yourself not be okay. Let yourself love then hate, let yourself hurt then grieve, let yourself break. Because you will get put back together. Let yourself be destroyed, because you will be okay eventually. Humanity is feeling all these things, being human is getting broken and crying and getting upset then in time after letting yourself be human, overcoming every single hardship and being like, “Wow, I really can overcome any little battle that life will throw at me.”

You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.”

I am a firm believer that each individual’s hardship is their hardship for a certain reason. God knows that you can overcome it. The universe knows that YOU have been assigned this mountain because YOU can specifically move it.

So remember, it’s okay to not be okay at times.

And like Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Thank you Julia for letting me share my thoughts this Monday! And thank you guys for reading and being so awesome. 🙂

Sending my love as always.



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Link Love 5/22/16

Hi guys and happy Sunday! Hope your weekends have been filled with relaxation, laughter, and endless smiles. Going to be sharing my favorite reads from this week so let’s get started!



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Such a great post on learning to love your body more by Edye <3

Navigating an unsupportive family- how to seek support for your ED

Cayanne touched on SUCH an important topic in this vlog. Seriously one of my favorite bloggers ever, so if you haven’t checked her out- you gotta get on that ASAP.

How to be okay gaining weight

“Start decoupling weight and health.” -> this really stuck with me. Kylie is someone I admire SO much and she is such an inspiration.


Mind body connection

Another blogger who I admire greatly and is a huge inspiration to me. Loved the topic of this video and found it all so interesting. Mind body connection IS a real thing.

6 reasons to skip your workout

So often now we see articles that are the opposite of this: reasons to go to the gym every single day, reasons to keep pushing yourself to get to the gym and push yourself to the extremes while at the gym. This post was SO refreshing. <3

Choosing my surroundings

Loved this post by Kate. I always need to remind myself to surround myself by positive people who bring me up rather than pessimistic people who bring me down. Great post and message!


Chickpea blueberry muffins

I never thought of using chickpeas to make muffins. Great idea and these look delicious!

Coconut maple cinnamon granola

Once I finish the granola in my cabinet, I am making this!

15 unique avocado recipes

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Thanks for reading guys! Hope you all have a great Sunday. <3

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Currently: May 2016

Hi guys and happy Thursday! Haven’t done one of these posts in a while so let’s just jump right in! IMG_5073.JPG

Reading– currently not reading anything right now. I just bought Maddy Moon’s perfection myth book though which I’m super excited to start. I absolutely adore her, her blog, and her podcasts!

Loving– time for myself! I am so thankful to not be doing tons of school work right now and to actually have time to read blogs, watch Netflix, write in my journal, and for self-care!

Watching– Parks and Rec- it is sooooo funny. Took lots of people’s recommendations to start watching it and I am so glad I did!

Drinking– Kombucha- anyone else a big fan?! I love kombucha. So so delicious! My mom is actually making some homemade kombucha and I am super pumped to try it. Shoutout to my mama for bein’ so awesome and doing stuff like that. 🙂

Listening to– “I don’t want to be” by Gavin DeGraw, “Wild Things” by Alessia Cara, “All the Small things” by blink-182, “2 heads” by Coleman Hell

Not loving– this so called summer weather. I need some warmth and sunshine pleaseeee!

Craving– watermelon, a strawberry salad from this place in my town, peanut butter (when don’t I want that tho hehe)

Eating– all the avocados! I love avocados so much and missed them while I was at school. Bring on alllll the avocado toast and guac 🙂

Smiling about– being home for the summer, this new job at GNC which I am so blessed to have gotten, all that I have to be thankful for, you lovely people on here who read my blog, my pups, my friends… there is ALWAYS something to smile about!

Looking forward to– summer adventures! -> hiking, lots of hot yoga, time outside, exploring new areas. I can’t wait!

Working on– becoming a better person each day by practicing gratitude, praying, spreading kindness, and learning to appreciate the small things in life.

Trying– I did spinning for the first time in a while this past Sunday and it reminded me how much I loved it! I love riding the bike at the gym, but it’s fun to do it in a different environment with an instructor and group of people.

Avoiding– figuring out how to make some small changes to my blog. I don’t know how to add the BGB unicorn symbol, how to add the Bloglovin’ widget, how to work Pinterest with my blog… I am so not technologically advanced in these areas. Friends- if you know what you’re doing, I would greatly appreciate any help or input!!

Now tell me: 

What is making you smile lately? 

Any good books you are reading right now? 

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A day in my life: My first Vlog

Hi guys and happy Wednesday! Hope your week has been treating you well so far.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been thinking about making YouTube videos for a while- whether they are vlogs, what I eat in a day, a mixture of both, or just rants about recovery/my thoughts on those kind of topics, it has been on my mind for a bit and has been something I have wanted to do for a while. So I decided to take the plunge and just do it!

Yesterday consisted of a workout, hanging with my friend by my pool, and work at GNC! The weather was so nice and my pool finally opened (even though it’s not warm enough to swim in it yet lol). I enjoyed some yummy eats like oats with Justin’s honey peanut butter which has been my faveeee, and shared some laughs with my best friend! Overall it was a great day.

Now tell me:

Do you guys like watching videos over reading posts/ do you find it is a good way to switch it up? 

Are you a fan of Justin’s nut butter? 

Thanks for watching! Hope your Wednesday’s are great. 🙂

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